6 Social Media Sites Your Business Needs to Be on

Marketing today is more than just social media. It’s all of your online presence, marketing materials like blogs and newsletters, email campaigns, etcetera. Social media alone doesn’t have to be the focus – in fact it shouldn’t be because you should use other outlets for engagement with customers and getting feedback on new products or ideas that are being developed.

The “most used social media 2021” is a list of 6 social media sites that are most likely to be used by businesses in the year 2021.

According to Statista, the majority of individuals use social media on a daily basis. As a result, it should come as no surprise that we utilize these platforms to make purchases and communicate with companies. Because 54 percent of people use social media to research, explore, and purchase things, it’s well worth your time and money to invest in social media as a company. Which social networking sites, though, should you use?

It may not be essential to spend time building many social accounts for your business. You may choose which social media sites to employ for your company with care and tact, but knowing which ones have the largest audiences and are the most significant to your clients should be your first concern. Let’s look at why social media is so crucial for companies, as well as six of the best places to utilize it.

Because so many individuals use at least one social media site on a daily basis, social media is critical for every business. As of April 2021, the world’s Facebook users totaled 2.8 billion, 1.3 billion Instagram users, 2.3 billion YouTube users, and 700 million TikTok users. This implies that companies have a lot of opportunities to show off their brand and goods to a large audience. 

Businesses may also use social media to: 

Customer Interaction

Social media helps you to communicate with customers nearly in real time due to the way they use it. You may reply to messages, comments, and even personal postings from consumers. This provides you with the ideal means of communicating with the general audience. 

All-Day Market

Your social media profiles are “always on” and available for consumers to utilize, rather than depending simply on peak retail business hours. It’s a terrific approach to not just possibly increase sales, but also to be visible to all of your rivals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Create a Personal Brand

The way you act on social media has a big impact on your business and image. Whether you publish regularly or seldom, the material you develop and share influences how the public views you. As a result, you should make certain that the information you offer online allows you to demonstrate your company’s brand, message, and personality. 

Adapt What’s Working and What Isn’t

It might be tough to tell if your in-store printed marketing campaign is working to drive sales and interaction with your business in a more conventional brick-and-mortar context. 

This is, however, exceedingly simple to track digitally. You may utilize analytics data to determine which graphics, offers, and campaigns are especially favorably received by consumers. This allows you to respond and change fast if a certain piece of content isn’t having the desired effect. 

Remember that the key to gaining these advantages from having a social media account is to use it. This entails developing compelling material and distributing it on a regular basis to the appropriate audiences. 

If you want to get the most out of your time and marketing money on social media, think about which social media sites would benefit your company the most. The following six social networking platforms should be on your radar, albeit the optimal selection may differ depending on your client demographics.


According to Statista, Facebook has 2.8 billion users, more than any other social media network. Simply for that reason, your company should establish a Facebook page. 

It’s fairly easy to set up a Facebook account, which will allow you to Customer Interaction, share posts, and sell almost anything on the platform, from car parts to candles. And in addition to building your brand, you can also use Facebook as a marketplace platform.

Because clients are already actively engaged with the Facebook app and do not need to visit a website to make a purchase, Facebook Marketplace is ideal for selling your items. This may assist to build consumer trust and make it easier for them to buy since they don’t have to leave the Facebook app to do so. 


You can also run Facebook Advertisements from your Marketplace store, making it simple to create and manage ads that promote your products. 



Because of its 1.3 billion followers, Instagram is another social media network that your company should examine. 

It is frequently (but not always) used to market “inspirational” and “aspirational” items and companies, something that is proving to be popular with Gen Z buyers, with over 33 million Gen Z Instagram users in the United States alone. 

However, there are Instagram companies and shops that sell other common things and develop a following by doing so. They frequently achieve this by showing items in contexts that buyers may see utilizing in their own lives. 

With celebrity endorsements quickly becoming the most popular way for brands to sell products, and brands being able to see real-time data in relation to the popularity of a celebrity or endorsement, the introduction of Influencers across the Instagram platform has also helped skyrocket the app into the favor of Gen Z.



LinkedIn is another excellent account for organizations to have throughout the globe, with 774 million members. 

If you want to promote a company’s presence or brand without necessarily intending to sell particular things, LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform to employ. To contact others in the same industry, promote your marketing campaigns, your ethos, and make relationships, you may comment on posts, publish posts, and send connection requests.

LinkedIn has become a wonderful approach to attract team members due to its business emphasis, since the site is mainly geared to presenting users’ talents and expertise. It’s also a great profile to have if you want to reach out to individuals who are seeking for job and already know about your sector.



With a Twitter account, you may contact approximately 400 million people all around the globe. Currently, 67 percent of companies use Twitter, which has resulted in a growing trend of brand partnerships. 

Businesses have been tweeting each other over the past several years in the hopes of crafting the ultimate viral tweet. This has resulted in improved brand recognition as well as social proof for such firms. 

However, Twitter is still largely used to connect with consumers, manage customer complaints and comments, and make corporate announcements throughout the globe. Customers will most likely use Twitter to communicate with you about any problems they’ve had with your company, so having a presence on the network may help you manage your reputation. 



Pinterest, although not being as popular as it once was, is still the 14th most popular web platform in the world, with approximately 500 million members. With such a large audience, having a presence on it might pay off.

Pinterest, which works similarly to Instagram, enables users to “pin” their favorite goods from various firms to their own accounts for future reference. Users may either purchase products from their board or go to the businesses’ websites from there. 

If your company sells goods in the lifestyle or fashion industries, Pinterest is the ideal location to display them since aesthetics have a significant effect on how many pins your content receives.



TikTok is one of the newest social media networks, with a recent surge in popularity and app downloads. According to Wallaroo, it is currently utilized in over 150 countries by over 1 billion people, with the United States having the highest, with 65.9 million monthly active users.

TikTok, formerly Musical.ly, is a video-sharing website where users may make short films of up to three minutes in length (but are frequently much shorter). It is largely utilized by the general populace, although celebrities and companies are fast adopting it. 

Although TikTok has a worldwide audience, the majority of its users are between the ages of 16 and 24. If your company is targeting Gen Z clients, TikTok has the ability to reach a far larger audience than other platforms. 


When it comes to developing and distributing social content, social media tools are a terrific method to manage your time and resources. From developing and scheduling articles to delivering easy-to-read, relevant insights on your social material, useful tools may assist you. This helps you to give your audience with the most relevant material in a fraction of the time. 

The Most Effective Social Media Tools

For managing your social media accounts, social media tools like Facebook Business or our Toolkit for Social Media are ideal. With no investment or effort, they virtually become an extra team member working in the background.

Toolkit for Social Media


The Toolkit for Social Media can also help you to create, share, and manage content across multiple social accounts, including:


The toolkit is great for starting and managing your Facebook business. It allows you to schedule posts and obtain accurate insights into their performance. You can also manage any paid Facebook ads with the Toolkit for Social Media, which will guide you through the process of boosting posts and reaching your objectives. 



In addition to offering the ability to schedule organic posts on Instagram, the Toolkit for Social Media allows you to schedule boosted ads in the same way as Facebook. So if you decided to boost your post across Facebook and Instagram at the same time, the Toolkit would guide you through this process. 

The Toolkit is also great for figuring out which posts get the most interaction and who your target audience is across all of your channels. 



An ideal way to track your audience growth within LinkedIn is to use the Toolkit for Social Media. It can also be used to track where your audience is based so that you can effectively target your ads to the specific locations of your customers. 



The Toolkit for Social Media is also equipped with a Social Media Tracker, which allows you to easily identify the increase or decrease in customer engagement or visits to your page. This includes the activity within Twitter, which can save a lot of time and resources.



Using the Toolkit for Social Media, you’ll be able to see quickly and easily what content your competitors are posting along with weekly updates via email to track how your own posts are performing.


Once you’re ready to start working on your brand’s social media presence, you can learn more about how the Toolkit for Social Media allows you to manage social postings across multiple platforms. 

The Most Important Things to Remember About Social Media Sites for Your Business

Although most companies understand the importance of having an online presence for their brand and sales, many are unsure which social media platforms to employ. 

There is a variety of social media sites to use for your business, but there are many tools and resources to help take the stress out of starting to create your online content. Don’t be afraid to have multiple social profiles and get support in managing them with a specifically designed tool like the Toolkit for Social Media!

Monitor Your Social Media Profiles

with the Toolkit for Social Media

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The “social media platforms list” is a list of 6 social media sites that your business needs to be on. The article will also include some helpful tips for each platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 6 types of social media?

A: Social media includes all the major platforms for sharing like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. These social media networks allow users to share their life with others as well as consume information from other people.

What social media sites do I need for my business?

A: Social media is an important tool in business. You can use it to promote your company, create a community around your products, and increase customer loyalty.

What are 10 social media?

A: Ten social media are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter. The other nine social media would be YouTube , Google+, Instagram Stories/InstagramTV (when it comes out), Youtube Music Videos

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