7 Ways To Upgrade Your B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B marketing is not a sprint, but an endurance test. Smart marketers are constantly looking for new ways to build the brand’s reputation and attract more business without taking shortcuts. In this blog post, we’ll cover seven tips for how you can upgrade your B2B marketing strategy today.

B2B marketing is a complicated and difficult process. If you want to make your marketing strategy as successful as possible, it is important to follow these 7 tips.

Every firm must stay up with the changes in the marketing and digital world since they are always changing. You will undoubtedly be left behind in the rat race if you do not. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a B2C or B2B company; you need to improve your game.

B2B marketing, on the other hand, is not as straightforward as B2C marketing. Their sales cycles are not just longer and more complex, but gaining the confidence of decision makers is also tough. And, in the majority of situations, the whole procedure involves numerous people.

Having said that, there is one simple approach you can do to win over your target audiences: be real and human. And there are a number of ways that may assist you in doing so. Here are seven strategies to improve your B2B marketing approach so you can easily win over prospective clients.

1. Real-time videos

According to a Livestream survey, 80 percent of respondents prefer viewing live videos than reading brand blog entries. According to the same report, 82 percent of individuals prefer live videos over social media updates. Indeed, if you take a glance around, you’ll see how important videos are for marketing. And how they’ve been ingrained in our daily lives.

Videos are excellent at conveying emotions, which makes them more relatable to viewers. Not only that, but knowledge conveyed via pictures is more easily absorbed and remembered.

As a result, videos should be a component of your B2B marketing plan. If you’re currently utilizing videos, incorporating live videos is a terrific approach to improve your strategy. According to Facebook, live videos are seen three times as much as ordinary videos and garner ten times as many comments.

SAP, a global leader in business software, works on its marketing with industry experts and senior executives. They host a number of events throughout the year at which such individuals are asked to speak and share their knowledge.

They host roughly 20,000 people on site for one of their events, SAPPHIRE. They were able to reach an additional 100,000 individuals with the aid of live broadcasting on Facebook Live. The influencers they invited to the event went live on Facebook and answered questions from folks who couldn’t come in person.

7-Ways-To-Upgrade-Your-B2B-Marketing-StrategyImage courtesy of SAP

This was a fantastic marketing plan. The films’ material was eventually reused on SAP’s blog and social media platforms.

2. Telling Brand Stories

The goal of marketing is to get your message through to your target audience. Although the purpose of B2B brands is to sell to companies, they are basically marketing to consumers. Because such firms are operated by humans, not machines. As a result, you must discover a means to communicate with them on a personal level.

Many businesses are effectively using storytelling as a strategy to strengthen personal ties with their consumers. The goal is for your audience to be able to connect to you as a person through telling your experience. To demonstrate that your company is run by actual individuals. People who strive to improve the lives of others, such as your customers.

This is especially true if you’re seeking to reach out to millennials. Let’s face it: millennials are notoriously tough to persuade. However, it is without a doubt one of the most sought consumer bases.

According to an Accenture poll, millennials need to create an emotional connection with a brand before they can really enjoy it. And storytelling may assist you in making that connection.

Maersk, a logistics corporation, uses narrative well to humanize their brand. They effectively represented the lives of individuals they are able to touch – every single day – in a video titled ” The Heart Of Trade.” Simple, yet effective.

1636675206_378_7-Ways-To-Upgrade-Your-B2B-Marketing-Strategycourtesy of YouTube

3. Employee Activism

Who is the most knowledgeable about you and your products? Of course, it’s your staff. It may be quite useful if you can use your staff to assist promote favorable word-of-mouth about your company. Create an employee advocacy campaign inside your company and encourage your staff to use social media to spread the word.

You may ask them to repost your material on their social media accounts. Make it as simple as possible for them to share. You may even consider paying your most enthusiastic supporters, which would motivate other workers to join the program.

Employee advocacy software like Smarp may help make this process go more smoothly. Your workers can quickly find useful articles about your business or sector that they may share with their social media followers. You may also set up a point system where workers can accumulate reward points and donate them or swap them for incentives.

IBM is one firm that has effectively used employee advocacy for B2B marketing. They provide their staff the material to share and encourage them to spread the word about the company. Amber Armstrong, IBM’s Director of Digital, Social, and Influencers, talks about the initiative in this video.

1636675208_956_7-Ways-To-Upgrade-Your-B2B-Marketing-StrategyImage courtesy of a dynamic signal

4. Use of Influencers

Influencers, believe it or not, may be a valuable complement to any B2B marketing strategy. Why? Because they are the most capable of instilling confidence in your target clients’ thoughts. And have faith in your brand.

Your buyers want proof that your product is effective. They need to know that investing in your items will not be a waste of money. When a well-known influencer in your field speaks about you or promotes you, their followers see you as reliable and trustworthy.

Here’s an example of how LinkedIn has used influencer marketing to sell its marketing solutions to companies. They produced “The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn” in partnership with 10 industry professionals. These professionals specialize in digital and social media marketing.

1636675211_760_7-Ways-To-Upgrade-Your-B2B-Marketing-StrategyImage courtesy of LinkedIn

An expert has contributed their personal experience with LinkedIn’s solutions in each part of this book. They’ve also provided answers to some pertinent reader inquiries. These insights are not only useful, but they also provide legitimacy to LinkedIn’s solutions.

5. Content that is mobile-friendly

Mobile devices accounted for 50.3 percent of worldwide online traffic in 2017. This proves that if you don’t concentrate on developing mobile-friendly content, you’re missing out on a lot of money. The majority of your target audiences – corporate decision-makers – are constantly on the go. As a result, mobile is the platform on which they consume material.

You must guarantee that all of your content and websites are mobile-friendly in order to have a successful B2B marketing plan. The information, in particular, must be clearly accessible, and buttons and links must be visible.

You may verify whether your page is mobile-friendly using tools like Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. If not, collaborate with your developers to ensure that your mobile visitors have a positive experience.


courtesy of Google

6. Testimonials or Case Studies from Customers

According to a research of B2B businesses, word-of-mouth influences 91 percent of purchasers’ purchasing choices. According to the same report, client testimonials are the primary marketing tactic for 62% of B2B marketers.

If you’re looking to improve your B2B marketing strategy, consider using case studies or client testimonials. Because your present customers have used your items firsthand, customer reviews are incredibly reliable.

Okta makes excellent use of this marketing strategy. On their YouTube channel, they feature a series of films where consumers tell about their experiences using Okta.

In this video, for example, the CIO and EVP of 20th Century Fox talks with Okta about their accomplishments. He goes on to claim that the platform has helped them solve their business difficulties by dramatically reducing their effort.


courtesy of YouTube

It is not only beneficial but also cost-effective to use case studies or client testimonials. You can even utilize this kind of material and distribute it across all of your social media networks to get the most bang for your buck.

7. Automation and Analytics

Other effective strategies to improve your B2B marketing approach include analytics and marketing automation. What if you could, for example, discover a method to tap into the pool of website visitors who leave without contacting you? And I don’t just mean learning about their demographics or where they live. I also mean names and contact information.

As you can expect, such data would be a gold mine for your sales staff. Because these are folks who have visited your website, there’s a probability they’re interested in what you have to offer. Warmer leads will be used instead of chilly ones. Visitor Queue, for example, may assist you with this. 

Here are some additional ways to leverage analytics and automation to your advantage:

  • Using technologies like Qualaroo, analyze the buyer personas of individuals who have visited your website.

  • With services like Pardot, you may send thank you letters after events or trade exhibits.

  • Using solutions like Rebump, send timely follow-up emails to your prospects.

  • SurveyMonkey may be used to collect feedback via surveys.

Last Thoughts

When you think about it, none of the aforementioned tactics are very technical or difficult to apply. All of them, however, are formidable weapons that may aid you in achieving your marketing objectives. As a result, follow them to develop a successful marketing plan.

Are there any more strategies to improve your B2B marketing strategy? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Small business b2b marketing is a strategy that focuses on how to market your products or services to businesses. The 7 ways are: 1) Focus on the customer, 2) Create an experience, 3) Embrace technology, 4) Use data, 5) Build relationships with influencers, 6) Reach out to prospects and 7) Promote offline events. Reference: small business b2b marketing.

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