7 of the Best Customer Engagement Strategies To Foster Your Brand’s Growth

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. They provide feedback, drive sales, and influence your bottom line. That’s why every marketer understands that it is important to actively listen to what consumers say about their product or service before launching new initiatives in an attempt to better serve them even more. The key is listening with a keen attention span while at the same time developing meaningful relationships with customers that will last throughout the lifespan of your company

The “customer engagement strategy mckinsey” is a blog post that discusses 7 of the best customer engagement strategies to foster your brand’s growth.

A well-established brand has a large number of repeat consumers who have acquired brand loyalty. So, if you want your brand to expand, you’ll need to engage your clients to earn their loyalty. Your clients will be more inclined to return to you if they are engaged with your brand. Finally, they will acquire some type of loyalty and contribute to the expansion of your brand.

This article will present you with a few successful customer engagement tactics to help your business flourish by engaging your consumers. Let’s have a look at some examples:

#1: Make Micro-Content More Individual

You have a higher chance of interacting with your clients if you portray your brand with its own personality. This is because it will make them feel as if they are speaking with a real person rather than a brand. As a result, they will be more willing to engage in emotional interactions with you and listen to what you have to say.

That’s why it’s critical to give originality to your micro-content as well. Incorporate your brand’s voice across all of your material since even the smallest elements may have a significant impact on your overall branding efforts.

In the next screenshot, Nasty Gal, for example, injects a lot of personality into their micro-content.


The terminology they choose reflects the audience they’re trying to reach. They’re also not scared to utilize curse words since it’s part of their brand’s voice. Other apparel businesses may not be able to use the same strategy.

#2: Increase the personalization of communication

Any effective company plan requires personalization. And, if you want your business to thrive, you should improve consumer engagement via tailored messaging; this might be quite beneficial. In fact, Monetate discovered that 83 percent of businesses with a personalisation budget were able to surpass their sales targets.

Your dialogues become more relevant to your consumers when you tailor your message for them. Personalization encourages people to pay attention to what you’re saying and interact with you. There are several methods to customize the way you connect with your clients.

You may make buy suggestions and offers that are related to their interests and past purchases. You may send them marketing communications that are specifically targeted to their need. You may also send emails depending on particular events and milestones, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and sign-ups.

Stitchfix, a clothes subscription box service, succeeds in their customer engagement approach by giving subscribers a brief quiz. The firm gives out individualized style advice to each member based on their responses to the questionnaire.


On that topic, recall what your clients have previously told you and what you have previously told them; this is vital to guarantee that your most recent messages are consistent with earlier ones. You can keep track of all of your email conversations with each client using software like Salesmate. Then you’ll be able to offer them relevant bargains and solutions on a consistent basis.

#3: Trade Rewards for Actions

When you give somebody something they enjoy, they will be more than glad to reciprocate. As a result, rewarding your consumers for doing a certain action might assist you in creating a positive feedback loop. When you ask users to submit reviews or produce user-generated content, you may reward them with special offers, discounts, or coupons.

People will be more willing to connect with you if they are receiving something in return, therefore rewards will dramatically increase your customer engagement plan efforts. Plus, by offering discounts and prizes, you’re encouraging customers to come back to your store again and again. People will return to collect their incentives and prizes, allowing them to form a favorable relationship with your company.

Overstock has a Rewards-for-Evaluations system in place to encourage consumers to leave reviews and provide the company additional opportunity to interact with them. Customers earn reward points for providing evaluations on things they’ve bought via this program.


People are more inclined to interact with material that features people that are similar to them, rather than with your brand’s message. This is because they can connect to genuine people better. User-generated content is the most trusted sort of material among customers, according to Olapic. It’s also the kind of information that people interact with on a daily basis.

Share your customers’ tales on social media. Reviews, testimonials, user-submitted images, and other forms of user-submitted content may all be used to tell these tales. When you post client tales on social media, you may gain the confidence of prospective consumers and possibly persuade them to convert.

Furthermore, by showcasing your current customers’ experiences, you will be able to express your gratitude to them. Allow people to engage with your brand by asking them to tell you about their experiences.

ASOS, for example, sometimes posts photos of its customers wearing their clothing. Many of their customers are inspired by these shares to generate material about the firm in the hopes of being included.


#5: Provide avenues for direct communication

It would be simpler for your consumers to interact with you if they have the ability to directly communicate with your brand. Your engagement rate will definitely rise as a result of the simplicity with which you and your consumers can communicate. As a result, you must create those chances and make it as simple as possible for your clients to engage with your brand whenever they need to.

To swiftly reply to client inquiries, you may install live chat capability on your website. You may use live chat to direct site visitors and assist them in finding what they need. It may also be used to swiftly address customer service concerns and boost customer satisfaction.

It’s a good idea to apply these strategies to your social media profiles as well. Respond to their comments and direct messages on social media as soon as possible. You may also utilize live videos to hold question and answer sessions. During these sessions, your consumers may interact with your brand by asking questions.

It’s lot simpler for marketers to engage their customers in real time now that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have live video services. You may also use the function to share helpful insights and suggestions about your company and goods to your audience.

Alternatively, you might follow Sephora’s example and invite experts to your live video session.


For a Facebook live session, the brand welcomed beauty influencers Jet Atkin of Ouai Haircare and Christophe Robin Paris of Christophe Robin Paris. Many clients asked questions and interacted with the brand after the two professionals spoke about beauty tips and trends.

#6: Demonstrate the Real People Behind Your Business

Individuals want to engage with other people rather than brands, as previously said. As a result, as part of your customer interaction strategy, you’ll need to demonstrate your consumers that your brand is made up of actual people.

When talking about your personnel on the internet, you may include your brand personality. You may also present a brief but descriptive anecdote to assist your clients get to know your personnel better.

Customers may read a thorough account of each individual and their position in the firm at Caterpillar, for example.


Allowing consumers to get to know your staff helps to humanize your brand since they will be able to connect the tales of these individuals to your brand. As a consequence, you and your consumers will have a stronger bond and higher involvement.

You may also publish staff tales on social media to emotionally connect your audience. This is something that PNI Media excels at.


Their Twitter account is full of behind-the-scenes information about the firm and the individuals that run it. They publish specific employee tales on occasion and often post photos of the staff and their activities.

#7: Create entertaining activities

If you want your consumers to connect with you on a frequent basis, you must provide them the option to do so. You may come up with entertaining activities that encourage people to interact with your business and content on social media. Anything from prize competitions to question and answer sessions might be considered.

There does not have to be a monetary incentive. However, when consumers get something in return, it helps to increase engagement. Warby Parker periodically challenges its Twitter fans with puzzles and requests that they tweet back to them.


Despite the fact that there is no prize for the right response, it is a pleasant game that the company may participate in with its consumers.

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ADS illustration


These are some great techniques for your business to interact with consumers and grow. You must personalize your brand and include its personality into your audience’s conversations. Also, to make it simpler for individuals to interact with you, you’ll need to provide chances for participation.

Did you find these pointers to be useful? Do you have any additional consumer engagement tactics that have worked for you? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Customer engagement marketing is a strategy that can help your brand grow. There are 7 of the best customer engagement strategies to consider. Reference: what is customer engagement marketing.

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What strategy will you use to engage customers?

A: We will engage with our customers by providing them with a voice that they can trust. They want to feel heard, and we are going to help make sure they feel like they have been listened to.

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What are the 3 most important things that you will consider in creating an engagement with customer and why?

A: The three most important factors that I will consider in creating an engagement are the experience and quality of my product, pricing strategy on my products, advertising plan.

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