5 Methods for Scaling Your Facebook Advertising

Facebook, the world’s most popular social media platform and one of the top 5 websites by traffic, is a powerhouse when it comes to reaching your target audience. In this article will go over some marketing tactics you can use on Facebook that could help you increase your profits.

Facebook has released a new advertising platform that is designed to help marketers scale their Facebook advertising. The platform offers five different methods for scaling your Facebook ads.

It may be difficult to harness the potential of Facebook’s advertising platform, particularly when it comes time to grow your advertising efforts. Simply because you’ve had success with lesser spending levels doesn’t indicate you can spend more money and have the same results.

Because the Facebook algorithm is such a sensitive beast, scaling must be done with care and following to best practices.

It’s critical to realize that boosting your Facebook ad budget is a major choice. Although there is a large audience to target, you want your presentation to those prospective consumers to be effective and efficient.

Let’s look at a few tactics that can kick your Facebook marketing and advertising into high gear, propelling your company ahead and maintaining your objectives on track.

Increase your budget number one (Wisely)


“Well, duh, isn’t that the entire idea of scaling?” you would think. It is, without a doubt, the most basic inclusion on our list. Nonetheless, you must proceed with caution and make informed judgments about how and when to increase your advertising budget.

Don’t throw big quantities of money at an ad and expect the same results (even if that ad previously performed well). Here’s the deal: Facebook improves your ad settings over time, which is why advertisements frequently improve in performance over time. If you spend too much money on an ad too quickly, the algorithm will be thrown off, and your ROI will plummet.

When you scale up too rapidly, you risk overcommitting your resources before they’ve had a chance to show their worth. While you may have an ad that hits it out of the park at a lesser tier, proving its worth at a higher one will take time. An ad that works well at a smaller ad spend may suffer when you raise the amount of money behind it, depending on the size of your audience.

As you raise the amount you spend on the ad, you must be certain that it will continue to yield a strong ROI. To do this, gradually raise your spending – doing so too quickly can lead to problems and a lot of wasted money. 

Go to your ad manager and click ‘edit’ on the ad set you wish to change. You may alter your budget by a percentage by clicking on ‘adjust budget.’ In general, don’t boost your ad spending by more than 20% every day. 

The more time an advertisement has to discover and interact with its target audience, the more probable it is that its performance will improve over time.

Keep a careful check on the continued success of your advertising after you’ve increased your spending. Even the most effective advertising, those that have been validated via extensive testing and previous favorable results, can get stale with time.

You will lose money if you are hesitant to adjust.

Use Facebook Audience Insights as a second option.


Because Facebook has so many users, it has a lot of information on them. We mean A LOT when we say a lot.

You have access to that data goldmine if you use their ad platform. So take advantage of it. You may reach an even bigger set of prospective consumers by using Facebook’s Audience Insights feature.


On your Ad Manager tab, go to ‘Audience Insights’ and input the unique audience information for the ad you wish to scale. 


Assume that your early marketing targeted people who enjoyed being outside. The data revealed, however, that those same people adored dogs, according to audience insights.

You may not only retarget that initial group based on their dog-loving interests, but you can also produce content specifically for dog owners who are also active nature lovers and find sites that your target audience is likely to visit.

This information can be found under ‘Page Likes,’ which is a gold mine of data that allows you to reach a new audience that is most likely to be interested in your ad. 


#3. Create Audiences That Look Like You


Allowing the platform to perform some of the work for you is another important component in expanding your Facebook advertisements.

You can monitor what actions a person does on your site after interacting with one of your adverts using the Facebook pixel. Following that, Facebook will automatically evaluate the activity data and develop a larger target audience based on those activities.

Assume that a significant portion of the purchases made on your website are done by college-educated consumers in New England. Facebook can utilize that information to generate a comparable, but much larger audience, which you can then advertise to.

Select ‘Create a Custom Audience’ from the ‘Audience’ menu. Begin by identifying your strongest lookalike audience, which might be drawn from your customer purchase list, app download list, or website visitors, for example.


Once you’ve submitted the information, Facebook will match it to the appropriate profiles. Now you must determine the size of the audience, which should be between 1 and 10%, in order to determine the post’s reach. Keep in mind that as you raise the proportion, your audience’s quality will deteriorate. 

#4. Broaden Your Audience’s Horizons


You may not have intended on going worldwide when you started your company, but the globe is shrinking thanks to platforms like Facebook. You should take use of it as well.

The first step is to look for possibilities in nations where the languages are similar. If you reside in the United States, for example, you may reach out to people in other English-speaking nations like Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

To go even further, just translate your advertisement into the language of your target nation or countries.

One thing to keep in mind is that although the fundamentals of Facebook stay the same throughout the world, the users do not. Recognize that certain things get lost in translation from one nation to the next before extending outside your own backyard.

This guideline applies not only to the content of your ads and the product or service you’re marketing, but also to the budget and return on investment (the cost to convert in one country may be uneconomical versus another).

Regardless, there are few things more thrilling than discovering that your popularity extends well beyond your hometown or state.

#5: Refresh the Content


It’s critical to prevent ad stagnation while increasing your advertisements. If your advertisements start to have a high frequency score, it might mean that your audience is seeing the same advertising too often and that you need to change up your ad sets.

Consider employing a variety of ways to create ad sets, such as movies and slideshows, to offer some diversity to the typical ad style. Different components of the ad, such as the caption, link, and creativity, may be changed.

Click ‘Duplicate’ for the ad set you wish to alter on the ‘Adverts’ page in Ad Manager, then update the text and/or creative. 

Remember to pause the old ad if you replace it, and if you want to test both advertisements, let them run and compare the results. 

It’s also a good idea to utilize one ad type for initial audience targeting and the other for retargeting; this protects your audience from seeing the same ad over and over again, avoiding ad fatigue.

Last Thoughts

Scaling your Facebook advertising is a big move, and it comes with a lot of uncertainty. Adjustments may be required early on, and the risk of losing some of your ad money in the beginning is always there.

The advantages, on the other hand, significantly exceed any risks. More engagement, consumers, and revenues result from a larger audience.

Remember to invest carefully, cultivate your audience across many channels, and supply them with material that keeps them engaged regardless of where they are in the purchase process.

Scaling your Facebook advertising might result in a lot of revenue for your company. Making a route map provides a smooth travel along the road.

The “horizontal scaling facebook ads” is a method that allows you to scale your Facebook advertising. The process involves creating multiple campaigns with the same objective but different audiences.

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