5 Common Myths About Choosing Domain Names for International SEO

There are a number of myths surrounding the process of choosing domain names for international SEO. Here we debunk some common misconceptions and offer our best advice on picking a domain name that will be easy to spell, pronounce, match your brand branding and localize without having to buy it or rely on other people’s translations.

The “international seo checklist” is a list of 5 common myths about choosing domain names for international SEO. This article will help you to understand the process better and make the right decision.

Is a.COM domain the greatest option for foreign traffic? Is it possible for a local TLD to rank as well as it does at home? Is it possible for a domain to rank highly worldwide without using ccTLDs?

Continue reading to learn about the most common misunderstandings regarding domain names and international SEO.

Myth #1: I Need a Different Domain for Each Market I’m Trying to Reach

Take a look at IKEA’s foreign website, as an example. For geo-targeting, they exclusively employ subfolders. They don’t employ hreflang: the nation codes in the subfolder, the content language, and some local backlinks pointing to the URL are the only geo-targeting considerations.

The fact is that if you utilize geo-signals correctly, you don’t need distinct TLDs to establish a successful worldwide website.

Myth #2: If I choose domain names that include keywords, my websites will rank higher.


In Mexico, for example, a search for “iPhone 6” yielded the following results. The bulk of the results are missing the term “iPhone 6” from the domain name. Stronger, more authoritative websites surpassed iphone-6.es in search results.

The fact is that the presence of a keyword in the domain has minimal bearing on international SEO. Focus on establishing one good website rather than purchasing a number of TLDs with keywords in them.

Myth #3: I Need a.COM Domain When I Use Subfolders for International Targeting


An example of a search for “prater” (a fun fair in Vienna, Austria) in the Netherlands is shown above. Even while searching from several nations, the. Because Google considers AT to be a local company, it appears at the top of the rankings.

The fact is that a.COM domain isn’t always the best option for international targeting. In order to rank highly, local firms may want to utilize a local ccTLD rather than a generic gTLD like.COM,.NET, or.ORG.

Myth #4: It’s Always Best to Use ccTLDs When Targeting Specific Markets

1636645715_302_5-Common-Myths-About-Choosing-Domain-Names-for-International-SEO Source

Local consumers may not always prefer local ccTLDs to.COM domains, as seen in the graphic above. The breadth of the website has a big impact on which TLDs are chosen. More information may be found by following the study findings.

The fact is that ccTLDs are used by Google as a geo-targeting indication, but not as an SEO ranking indicator. It’s really preferable to select a TLD that people are more acquainted with and trust.

Myth #5: The greater the number of domain names I’ve covered, the better.

1636645716_640_5-Common-Myths-About-Choosing-Domain-Names-for-International-SEO Source

The truth: Purchasing domains to cover common misspellings of your brand is great, but registering domain names just for the purpose of having as many as possible isn’t good for international SEO. You are impeding your marketing efforts by putting material under needless TLDs. Redirecting domains to other websites that you control, on the other hand, slows down the loading speed, which is bad for SEO.

So, how do I figure out which TLDs and domain names are necessary for international SEO?

5-Common-Myths-About-Choosing-Domain-Names-for-International-SEO Source

Decide which category your company belongs in first.

The source of the image, as well as further information, may be found here.

Which domain technique did you use for your international SEO efforts? Let me know what you think in the comments!

The “international seo keyword research” is a myth that many people believe. There are 5 common myths about choosing domain names for international SEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a good domain name for SEO?

A: A good domain name is one that includes keywords that are relevant to your website. You should include a keyword phrase in the URL of your site as well, but this doesnt necessarily have to be used for SEO purposes. If you dont know how to pick out a suitable domain name, we at Namecheap can help with it!

What are the top 5 domains?

A: My top 5 domains are ich.de, bing.com, yahoo.co.jp, googleadservicesimagesgoogleapis
and imagess3-eu-west1.amazonaws

What are the 5 domain names?

A: https://www.google.com

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