7 Secrets To Increasing Your Lead Conversion with Content Marketing

With the internet and digital marketing, content is king. It’s how brands are able to market themselves effectively through a variety of platforms nowadays. Content also helps drive leads that convert into sales for businesses in all industries

Every company has the difficulty of persuading someone with their content. Content marketing, on the other hand, is always beneficial if done effectively! When compared to conventional marketing, it costs 62 percent less and generates around three times as many leads per dollar invested.

Today, 90 percent of all companies in the market create and promote content in order to generate leads. Surprisingly, 62% of all businesses outsource their content marketing work. But everything is not fine. Only 9% of firms feel that content marketing is effective, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

The disconnect between expectations and outcomes demonstrates that many firms have yet to realize the full potential of content marketing.

In this post, we’ll go through how to get your content marketing efforts to develop into a successful lead generating campaign. Using a content marketing tool like SEMrush will undoubtedly assist you in maintaining your momentum.

1. Use video content with extreme caution.

Video is something that people like doing. A harsh sales pitch, on the other hand, does not appeal to them. Nobody is interested in what you sell or what fresh features your product or solution has to offer. Only positive outcomes are considered. What matters most to them is whether your video material conveys a message about the positive impact your company can make in their life.

Following a few guidelines might be beneficial:

  • So far, videos have proven to be the most effective method for visual learning and entertainment. So make it attractive while also being educational. It doesn’t have to be all about business and detailed solutions that are just relevant to you. People dislike having to translate so-called business languages in order to comprehend their takeout.

  • Use social media, email marketing, and other online and offline channels to collect commonly asked questions from your clients. Make use of them while you write your video screenplay. Customers’ complaints and solutions must be addressed in an entertaining video.

  • For optimum exposure, share your video on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other prominent channels and websites. Continue to do so.

2. Provide bait in exchange for fishing leads

This is one of the most effective techniques to collect personal information from prospective consumers among all content marketing tactics. When they get something important in return, people are more likely to give information about themselves. While asking prospects to submit their email addresses in order to view your white paper, brochure, or even watch a current video, you may provide a gift, a discount code, a freebie, a short trial, or even cash back.

But be careful not to overdo it. Instead, see this method as one of several possibilities. When distributing downloaded resources, be judicious. Advertisement copies are inferior than advertorials. Also, be sure the media you’re using to share your company’s information is suitable. For a Facebook or Twitter audience, a 30-second explanatory video is a nice treat. Your movies may, however, be a bit longer for website or blog reasons.

Create a post that links to the lead generating website and share it on social media. Add a personalized message with a particular value proposition for that link. It’s a good idea to include relevant photographs with your postings. It provides readers with instant information while also conveying a feeling of personalisation.

Use a post scheduling tool to publish social media material automatically. It saves time and ensures that posts are made on a regular basis. Pin your lead magnet articles to the top of your social media page or stream; this is one technique to ensure that your most important lead generating sites receive the most exposure.

3. Create content that has a “wow” factor.

Content marketers may be found in every part of the internet. So, what makes you unique? In a sea of great competition, no one appreciates what you do unless you’re exceptionally effective at promoting your product, service, or brand as distinct. Exceed consumers’ expectations, wow them with your business ideas, and attentively reply to their comments.

What Does It Take to Become a Thought Leader?

Identify what makes your brand act like an advisor, mentor and then build content around it. Ensure your content addresses a cutting-edge solution, a pressing topic or a typical pain point. This is What Does It Take to Become a Thought Leader?. Thought leaders are good at participating in live conversations and solving other’s pain points.

Twitter as a Research Tool

Consider the following scenario for your Twitter followers. If you want to get to know your readers and learn about their problems, go to Twitter search, enter in your keyword, and see what the most often asked queries are. Once you’ve figured out what your readers want or need, give them precisely what they desire. Stick with the subjects for a while and get them to reply to your suggestions. Maintain brand consistency while distributing information or delivering solutions to your audience. This aids in the retention of the brand and the production of more leads.

Lead generation is a completely natural and objective process. If you’ve been giving your target audience with unique, original, and practical answers for a long time, lead generation will come naturally.

4. Maintain Chain Links and Create Content Assets

Do everything around a central subject and keep a customer-centric approach for each asset, including videos, infographics, webinars, e-books, presentation slides, white papers, case studies, brochures, articles, blogs, and website material. To connect content elements together, use cross-linking or internal linking. Your post may, for example, include links to a linked video, infographic, or lead generating form on your website.

A link to a related white paper or product brochure may also be included in a webinar video. This method increases your content’s reach and visibility, which aids in the development of an online reputation. It’s preferable if you can make a longer chain. To filter down prospective leads in a pull-based marketing strategy, you’ll need to construct a well-knit content mesh. In the areas of competition research and content idea development, SEMrush has shown its effectiveness.

5. Make Yourself Visible in the Blogosphere

It’s an excellent idea to start a blog for your own website or contribute an article to a third-party site. However, this is insufficient. Participating in at least a dozen high-traffic websites and blogs is required to establish oneself as a thought leader. Become a frequent contributor to such sites and, over time, establish a trustworthy reputation. Your company tagged in your profile might start generating more leads after you have a significant presence in such sites. Most essential, as a guest author, take a problem-solving approach to each of your contributions.

6. Customers may teach you more than your mistakes.

In turn, leads produce more leads. If you understand your leads’ behavior, it may become a regular procedure. Inquire about their preferences and dislikes. When you use a questionnaire to survey them, make them feel at ease.

You may conduct a survey on third-party websites such as Survey Monkey, as well as on your own website, blog, or social media channels. It’s an art to ask questions to an internet audience. Make your questions specific and provide enough alternatives or answers for them to choose from. Make the whole procedure easier. It simplifies their life. Gather all of the replies and engage in some brainstorming. Determine what isn’t working and quit doing it. Repetition of what works best for them and you is recommended. Use everything you’ve learned and experienced to improve your content. That’s how you keep your prospective business lead from dying too soon.

7. Stick to a few easy-to-implement suggestions

  • When creating material, keep your themes as specific as possible. The more detailed you are in your writing, the more effective and action-oriented your readers will be.

  • Try to answer questions on subjects that are at the bottom of the funnel. It increases the chances of a lead being converted.

  • Create a keyword pool and key phrases centered on those high-value keywords. In your material, use keywords and long-term key phrases sparingly. This improves the visibility of your content in key search engines, resulting in increased visitors and leads.

  • Work on improving conversion rates for both your content and the channels where you want it to appear. Make a strong sales funnel. Combine all of your content marketing channels into a single unit to create an automatic and consistent stream of leads for your sales funnel.

You’re more likely to replicate the success elements once you know what worked and what didn’t. Remember that every piece of information you provide in your content, whether it’s for an online or offline audience, bears your brand’s reputation. As a result, instead of writing about business-oriented issues, try to write about customer-ready solutions, concepts, and value propositions.

The internet nowadays is awash with information. As a result, your content’s shelf life is solely determined by its engagement score and retention power. Following professional advice may assist you in developing and refining an efficient content marketing strategy.

So, what’s stopping you from using the new tactics you’ve learned? Explore them more and tell us about your positive and negative experiences.

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