5 Advantages to Yandex over Google in Russia

Yandex is more popular than Google in Russia, online advertising and e-commerce. This article discusses the 5 key advantages of Yandex over Google that make it a better option for Russian companies to use.

The “yandex vs google in russia” is a comparison between the two search engines. Yandex offers 5 advantages over Google in Russia that are not present on the American version of their website.

Note from the editor: This article has been updated to include 2018 information.

Ilya Segalovich and Arkady Volozh built Yandex, Russia’s leading online search engine, long before Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google. Yandex’s ranking system takes into consideration the distance between words and the relevancy of articles to a searcher’s query, whereas Google concentrated on calculating the PageRank of websites.

Both search engines’ ranking algorithms have subsequently developed to be pretty comparable. Currently, Yandex has over 50% of the Russian search market, while Google holds roughly 45 percent. With the exception of Russia, South Korea, and Japan, Google dominates the market in every nation.

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Playing second fiddle to Yandex in Russia is noteworthy, given that the nation has around 90 million Internet users, making it Europe’s biggest Internet market. Furthermore, Internet penetration in Russia is only approximately 70%, compared to 80-90 percent in most other European nations. This has allowed Russia to maintain double-digit year-on-year growth in recent years.

For the last several years, Yandex’s market share has been pretty consistent, if not expanding, and I am certain that Yandex will continue to be Russia’s dominating search engine.

Here are the top five advantages Yandex has against Google, which will help Yandex retain its market share in the long run.

1. Yandex is a search engine.

Yandex is Russia’s most popular media site, and for many Russians, Yandex.ru is where they start their day. Yandex is, in reality, Russia’s most important media company.

Yandex, like Google, provides free email, real-time traffic maps, music, movies, picture storage, and other services. Many of these characteristics are similar to those that Google uses to increase its global adoption by exposing consumers to the Google brand. Users were enticed away from inferior offerings such as Hotmail, Mapquest, and even Dropbox to utilize Google’s alternatives. In Russia, Google will be unable to take advantage of this chance since the Yandex versions are equivalent, if not superior.

2. For Russian language searches, Yandex is superior.

Yandex was built exclusively for the Russian market and is better equipped to tackle the unique issues of Russian search. In non-English search, Google isn’t nearly as good at deciphering human intent over spelling as it is in English, and it’s much worse in Russian.

The Russian language, for example, is extensively inflected, with some words having up to 20 distinct ends. All Russian nouns have a grammatical gender, and the noun’s gender affects the remainder of the sentence’s words. Even the spelling of a person’s name might alter depending on their gender. To give you an example, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ex-wife bears the surname “Putina” rather than “Putin.” Yandex is able to understand synonyms and user meaning independent of the user’s spelling, but Google only ranks sites that are related to the precise user query as it is spelt. As a consequence, Google provides a worse search experience for heavily infected search queries, and so does not provide a compelling argument for why a user should use Google more often.

3. Yandex is also well-liked on Android.

Due to the inherent structure of Google search in Android, Google is able to leverage its Android mobile operating system to increase mobile search in the United States, but it is not as successful in Russia. Despite the fact that Android accounts for more than 70% of the Russian mobile market, Yandex still controls 52 percent of the search market on these Android smartphones.

4. Yandex is a Russian search engine.

While Russians tend to prefer Russian brands, they also seem to like international goods. Nonetheless, in the aftermath of the Snowden/NSA incident, Russians may choose Yandex over Google merely because they fear the latter.

5. Yandex’s algorithm may be able to account for spam more effectively.

Outright link spam strategies are well-known in the Russian internet industry. There are several “ad” firms that operate just to sell links in order to improve search results. As a consequence, Yandex said that on commercial inquiries done in specified parts of the nation, they would not include links in their algorithms. Yandex will instead entirely rely on user experience and keyword ranking data. Although this endeavor by Yandex is still in its early stages, it has the potential to enable Yandex to provide higher-quality results than Google. Although the latter filters spam links, it is quite possible that it still gives credit to low-quality links.

In summary, although Yandex’s market share has increased in recent years as its rivals Rambler and Mail.ru have struggled, Google’s share in Russian search has decreased significantly. Because of market conditions that do not exist outside of Russia, Yandex is expected to continue to develop at the cost of Google.

We can anticipate Google to fight back (if they aren’t legislated away) given the high risks and advantages that will come from sustained online expansion in Russia. It will be fascinating to observe what investments and acquisitions Google makes in order to become Russia’s main search engine.

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The “is yandex safe” is a question that many people ask. Yandex is not as popular in Russia as Google, but there are some advantages to using the Russian search engine over the American one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yandex bigger than Google in Russia?

Is Yandex popular in Russia?

A: In Russia, there is a search engine called Yandex.

How is Yandex better than Google?

A: Yandex is an internet search engine that offers more features than its competitors. It has a wide variety of products and services, such as email, maps, translation tools and weather forecasts.

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