27 Free (and Paid) Local Business Listing Directories

There are a lot of websites that list local listings for businesses, but these days it seems to be getting harder and harder to find one. With so many sites out there, it can feel overwhelming trying to decide which ones really work for you. We’ve put together the best directories available online today.,

The “free business directory listings” are directories that list businesses in a specific area. They are usually free to use, but some of them have paid listing options.

Maintaining an online presence for local companies of all types is critical, particularly on platforms where your target audience may already be searching for you.

Users look for local companies in a variety of methods that aren’t restricted to a Google search. For example, a user may come upon a local café by scrolling around the area on a mapping tool like Google Maps or browsing highly-rated cafés on a review site like TripAdvisor.

It will be difficult for people to discover you if your local company listings are mishandled, with varying information in multiple locations. As a result, it’s critical to claim your listings in business directories and maintain them current.

In a nutshell, these are the advantages of submitting your company to relevant business directories:

  • Positive feedback builds trust and improves your site’s ranking.
  • Having your firm listed in various directories raises brand exposure.
  • A placement in a well-known specialized directory is an excellent approach to rank for local queries that your own site doesn’t normally rank for.

Getting included in an online company directory is a no-brainer since many of these chances are entirely free. We’ll go through how to pick where to list, how Webinomy may assist, and a list of the best business directory sites to check out in this guide: 

  • How Do I Decide Where My Local Business Should Be Listed?
  • Use Webinomy to Assist with Local Business Directories Automation
  • Sites with the Best Local Business Directories (Plus a Few Others)
  • Other Business Directories in the Area

How Do I Decide Where My Local Business Should Be Listed?

You’re probably wondering which local business directories, platforms, and social networks are vital for your company.

The answer is actually dependent on two factors: traffic and trustworthiness. What percentage of your target audience is likely to visit this site? Is your company going to gain credibility by being featured there if they do?

You’ll be in a better position to create a favorable impression on your consumers if you do sweeps of local business listings for NAP consistency and add your firm to extra listing sites that may bring you leads.

Consistent NAP across platforms is critical for user experience since it ensures that your consumers know how to discover and contact you. It’s also a smart practice for local SEO since it offers search engines a more accurate image of your company.

Bring Attention to Your Company from Anywhere

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Use Webinomy to Assist with Local Business Directories Automation

Webinomy’s Listing Management Tool is worth considering if you don’t have time to manually list your local company on relevant sites.

Once you’ve entered your company’s name, address, and phone number (also known as NAP), the program will add it to Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp. You may also edit your NAP information once, and it will be updated throughout the whole company directory list.

The Listing Management Tool has a number of major advantages, including: 

  • The ability to quickly import your company’s data and check for consistency concerns
  • The ability to keep track on keyword performance in critical areas.



  • The opportunity to reply to reviews and post on our platform


Sites with the Best Local Business Directories (Plus a Few Others)

Now that you know why it’s worthwhile, let’s look at the greatest local listing chances. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest business directories (along with a few additional websites) where you may list your local company.

Webinomy’s measure for determining a domain’s authority based on its quality, popularity, and backlinks, Authority Score, has been used to rank the sites. This will help you decide which chances to prioritize.

1. Create a Google My Business account (Authority Score: 98)

Google My Business is a free tool that lets you control how your company appears on Google products like Google Search and Google Maps. Make sure your Google My Business information is up to date, since it is utilized to show your business’s location, hours, category, and ratings.

According to a research cited by HubSpot, 46 percent of all Google searches are for local information. When almost half of Google users are searching for a company nearby, making sure your local business listing on Google is up to date is vital.

2. Facebook is a social media platform that allows (Authority Score: 98)

Facebook is one of the finest venues to keep a company presence, with around 2.8 billion members. You can build a Facebook Business Page for free, which functions as a microsite for your business and allows you to communicate with clients more effectively.

3. Make use of LinkedIn (Authority Score: 95)

With 260 million monthly active members, LinkedIn is the most popular social networking site for business professionals. A LinkedIn Company Page, which is available for free, may be a terrific source of leads and collaboration possibilities.

Instead of making cold calls, company managers may discover prospects with similarities and engage these “warm” leads instead.

4. Maps via Apple (Authority Score: 95)

Apple Maps, although not as popular as Google Maps, nonetheless has 23.3 million monthly users and is the default mapping program on iOS devices. Local companies may claim their Apple Maps listing for free and verify that their NAP information is correct.

Tripadvisor is number five (Authority Score: 87)

You must be on Tripadvisor if you work in the hospitality industry. With a listing on the world’s leading travel platform, you’ll be able to access the site’s millions of monthly visitors. The Claim Your Listing page may be used to add businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and vacation rentals. 

According to a 2019 research, 63 percent of tourists trust review sites for assistance, which is higher than guidebooks (39 percent) and second only to suggestions from friends (68 percent ).

Yelp is number six (Authority Score: 86)

Yelp has over 178 million unique visits every month, making it one of the most popular sites for local business ratings and suggestions. Make sure to claim or update your local business listing if you haven’t already.

Harvard Professor Michael Luca demonstrated in a 2016 article that a one-star improvement in Yelp rating resulted in a 5-9 percent boost in sales for Washington State eateries. Yelp is just too significant to be overlooked.

7. Bing Locations (Authority Score: 59)

Bing Places for Business is the company’s own take on Google My Business. You’ll appear in Bing’s search results as well as on Bing Maps if you have a free listing on America’s second most popular search engine.

Other Business Directories in the Area

We’ve included a handful of the most essential local business directory websites, but there are a few more worth checking out. We’ve got you covered on everything from specialized directories to significant directories.

Note: All monthly organic search traffic estimates are courtesy of Webinomy’s Domain Overview Tool and are current as of January 2021.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) (AS: 88)

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a directory that assists customers in locating trustworthy companies. The process of creating a listing is free, however certification costs money.

Foursquare (#9) (AS: 83)

Foursquare, a location discovery app with 50 million monthly active users, is still a popular alternative for locating local businesses. Make a free claim on your listing.

The Business Journals (nine) (AS: 81)

Local business news from 43 U.S. communities is featured on the Company Journals media platform, which also includes its own online business directory.

11. Chamber of Commerce in the Area

Membership in your local Chamber of Commerce is a terrific way to network with other company owners and gets you included in their directory. It is not, however, free.

Here is a list of local chambers in the United States.

Houzz is a website dedicated to home design (AS: 81)

With 40 million monthly members, this is a popular forum for home remodeling and design. One of the finest locations to look for interior designers, decorators, and landscapers is Houzz.

The Yellow Pages, number 13 (AS: 78)

The first printed small business directory, the Yellow Pages, is still going strong online. Each month, more than 60 million people use yellowpages.com, the YP app, and The Real Yellow Pages.

Angi, 14 (AS: 78)

Angi (previously known as Angie’s List) is used by six million homes to get reviews and ratings for home services such as roofing, plumbing, and heating. There are almost 700 service categories on the website.

FindLaw is a legal search engine (AS: 78)

FindLaw is the biggest online directory of lawyers, with eleven million monthly visits. It’s perfect for locating legal counsel.

Superpages (16) (AS: 76)

Superpages is a long-running and authoritative directory that provides a free business listing. Every month, it gets an estimated 317k organic visitors.

HomeAdvisor is number seventeen (AS: 74)

HomeAdvisor, the most popular site for discovering tradespeople, is ideal for home repair and renovation firms. It has 4 million unique visits every month.

18. The next door neighbor (AS: 73)

Local businesses may obtain a free listing on this neighborhood-focused hyperlocal social network. With 270,000 communities and 50 million local business suggestions, Nextdoor has developed swiftly.

Thumbtack (19.) (AS: 73)

Thumbtack is a good place to look for local specialists in areas including home, wellness, events, and lessons. Each month, the site receives an estimated 4.6 million organic visitors.

MerchantCircle is number 20. (AS: 72)

MerchantCircle has over five million merchants listed throughout the United States. For a local company listing, it provides both free and paid choices.

Healthgrades is number 21. (AS: 71)

Healthgrades is the most popular healthcare review site, including data on over three million physicians, hospitals, and healthcare providers in the United States.

Alignable 22. (AS: 67)

Alignable is a networking and referral tool for small company entrepreneurs. It has 4.5 million members and is comparable to LinkedIn.

Hotfrog is number 23. (AS: 65)

Hotfrog was founded in 2006 and allows customers to search for local companies by keyword and location. Every month, it produces an estimated 20.3k organic search traffic.

Tupalo (number 24) (AS: 65)

Tupalo, a local search and discovery community, serves 3.5 million individuals in several worldwide marketplaces each month.

ShowMeLocal.com is number 25. (AS: 65)

ShowMeLocal.com was formed in 2006 to assist local businesses in rapidly and conveniently posting their contact information online. It receives around 104.5k organic search visitors each month.

CitySquares is number 26 on the list (AS: 60)

CitySquares is a neighborhood directory that gives local businesses including restaurants, stores, and hairdressers internet visibility. Monthly search traffic is estimated to be 11.8k.

27. Yellow Pages for Business-to-Business (AS: 54)

B2B Yellow Pages, one of the oldest business-to-business directories, with over 16 million local company listings and an estimated monthly search traffic of 130.8k.

We hope that this list has assisted you in identifying the most relevant business directories, review platforms, and internet mapping services for your company. Those that generate leads while also boosting your brand’s reputation are likely to be the most relevant.

So, if you’re going to manually list your company, now is the time to get started! Webinomy’s Listing Management Tool, on the other hand, makes it simple to manage listings across numerous platforms, reply to Google reviews, and track how well your listings are doing. You might save time by using our tool to search through any of these local business directory websites.

Bring Attention to Your Company from Anywhere

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One of the most difficult things for small business owners to do is find new customers. The “27 Free (and Paid) Local Business Listing Directories” are a great resource for local businesses that want to get their name out there. Reference: free online directory.

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