41 Best Content Creation Tools and Resources (Free and Paid)

Content creation is a journey, and like any successful content strategy requires patience. Here are the best tools you’ll need to get started on your own marketing strategy.

Content creation can be a difficult task when coming up with original ideas, so finding the right tools to help make your content more creative is important. This list contains all of the best free and paid resources for creating high quality blog posts and videos in different niches.

The “content creator website examples” is a list of the best content creation tools and resources. The list includes both free and paid options.

Content development may be made lot simpler and more effective with the correct tools.

While tools can’t replace a great content marketing strategy, the appropriate ones may help you speed up aspects of the process, uncover insights you wouldn’t have otherwise, and generate better-performing content.

But where do you even begin?

What are the greatest content development tools and resources you should utilize to improve your content creation? Or, at the very least, which ones should you check out if you haven’t already?

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful and important tools and resources to assist you in selecting the best option for taking your work to the next level.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the greatest tools and resources, including:

Use this list to locate a new tool to test or a resource to look into the next time you want to increase your marketing efforts by creating content.

One of the most challenging aspects of the process, but also one of the most vital, is coming up with content ideas and inspiration.

It’s difficult to concentrate your efforts and achieve success when you’re creating content without a good strategy, but there are a slew of tools that can help you plan and study your material.


One of the most efficient strategies to immediately generate ideas for additional exploration and inspiration for your content strategy is to do topic research. In only minutes, the SEMrush topic research tool may provide a slew of new ideas surrounding your primary theme.

Simply type in a subtopic to receive live updates on related articles and queries. 

Monthly fees start at $99.95. (but this includes an entire sweet of content, SEO, PPC, and social media tools)


Once you’ve decided what kind of content you want to produce, set an editorial schedule and stick to it.

Planning a content strategy around a schedule can help you stay on track and take the necessary actions to promote development on a regular basis. It’s a terrific method to keep yourself motivated to stick to a regular posting schedule, and the SEMrush Marketing Calendar is the ideal tool to help you do so.

Monthly fees start at $99.95. 


“Instantly uncover what your audience reads, watches, listens to, and follows,” according to SparkToro. When it comes to developing your content strategy, knowing who you’re targeting and what their interests are is critical.

The more you can tailor your material to your target market’s requirements and desires, the more likely you are to succeed, and this technology monitors tens of millions of social and online profiles to provide you with the information you need.

Costs range from free for 10 searches per month to $225 for 500 searches per month.


Google Trends may help you figure out how popular a search phrase or subject is among Google users (which, let’s face it, is the vast majority of internet users).

Enter a query to discover how interest has changed over time, and then use this information to produce content around themes that are swiftly gaining momentum (gaining a competitive edge by being the first to catch on to a trend) or, conversely, find those that are losing traction. 

Cost: ZERO


Google is often referred to as an answer engine, which implies that we must evaluate the questions that users are asking.

AlsoAsked.com, a free tool that returns the “People Also Asked” data, giving you an insight into longtail searches and, more importantly, defining the relationship between topics and questions, is one of the most effective tools you can use to help you find the questions for which you should be optimizing your website.

Cost: ZERO


As we’ve previously covered, part of your SEO plan should include optimizing for questions, and the more knowledge you have, the better solutions you can offer to the various questions that are being asked.

While AlsoAsked.com displays PAA results, Answer the Public displays Suggest data, which includes a variety of auto-complete queries. 

Use the two tools together to boost your research and insights.

Cost: ZERO

When we think about content generation, we nearly usually think of and speak about written material first. While alternative forms are, of course, an effective method to leverage content to generate marketing outcomes, many firms still prefer written content.

With that in mind, we’ve put up a list of the tools you’ll need.


You shouldn’t write blindly if you’re developing content to assist you rank in the SERPs. You must understand what is assisting the top results in ranking and take this into account while generating your own content. 

The SEMrush content template may assist you in analyzing the top-ranking content for your target keywords and determining what you should put in your own pages to compete. 

Monthly fees start at $99.95. 


It may seem straightforward, but writing error-free material is more difficult than it appears. 

While writing, Grammarly may help you check for spelling and grammatical issues, as well as assist you concentrate your content’s tone and check for plagiarism. The browser extension also ensures that you don’t make any errors while sharing on social media.

Consider it a helpful hand in ensuring that your material reads nicely and is free of mistakes. 

Cost: There is a free version and a Premium edition that costs $139.95 per year.


“Hemingway App makes your writing strong and clear,” they say, and it also helps you make your material more readable and simplify phrases.

Run your written text through the online tool, and you’ll see immediately where you can improve it for your readers. 

Cost: ZERO



Transcribers, podcasters, journalists, and others utilize Izitext as a transcription service. You may request a demo right now to discover more about their services! 

Cost: ZERO DEMO; other charges may apply.

Incorporating graphics into your material may make it simpler to read and, as a result, more engaging for your audience.

However, for many marketers, developing visual content is one of the most difficult tasks, particularly if they do not have access to a professional designer. 


Canva is without a doubt one of the most popular design platforms available, and it’s a tool that even the most uncreative individuals can use to generate great pictures in a variety of formats.

You’ll enjoy Canva if you need to produce simple and effective visuals without hiring a designer for anything from social graphics and blog photos to infographics and more.

Plans are available for both free and paid use.


If you ask a graphic designer to remove a background from a picture in Photoshop, the lasso tool will most certainly take hours. 

Remove.bg will allow you to remove backgrounds using AI in a couple of seconds.

It’s that easy, and it may save you hours of time when cutting out photos for your visualizations.

Plans are available for both free and paid use.


Infographics are still a popular method to represent data and utilize as part of a link-building strategy (provided, of course, that the data you’re visualizing tells a compelling narrative), but designing a visually attractive graphic without access to a graphic designer isn’t always straightforward.

This is when Piktochart comes in handy.

The tool is ideal for those with little design experience who want to make attractive infographics that appear professional and help enhance their company’s content. 

Versions are available in both free and paid versions.


GIFs have made their way into almost every brand’s marketing in some manner over the past few years, but the truth is that you don’t always have to make your own for them to be successful.

Whether you’re searching for a GIFS to go with your recent social media post or to utilize in a blog, GIPHY’s vast library of GIFS is sure to have something appropriate.

Plans are available for both free and paid use.


Screenshots and screen recordings are ideal for helping your audience grasp what you’re attempting to show them in “how-to manuals” and other similar documents.

However, recording them isn’t always easy, particularly if you don’t want to have to alter them before utilizing them in your material.

We enjoy how easy it is to take screenshots and videos with the Nimbus Chrome extension, and we’re certain you will too! 

Cost: ZERO


Images and images may greatly enhance the engagement of your blog material, but not every marketer has access to a crew that can shoot creative photos. While some people have the privilege of having access to a stock picture collection, not everyone does.

When you need a license-free picture to utilize in your work, Unsplash’s collection has photographs for everyone, as they say, which we can attest to! 

Cost: ZERO

Podcasting has exploded in popularity in recent years, particularly among B2B marketers, and it’s never been simpler to start a DIY podcast and get momentum.

However, having the correct tools may help you make the most of this channel. 


Are you ready to record your first podcast but don’t know what tools you’ll need to capture and edit audio?

Audacity is a simple multitrack audio recording and editing software that is significantly simpler to use than it seems. 

You’ll be ready to record your first podcast episode in no time, and with the correct software, you’ll be able to edit away any minor blips and background sounds before exporting directly in the format you need.

Cost: FREE


Instead of editing, you’ll want to spend your efforts developing and advertising podcast content.

However, there is an obvious necessity for your podcast to be of the highest quality and professionally edited. At the end of the day, your audience is used to high-quality ‘casts, and with good reason. 

You don’t need audio editing skills or expertise to utilize Alitu to create better-sounding podcasts. Simply drag and drop your raw recordings into the tool, and it will take care of the rest. 

Monthly fee: $28


You’ll need a place to host your podcast after you’ve finished recording it. And Buzzsprout is a great tool for managing and sharing your show with your audience.

You’ll also learn about the performance of each episode, as well as the devices they’re using and where they are in the globe – information that may help you tweak your show’s content (and advertising approach) to keep it growing. 

Versions are available in both free and paid versions.


While podcasts are becoming more popular, they are not for everyone, and generating simply an audio version of your material may result in a loss of audience engagement.

It is thus advised that you transcribe your podcast episodes and provide a text-alternative for that reason alone. However, doing it yourself takes time. 

Use Scribie to quickly and easily transcribe your podcasts, and focus your time generating content instead of worrying about transcription. 

Starting at $0.10 per minute

Webinars are more popular than ever, particularly at a time when attending in-person events is out of the question. They’re a great method to get your audience involved, encourage involvement, and reach out to new people. 

While a good streaming session can’t hurt, you’ll need to discover easy and cost-effective software to conduct your webinar on.

But let’s not forget about other applications for video, such as the fact that it’s still one of the most engaging kind of material to post on social media. However, for many, the cost of producing professional-quality video materials is prohibitive. 

Again, there are resources available, and here are a few of our favorites:

Webinar Ninja, dubbed “The Best All-In-One Webinar Software,” has grown in popularity owing to its ease of use.

Do you want to start your own webinar? You can go live in minutes, and the platform currently supports millions of webinars from startups like Podio, Baremetrics, and AppSumo, so you’ll be in good company.

But one of the key reasons for its popularity is its huge template library, which allows you to create professional-looking sign-up sites without the need for a designer or developer.

Monthly fees start at $39 per month.


Find someone who isn’t already acquainted with Zoom. While many of us have spent most of the previous several months using the platform to communicate with friends, family, and coworkers, there is no doubting that it is one of the most popular ways to organize a webinar. 

This is partially owing to its rapid recognition with almost everyone’s audience, but it’s also due to the fact that it offers a strong product at a reasonable price.

Price: Starting at $40 per month, per license 


While we’ve all lately been enamored with webinars, there’s also been a boom in interest in live streaming, and Streamyard is possibly the best tool for helping you go live on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other sites.

Keep your audience interested on any of the platforms where they follow you, and take advantage of a simple and basic solution that doesn’t need a complicated tech setup to broadcast. 

Plans are available for both free and paid use.


Most marketers’ biggest issue with video content is the time and money required to create something that looks professional and sticks out. It’s a format that a growing number of people wish to utilize but can’t because of a lack of resources. 

And as a result, we are losing out on the potential for involvement.

However, Biteable is one excellent option to help you overcome this challenge, offering a large number of templates that you can use to make amazing movies, much like corporations like Airbus, Panasonic, and Virgin. It has already been downloaded by over 7 million people. 

Plans are available for both free and paid use.


You could do a lot worse than Animoto if you’re searching for a simple drag-and-drop movie editor.

Start with one of the many accessible templates or upload your own photographs and videos to create a fantastic video asset in no time, all without the need for a cameraman or editor. 

Plans are available for both free and paid use.

It’s one thing to share our best software platforms and tools, but as a content marketer, one of the most crucial things you can do is set aside time to keep learning new skills and improving your ability to generate effective content.

While there are hundreds of excellent tools available to assist you in improving your content marketing abilities, there are a handful that stand out above the rest, and we’ve compiled a list of them below.

This is by no means a complete list, but it is a terrific starting point for materials that we believe you (and your team) will like and from which you may learn a lot.

While tools will never be able to replace your ability to generate content, they may surely assist you in taking your content to the next level, gaining the information you need to design better pieces, develop better images, or experiment with new forms.

The most effective methods combine several forms of content with a variety of marketing and distribution techniques, and having the correct tools and resources to employ to develop user-focused content that drives success is the first step toward gaining a competitive edge.

This list might have included hundreds more tools and resources, but the ones listed above are ones we like and would suggest to anybody who isn’t already acquainted with them.

Do you think we’ve forgotten about a great tool or resource? Please let us know by leaving a comment.

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The “content creation software free” is a list of tools and resources that can be used for content creation. The list includes both free and paid options.

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