7 Easy Steps to Writing a Press Release [FREE Template]

One of the most effective ways to generate new leads and keep your business in front of potential buyers is with a press release. However, writing one can be tough without help. This article will show you how to write an effective press release that gets noticed – fast!

The “press release writing” is a press release template that can be used by anyone. The steps are very easy and will help you write a press release.

There are a variety of reasons why new goods fail, but one of the most prevalent is because the brand did not get enough media attention or build enough buzz. A decent press release is the first step toward a successful launch, and if it isn’t included, the product will be dead before it ever reaches the stores.

This article will guide you through the process of writing a successful press release and will also supply you with a free press release template.

What Is a Press Release and How Does It Work?

A press release is a document given to journalists to pique their interest and entice them to write a story about the product, service, or event in question.

A press release should include the following information:

  • Concentrate on communicating fundamental information and informing the journalist about anything interesting.

  • Give journalists the information they need to contact the firm or person responsible for the release so they may expand on it and make it into a story.

The goal of press releases is clear:

  • Increasing awareness of a noteworthy event in your company

  • Journalists are encouraged to write on the company/brand.

  • Obtaining objective media attention

Press releases may not ensure favorable coverage or editorial oversight. You should buy adverts or sponsored features if that’s what you’re looking for. Press releases are sent to journalists in order to get fair coverage.

What Is the Importance of a Press Release?

Writing a press release is the first step in developing a connection with journalists and establishing your brand as a business and as an individual. 

  • A solid press release will capture the attention of journalists who cover your niche, and you’ll have the opportunity to be cited in pieces about your product and to develop long-term connections with newspapers and publications.
  • A badly worded press release, on the other hand, may go unnoticed in the news feeds. It may not immediately impact your brand’s impression among the general public, but if journalists grow used to reading poorly written press releases linked with your brand, they may begin to disregard your firm while skimming through the wires. 

What is the Best Way to Write a Press Release?

Most news wires and public relations firms anticipate a specific press release structure. If you want your release to get seen by as many outlets as possible, you should follow this structure. 

To produce an engaging press release, follow these guidelines.

1. Get to the point quickly.

The following should be clearly stated in a news release:

  • It’s about who

  • What they’ve done and what they’re doing

  • Where did this happen or is it happening now?

  • When things transpired / are going to happen

  • Why is this significant?


Start with the most crucial details, then go into more depth later in the press release. The goal of this writing style, known as the inverted pyramid, is to enable individuals to obtain all of the key information from a press release at first sight. 

2. Begin with a template for a press release.

Follow the normal press release format in your country. You should be able to discover an example of a press release that shows: 

Do you want to view an example of a typical press release? Download our press release template for free.

Tip: Save a press release example PDF personalized to your brand, complete with your contact information and business information, so you may use it every time you compose a press release.

If you’re still unsure what to include, browse some press releases from other companies in your field. Consider how Crytex promotes its video games and builds buzz among fans, or how Skoda used the World Rally Championships to boost its brand.

3. Keep a running tally of how many words you’ve written.

The average length of a news release is between 300 and 600 words. 

  • When it comes to “how lengthy should a press release be?” there is no right or wrong answer. However, in general, shorter is preferable. 

  • Some smaller news organizations provide press releases in almost-unaltered form. Larger news organizations are less likely to do so. As a result, make your press release brief and straightforward. 

  • If you have a lot to say, let journalists know you’re available for interviews and wait for them to contact you.

4. Useful and timely statistics should be included.

Incorporating research and data into press releases is really beneficial.

They add interest and intrigue to your headlines. You may have noticed how often statistics appear in headlines as a reader. While you provide relevant, accurate, and intriguing data in your press release, reporters will be able to easily utilize those numbers when writing about your product or service.


Statista, a worldwide database platform with research, projections, and statistics for practically any specialty, has important facts. For US-based firms, the Office for National Data (if you’re targeting a UK audience) and the US Census website (in particular the QuickFacts section) are both valuable statistics sources. Other nations’ governments have comparable websites.

5. Make the Hook Clearly Visible

Explanation of the Headline’s Value

A excellent example of a “hook” is the numbers we just stated. One of the most crucial skills a journalist has is the ability to pique the attention of readers in a story. 

  • The ordinary reader is unconcerned with Financial Company A’s recent introduction of a new worldwide market-tracking pension plan. 
  • Readers may be interested in the fact that almost half of all Americans have less than $100,000 set aside for retirement, so it’s an excellent statistic to use as a hook to lead into the main content: Financial Institution A’s product features a low minimum starting balance and flexible monthly payments, making it simple for anybody to save, including those on a modest income.

The majority of the press release is same. The hook is what makes the difference. It’s critical to clarify why the journalist, and ultimately the reader, should be interested in the new product or service when creating a press release.


Seasonality is a must.

A seasonal event or a “National Day of” anything is another fantastic example of a hook. There is almost certainly a day linked with anything you sell or manufacture. If you offer a dog-sitting business, bringing up National Dogs in Politics Day (September 23rd) might be beneficial. 

Make a list of little-known days that you may exploit to draw attention to your company by looking through the National Day Calendar.


Remember that print articles have extensive lead periods, so pitch your story to newspapers many days before you want it to be published. When it comes to publications, think in months. If you wait until November or December to propose a Christmas tale, the magazine will have already filled its pages with other pieces, and you will not be seen.

6. Provide a link to high-resolution images

Pictures are an essential component of every news story or piece of press coverage, whether in print or online. Include a link to high-resolution photos or product pictures that media may download. The following images should be included in your picture database:

  • A photograph of a person who serves as your company’s “face.”

  • Photographs of the product

  • If possible, provide images of the product in use.

  • Your business’s logo (in vector and jpg format if possible)

If you want to get attention in the newspaper, your photographs should be between 150 and 300 ppi. If the resolution is lower, the picture will be fuzzy when printed. Some publications may want photographs with a resolution of up to 1200ppi. Because download speeds are vital, lower-quality photos are allowed for websites.

If possible, provide the same picture in a variety of sizes, including 640×426, 1920×1280, 2400×1600, and the original photo size. Journalists may then choose the size that is best for their publication, saving time and eliminating unwanted downloads.

7. Include your contact information.

At the conclusion of the press release, include some personal information, contact information, and a message indicating that you’re available for interviews or more inquiries. Make sure you’re really accessible to answer to questions, since journalists typically have short deadlines.

This is especially true for internet journalists, who are often expected to respond quickly to ‘hot issue’ news. Being responsive makes the journalist’s work simpler, and it means they’ll think of you favourably in the future as an expert or when they need to cover a slot on a tight deadline.

Do I Require Public Relations Help?

Some businesses hire a public relations agency to assist them in obtaining media attention, although this isn’t always essential. 

If you have a unique product, are targeting a local market, or are not in a very competitive niche, you may acquire publicity by writing appealing press releases and engaging with the media constructively.

Writing Press Releases to Increase Brand Awareness

Writing a solid press release is a talent that takes time and effort to master. 

The Webinomy Content Marketplace may be handy whether you’re a brand owner who prefers to concentrate on your own initiatives or an agency in charge of your clients’ media marketing. 

  1. By following our easy three-step approach, you can have a new product launch or event press release prepared in five business days using the Marketplace.

  2. Our skilled writers will develop a press release that suits your brand and communicates the message you want to express, taking into account your objective and corporate image. 

The press release service allows you to concentrate on polishing your new product or service, catering to your clients, and handling the aspects of your company that you are most familiar with. 

Check out our press release writing services now to get a head start on your next launch.

Attract the Media

The Media Can’t Ignore Press Releases

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The “how to write a press release pdf” is a free template that allows you to create your own press release. This guide will walk you through the process of creating and publishing your own press release.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a press release in 7 Easy Steps 2020?

A: You start by writing a press release in 2020. The fifth step is to write the headlines for 7 Easy Steps. In the sixth and seventh steps, you would need to decide if these are physical or digital copies of your books

What are the steps to write a press release?

A: To write a press release, you need to do the following steps:
1. Develop your idea for an article or story. 2. Find contact information of people that might be interested in publishing your content with their publication(s). 3. Draft an email and send it out to those contacts asking them if they would like to publish this piece with us, but also giving them time frame (how long will it take) before we can get back with some other feedback on whether this is something possible or not? 4. If step three goes well, start writing! 5. Once finished drafting the text of your press release, make sure you include any graphics for visuals as well as links where readers could find more information about whats going on at that particular moment within our company/organization

How do I write a free press release template?

A: There are countless websites that offer free press release templates. These can be found quickly if you search the internet and once again, one of these sites is linked below for your convenience.

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