7 Modern Rules of Content Marketing

There is an old adage that goes something like this: It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. That phrase has taken on a new meaning in today’s content marketing landscape where the importance of being authentic and transparent in your strategy is paramount to success.

What is the significance of content marketing? Why do skilled marketers advise both startups and established organizations to use content marketing?

One of the most effective methods to produce quality leads and enhance audience engagement, sales, and company development is via content marketing. That is a proven truth.

According to a poll conducted by Curata’s Chief Content Officer, 60 percent of organizations want to hire an executive to oversee their whole content marketing strategy by the end of the year.

However, many businesses are still missing out on the advantages of content marketing because they are still using ineffective tactics. If your content marketing isn’t producing the expected results, you’re not doing it correctly and need to modify your approach.

Here are seven businesses that are effectively using current content marketing principles.

1. Coke

Create original material.

Coke is a well-known soft drink manufacturer. Its marketing approach is constantly tailored to the needs of its customers. Its marketing and communication have a function. Coke stands apart because of the way it interacts with its audience. 

This major beverage firm has a fantastic understanding of how to emotionally connect with its customers. They are dedicated to offering original material.

Their “Share A Coke” ad from 2014 was great, and people still enjoy it. It raised soft drink sales by 2%, and #shareacoke became the most popular hashtag on social media.


The term they chose for their campaign was a strong call to action.

Coke can teach you the following strategies:

  1. Create original material.
  2. Engage your audience on an emotional level. Make your content marketing more relevant to your visitors.
  3. Allow customers to participate in your success.

2. Apple

The greatest sophistication is simplicity.

This is a brand that understands how to convey a narrative without being too complex. 

Making a basic website, sales material, or adverts is the most effective approach to reach people. It enables them to make a fast and intelligent conclusion. Companies that maintain customer decision-making easy and efficient experience an increase of 80 percent in sales compared to those who don’t.

A typical American sees 250 to 1000 advertisements every day. It’s difficult to keep up with them. Apple is a superb example of advertising simplicity. 

Have you seen their Mac vs. PC commercials? They simply showed two guys standing and conversing in front of a white backdrop.


They didn’t even say how much it would cost. Apple shows us that each advertisement should be focused on a single goal. In this scenario, the Mac outperforms the PC.

3. Nike

Determine your target audience’s requirements.

When you hear the phrase “just do it,” what comes to mind? Doesn’t it remind you of Nike? This saying has become well-known thanks to Nike.

This international corporation discovered that conventional advertisements failed to attract its customers, and they were unable to locate the information they need. As a result, it spent just 33% of its marketing budget on conventional marketing and shifted its focus to content marketing. It prioritizes the needs of its clients and thinks that a product that serves them directly is simple to optimize.

Do you want to enhance the demand for your product? First and foremost, understand your customer’s needs.

Nike understands and believes in what they are offering. It encourages and drives individuals to achieve more. Their “Can’t Into Can” campaign was the most successful female-led campaign in history.

It deftly incorporates current technologies, such as social networking. Take a look at the following numbers to see how they’re performing on different social media platforms:

  • Instagram – Nike has 14 million Instagram followers.
  • Twitter – Nike’s official Twitter account has 5.8 million followers.
  • Nike has 2.2 billion Facebook fans. facebook.

Nike knows how to market themselves via social media.

Nike has the following strategies that we may learn from:

  1. Recognize your customers’ requirements.
  2. Determine the most effective approach to interact with your customers.
  3. Produce engaging content that caters to the demands of your target audience.

SEMrush (search engine marketing)

Provide Resources That Are Beneficial

The success of a company is determined on how well you understand your customers’ problems and how effectively you can solve them. 

SEMrush recognized the challenges faced by bloggers and developed the most cost-effective SEO solution. SEMrush is a well-known software provider. Their SEO tool comes highly rated by specialists. It is one of the most useful tools for webmasters who wish to assess their website in order to develop a targeted marketing strategy.

SEMrush’s crew knows how to keep its prospects and customers pleased.

Here are the characteristics that distinguish them from their competitors:

  1. Be proactive – They respond to every single query, even if it is from someone who isn’t a customer.
  2. Customer service that is second to none.
  3. Make available useful resources (SEMrush Chat, Blog, Webinar, etc.)
  4. They are dedicated to teaching their target audience.
  5. You may utilize the SEMrush SEO tool to see which keywords your rivals are ranking for.

Maybelline is number five. 

Recognize the value of social media

For marketers and businesses, social media is a tremendous medium.

However, just a few businesses are aware of its capabilities. One of them is Maybelline. Maybelline New York is a cosmetics and beauty goods firm with a 100-year history. Maybelline was one of the first businesses to use the Instagram video function when it was originally released. 

Maybelline discovered that the greatest medium for inspiring storytelling is social media.

It creates customized content for each social media site, such as a YouTube channel dedicated to “how to” videos. They are perfectionists. Hundreds of pieces of material, including movies, animations, images, and graphics, were generated and filmed for the website. They disseminated them over all of the main social media platforms. 

If you’re going to use social media for marketing, you’ll need to figure out what works best for each social media platform.

Maybelline understands what kind of material to post on each social media channel.

Red Bull is number six.

Use your material to entertain your audience.

No one, I suppose, can do it better than Red Bull. Brands are battling to expand their global audience. They are always coming up with fresh stuff for their customers.

Red Bull, on the other hand, is the first company to develop content that its customers are looking for. Red Bull TV is where the brand entertains its audience. Extreme sports films, cultural events, lifestyle material, and music programs are all carried on the channel.

Everyone may watch Red Bull TV for free on their laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

The energy drink manufacturer does not compel its customers to purchase its product. Red Bull handles its audience as though they are friends and treats them with respect. Its fans like this sensation and look forward to participating in interesting activities with their favorite company.

Red Bull is concerned about its customers as well as its company. It’s their tried-and-true content marketing strategy.

7. Domino’s Pizza

Be open and honest with your consumers.

What methods do you use to keep your customers engaged in your product? The obvious solution is to be truthful, give excellent customer service, and provide a high-quality product.

Domino’s has redefined what it means to be transparent in business. They display every remark on their website, whether it is nice or bad.

Domino’s recognizes this marketing strategy, and the firm is always introducing new products to its customers.

Domino’s recently stated that it will begin employing drones to deliver pizza. It uploaded a video on YouTube, which has so far been seen by 1.7 million people. Domino’s enables customers to make their own pizza and post it on social media.

A video showing Domino’s workers behaving badly in the kitchen has already gone popular on social media. They realized they couldn’t hide the mess, so they didn’t remove the footage.

Now it’s up to you to put these content marketing strategies to work for you.

Last Thoughts

We must all understand how these companies use content marketing to their advantage without seeming too “salesy.”

In current content marketing, the following are crucial elements to remember:

  1. Create unique material for your target audience.
  2. As much as feasible, provide uncomplicated stuff.
  3. Recognize your customers’ requirements.
  4. Create materials that will help you.
  5. Demonstrate to your customers that you care about them.
  6. Make sure your marketing channels have the proper content.
  7. Be open, honest, and helpful.

I guarantee that once you start using these advanced content marketing strategies, your content marketing will never be the same.

Which content marketing approach of a brand do you prefer?