6 Elements of a Powerful SEO Product Description

Search engine optimization has been a confusing and frustrating process for many. In order to make sense of the mystery, we’ve broken down the 6 Components of an effective SEO description so you can create blog posts that rank with authority.

A “seo product description examples” is an important part of any marketing strategy. They are the first impression that a user has with your company and your products. A “seo product description examples” should be in-depth, informative, and engaging.

Product descriptions are an important element of operating a successful eCommerce company, and a strong description gives you the opportunity to overcome any apprehensions your buyers may have about spending money.

The key to doing so is persuading the reader that your product provides actual value in a manner that connects with them. 

Continue reading to discover how to create successful product descriptions that offer the reader confidence in making a purchase while also ranking high in search engine results pages.

Writing Your Own Product Descriptions: Some Pointers

There’s a little more you’ll need to know if you want to write product descriptions on your own. 

With practice, anybody can begin writing effective product descriptions, and these suggestions can assist you.


1. Be true to your brand’s personality.

A serious, informative tone is required for certain businesses and goods. Others have used sardonic, funny, or weird humor to build their businesses. In other circumstances, such as this Dollar Shave Club travel bag product description, it’s subtle. 


They politely notify the reader in bullet style that it’s sized for their other items and made of high-quality paracord, but they also caution that it won’t contain their emotional load.

This kind of comedy may work if it’s used consistently throughout the description and is appropriate for the product. 

In reality, Palace Skateboard has had a lot of success by consistently using self-referential, absurdist comedy. 


While it’s doubtful that anybody else will be able to duplicate this kind of success, it does highlight the importance of having a distinct brand voice. Buyer personas may assist you understand your target demographic and help you establish a relevant voice for your business. 

2. Meet the needs of buyer personas

Buyer personas are an important part of any successful marketing strategy. For the simple reason that only certain individuals would wish to purchase any particular goods, marketing it to everyone is a futile waste of resources. A company may utilize statistics, market trends, customer profiles, and other information to better understand their ideal client in this way.

Knowing who your target audience is may be a very useful tool. It has a number of advantages, including:

Providing product description writers with the tools they need to better understand your clients and create material that:

Developing your brand’s voice 

  • Develop a tone that is appealing to the appropriate demographics.

  • If applicable, use appropriate sorts of comedy and related allusions.

You may learn more about customer personas and their importance in product description writing and marketing in general by reading more about them.


3. Add value to the customer’s experience

A buyer persona has the benefit of assisting you in determining how to deliver value to a consumer. Because a client wants to purchase a product based on what it can accomplish for them, a list of technical features and raw data does not always provide value in and of itself. 

A supercomputer, for example, is of little value to someone who wants to utilize social media and play Solitaire.

The activity below will assist you in focusing on the value of your product or service.

Using the Feature/Benefit Dichotomy in Product Development

Applying the feature/benefit dichotomy to your goods can help you comprehend the difference. 

For example, telling the reader that a dishwasher uses high heat and water pressure (or, even worse, offering statistics without context) is useless. These are features, and when you match them with their advantage, they connect much more with the reader. In this scenario, the advantage may be that purchasing this dishwasher will relieve them of the burden of manually removing food residue and stains. 



The heat and water pressure in a dishwasher are quite high.

You will no longer have to remove food residue and stains by hand if you purchase this dishwasher.

This PC features a quad-core CPU running at 4.4 GHz and the newest Nvidia GPU.

You may play the most demanding modern games, such as Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, on this powerful machine.

Write about your way of life

Lifestyle writing is another technique to give value in a product description. Instead than emphasizing technological advantages, a lifestyle brand strives to represent the target audience’s values and ambitions. 

A pool-building business may promote one of its pool designs by producing a description that depicts a joyful family enjoying themselves in the sun. 

Again, buyer profiles and an awareness of target demographics are important. When lifestyle material is created for the incorrect demographic, it loses a lot of its attraction, but when it’s written for the right one, it can be extremely effective. 


4. Write in a way that is both meaningful and technically sound.

Personable, vibrant writing should not come at the expense of quality writing. Whether a product description is formal or informal, it should always conform to acceptable writing standards:

Excessive words should be avoided.

Some terms should be avoided since they offer nothing to a document, such as:

  • Very

  • Really

  • Especially

  • Exceptional Quality

  • Excellent Value

The first few words here offer no extra information and are best replaced by a stronger word. For instance, simply replace “very good” with a stronger positive word. Vague acclaim such as ‘Excellent Value’ is at best trite and redundant, as no advertiser will ever proclaim their product is poor value.

Generic writing should be avoided.

Writing may go wrong in a variety of ways. In general, stay away from frequent blunders in writing, such as:

Instead, make use of:

  • Benefits and qualities that are unique

  • What your product can accomplish for them (the “What”).

  • Explanation of how the product would benefit their life in particular ways 

While the purpose of a product description is to sell something, making overly optimistic statements that aren’t backed up by evidence won’t help. This is where a description should avoid using cliches and instead concentrate on providing genuine value.

Create content that is easy to read.

Short, succinct, and understandable words are used in good content, while bullet points are very informational and packed with product specifics.

A phrase should never be more than 20 words lengthy in general. Bullet lists, illustrations, headers, and line breaks all help to make a document more readable. 


5. Understand the Fundamentals of SEO

While SEO is sophisticated and subtle, it’s fair to assume that the fundamentals account for a significant percentage of the job. There are a few writing rules of thumb that will put you comfortably ahead of organizations who do not use SEO. These are some of them:

  • Determine which keywords have a high search frequency and minimal competition.

  • Use keywords in the body content, metadata, and title in a natural way.

  • Avoid sentences that are longer than 20 words.

  • Use the active voice instead of the passive voice. 

  • Use headings and subheadings to organize your content.

  • Make use of interlinks.

Although this is just a small part of what goes into SEO, it is a good place to start. If you want to understand more about SEO copywriting, read this in-depth tutorial.

6. Don’t forget to include a call to action.

Writing a great product description without a conclusion is anticlimactic and lacks direction for your reader. It’s usually a nice touch to include a strong, clear call to action that motivates the reader to purchase the goods. It might be a simple rehash of a line that reminds them of the product’s advantages.

It might even be as subtle as carefully positioning the “add to basket” button underneath the description. A powerful psychological impact may be achieved by a persuasive product description that leads seamlessly into a purchase button.

To keep you motivated, have a look at these 14 product page design examples, which include the layouts of some outstanding companies and enterprises.

What Not to Do

There are several problems that companies and writers may fall into when it comes to product descriptions. While the first problem is bad writing, the others are motivated by a desire to avoid effort by using uninspired remedies. 

Product Description Templates with Blanks

Many websites utilized a template for product descriptions in the early days of the Internet, and some still do. When all of the goods on a website essentially follow the same pattern, you may determine that a template is being utilized. 

There are various issues with utilizing a paint-by-numbers technique to writing descriptions, the most serious of which being the lack of quality. The uniqueness of a product and its prospective buyers will never be understood or accommodated by a product description template. 

Detailed customer profiles, a strong brand voice, and genuine value all come down to customizing a product description to the greatest extent feasible. Product descriptions that are generic and template-based are the polar opposite of this. 

Generators (Product Description)

Machine learning has made significant medical advances and has mastered the game of chess, yet it still can’t write a product description. 

There are Generators (Product Description) on the Internet, but these are only simple, algorithmic templates. If you use one, the result will be impersonal content that does little more than list features and fill space on your product pages.

While outsourcing your job is a good idea, you should hire professional copywriters with product writing expertise.

Recruiting Professional Writers 

If the complexities of product description writing seem daunting, hiring a copywriter might be a good option. 

Briefs that are easy to understand

Many company owners believe that hiring a writer means relinquishing control over their website. You may, however, direct the process and ensure that the greatest version of your ideas is achieved by providing precise recommendations to the writer. 

Include your tone preferences, target audience, and other comparable remarks, and the writer should be on the right course. You may also improve the effectiveness of your instructions by including an example of product copy written in the manner you desire. 


When dealing with a writer, communication is key to resolving any issues. Questions, constructive criticism, and recommendations will be welcomed by any skilled copywriter. You may outsource your task with perfect outcomes if you communicate well.

Product Descriptions from SEMrush

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Process that saves time

You must complete the short, but all you need to do is provide a link to the topic page. If you have any style preferences, you may add extra material to the brief at your leisure. 

Reasonable Costs

Negotiating payment with a single writer might be difficult, but at SEMrush, we have a straightforward, consistent strategy. You pay depending on the length of your product description, which may be 300, 500, or 700 words. Check out our pricing for writing product descriptions here.

It is your product’s words that will sell it.

Get professional product descriptions created for you.

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A powerful SEO product description should have 6 elements. These are the title, tagline, main image, subheadings, bullet points and call-to-action. Reference: description of products and services example.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the elements of product description?

A: The product description is a short written introduction to the company and its products that includes information about size, color options, availability of customizations, care instructions or warranties.

What are SEO product descriptions?

A: Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a website to improve its ranking in search engines.

What are the elements of product description in SPM?

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