5 Best YouTube Keyword Tools

As an industry, marketing is always evolving. Each day there are new ways to reach out and expand your audience through digital content. YouTube keywords can be achieved by using the right software toolset. These tools not only help you find relevant channels but also show which videos have best reached their goal of popularity so far.,

The internet has made it easier than ever to share and promote your content, but not all of these tools are created equal. Choosing the right keyword tool can help you optimize your video marketing strategy so that you get more engagement on social media and increased views on YouTube.

The “youtube keyword tool free” is a free keyword tool that allows you to find keywords that are related to your YouTube video. It provides suggestions for the best keywords as well as an easy-to-read graph of how many people search for those words.

In the sense that it is a search engine, YouTube is analogous to Google. YouTube employs an algorithm to provide the appropriate videos to the appropriate audience. This ensures that viewers are exposed to material that they like and will continue to watch.

Producers of video content should be aware of how the YouTube algorithm works so that they may use the appropriate tools to narrow in on their target audience. 

Using the proper keywords can assist the algorithm accurately propose your YouTube video to the right audience, increasing the number of channel subscribers and making your video trend. This means you’ll need to do thorough keyword research to optimize your video’s title, tags, description, and transcription.

Although SEO and keywords may seem to be a foreign language, the correct keyword tools may make the process much easier.

We’ll go over the fundamentals of YouTube keywords, why they’re essential, and the best keyword tools to help you rank videos in this article:

What Are YouTube Keywords and How Do I Use Them?

Adding relevant and descriptive keywords to your video, according to YouTube, can assist users locate your material. Keywords provide YouTube’s algorithm the information it needs to show your video to the correct audience. Approximately 500 hours of video are posted to YouTube every minute. It might be tough to find your material if you don’t use the proper keywords. 

Specific themes are not prioritized by the YouTube algorithm. Instead, it displays stuff that the audience enjoys. The algorithm takes into account what the audience watches and doesn’t watch, how long they spend viewing the video, how many likes and dislikes there are, and whether or not they are “interested.”

YouTube advises producers to look into the search terms users use to locate their video. These relevant search phrases, or keywords, might help you come up with better titles and descriptions in the future. 

Consider the videos at the top of the search results page for “best video editing software” to see this in action. 

5-Best-YouTube-Keyword-ToolsYouTube is the source of this video.

As you can see, the results aren’t just determined by what’s typed into the search box or the most popular YouTube videos.

Instead, the system takes into account factors such as how closely the title, description, and video fit the search query. Because they appeal to many individuals seeking for “free” and “beginning” video editing software, these movies appear at the top of the results page. 

Obtain YouTube Keywords

with the help of Keyword Magic Tool

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What Is the Best Way to Find Keywords on YouTube?

YouTube Analytics gives producers a breakdown of some of the search phrases that people used to locate their videos. This data, however, is rather basic and does not provide the same level of detail as Google Analytics. YouTube, for example, does not make its search query data public.

Although YouTube does not supply producers with a comprehensive research tool, there are a number of third-party resources available. These tools assist content authors in determining the best keywords to include in their work in order for it to be viewed by their intended audience.

We’ll go through some of the top keyword tools and how they may assist you in the sections below:

Keyword Research Tool

Users may utilize the Keyword Tool to find YouTube keyword research tools. This application uses YouTube’s autocomplete function to pluck high-volume terms, giving authors information into how to construct an appealing title.

You don’t need an account to use this tool, unlike other YouTube keyword tools. The free edition of this YouTube keyword research tool produces up to 750 long-tail keyword recommendations, but you can upgrade to the premium version for even more long-tail keyword variants. Creators may do the following with a pro version: 

  • When compared to the free edition, you’ll find twice as many terms. 

  • Estimates of YouTube search volume are available. 

  • Sort and filter keywords based on certain criteria. 

There are three premium versions of Keyword Tool:

  • The pro basic plan is $89 per month or $69 per month if you pay annually. 

  • The pro plus package costs $99 per month or $79 per month if you pay annually. 

  • The pro business plan is $199 per month or $159 per month if paid annually. 

Google Search Console is a tool that allows you to manage your

Google Search Console is another free keyword research tool for YouTube. This keyword tool aids YouTube producers in tracking their progress and identifying areas where they might improve.

This includes optimizing content based on users’ search queries, submitting URLs for crawling, and receiving notifications about problems that you can solve. To view keywords in search results, go to: 

  • Log in to your account in Google Search Console.
  • Click ‘Search Results’ under ‘Performance.’ 
  • You may tweak the date range and change the search type (you can filter for Web, Image, Video, or News). Even if it is set to ‘Web,’ you will still get useful keyword data.

Then you’ll see what keywords people are searching for when they’re looking for your videos. This will provide you with a solid starting point for what to improve and how to expand your keyword strategy.



TubeBuddy is a browser extension and app that is available for free. It connects to your YouTube account and gives you the information you need to improve your search engine rankings. With an extensive keyword research tool, producers may identify high-performing themes and develop memorable titles with this free keyword tool. 

TubeBuddy includes, but is not limited to, the following features: 

  • For video titles and descriptions, an automatic translator is available. 

  • A best practice audit to ensure that your material adheres to YouTube’s guidelines. 

  • A keyword research tool for YouTube 

TubeBuddy features three subscription services to assist you get even more traffic for your YouTube channel, in addition to the free keyword research tool for YouTube: 

  • $9/month for the pro version 

  • $19/month for a star 

  • $49/month legend 


VidIQ is a YouTube keyword research tool that assists producers in determining the best keywords for their videos. VidIQ offers a set of YouTube keyword tools to assist producers figure out what their audience is looking for and how to better generate video for them. 

Creators may use VidIQ to: 

  • On YouTube, look up keywords. 

  • With the keyword tool, you can see the average views and subscriptions. 

  • With the keyword inspector, you can see whether a keyword is appropriate for the video. 

  • Look at the tags of competitors. 

  • Using a keyword generation tool, translate keywords. 

  • Tags that autocomplete 

  • For keywords, use templates. 

To assist new channels in getting started, VidIQ provides a free package. This package is simple, but it includes video analytics. VidIQ offers three premium options in addition to the basic one:

  • A keyword research tool, a means to compare views, and other capabilities are included in the pro plan, which begins at $7.50 per month. 

  • The boost plan, which begins at $39 per month and includes a keyword research tool, a mechanism to compare views, and a more comprehensive online suite of analytic services, is also available. 

  • The boost+ package costs $415 per month and up. This subscription includes a variety of features as well as individual content creation coaching. 


Webinomy provides simple keyword research tools to assist digital marketers improve traffic to their YouTube videos organically and outperform competition.

Creators may produce fresh and exciting content ideas depending on what their target audience wants to see using this information. Finally, this saves time for creators by allowing them to manage keywords, reference up-to-date stats, and more from a single website. 

Our Keyword Magic Tool, for example, has a database of over 20 billion keywords to help you choose the ideal ones for your video content. Our tool may help you locate long-tail keywords faster by building a master list of related keywords based on the seed keyword (primary).


Webinomy has three paid options to choose from: 

  • When invoiced yearly, the Pro plan costs $99.95 per month. 

  • Guru: $191.62 per month if paid yearly

  • When billed annually, the monthly cost for a business is $374.95.

What Are the Best YouTube Keywords?

There isn’t a list of the ideal keywords for every material due to the variety of content and the diverse interests of people. Rather, the optimal YouTube keywords for your material are determined by the genre, subject, target audience, and other factors. 

You may use Webinomy to narrow down which high-volume keywords are suitable for your channel and videos. This data can assist you in determining the best YouTube keywords for attracting more viewers to your material. 

Allow Webinomy to assist you in optimizing your YouTube keywords.

When it comes to YouTube keywords, you don’t need to be an SEO specialist. Allow Webinomy to handle the technical issues so you can concentrate on creating the greatest possible video content.

Our Keyword Magic Tool makes it simple to uncover the necessary keywords you need to reach the top of the YouTube search results page and attract your target audience. Your YouTube videos will be in front of people in no time if you use the tools provided by Webinomy and those indicated above.

Obtain YouTube Keywords

with the help of Keyword Magic Tool

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The “best youtube tags list” is a tool that helps to find the best keywords for YouTube videos. The list can be filtered by channels, types of videos and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find best keywords for YouTube?

A: YouTube is a search engine, so your keywords are the same as what you would use to find anything else on Google. You can try different combinations of keyword + video name, or simply use some well-known terms in any videos title that might be related to whatever topic youre searching for.

How do I find YouTube keywords 2021?


Which keyword tool is most accurate?

A: A keyword tool is a search engine that uses keywords to find relevant content on the internet. Which would be most accurate depends largely on how you are using it, for example if you were looking up information about Beat Saber PSVR, an online keyword tool may provide more relevant results than one used in your marketing campaign.

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