9 Product Launch Ideas That The Pros Use

The pro’s know that launching a product is not just about what you do, but also how you do it. They test their ideas and products with beta testers to make sure they are successful on launch day.

The “new product launch case study” is a great way to get your new product off the ground. The 9 ideas that the pros use are: launching a new product, creating a landing page, social media marketing, paid advertising, content marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing and PR.

Apple always manages to get it right when it comes to product launch concepts. In fact, on the day of its introduction, they sold over 300,000 iPads. Every company wants to get the most out of their marketing dollars, but not everyone is Apple. When releasing a new product, the problem is much greater. In this post, I’ll provide you nine great product launch ideas from the professionals. 


Your teaser campaign should go live at least 20 to 30 days prior to the product’s official release date. This will guarantee that you have ample time to generate social media buzz. Come up with a clever code name that will keep your audience guessing.

Post updates and photographs that will pique people’s interest on a regular basis. You may be practical and plan your social media posts in advance, ensuring that your material is sent at a time when attention and interaction are at their highest. Take a look at how NVIDIA used their Facebook page to release a teaser picture. To generate excitement for the introduction of its GeForce product, they utilized the enigmatic one-liner “It’s coming.”


Produce videos

It’s true that making videos requires more time and effort than writing blog entries. They may, however, have a greater influence on how your new product is received by your target demographic. Using short movies to illustrate some of the product’s characteristics is one of the greatest product launch ideas. Demonstrate how the product may be utilized in everyday life. You could even want to create a whole web series of short, snappy videos.

For example, in addition to offering a guided tour video of the device, Apple prepared a series of short movies to advertise the Apple Watch.


Use influencer marketing to your advantage.

According to Penny Baldwin, McAfee’s CMO, 6% of Internet users are responsible for 80% of all Internet impressions. This may explain why, according to a Tomoson analysis, influencer marketing is the most cost-effective and fastest-growing marketing channel.


Influencers already have credibility and a sizable internet following, making them ideal candidates to promote your new product. You may be able to persuade influencers to discuss the new product on their blogs or websites. They might even go out to their social media followers to express their excitement for the introduction of your product.

Sending out the goods early to influencers is one of the top product launch ideas utilizing influencer marketing efficiently. Allow them to try the product and write a review on their blog, or use Instagram and Pinterest to spread the word. This will pique their fans’ interest in purchasing the goods as soon as it becomes available.

Create a sense of anticipation.

Some companies want everyone to be aware of their future product. Building suspense and unraveling the mystery, on the other hand, are product launch ideas that might generate more attention. When you intentionally share just a few information about a product, the secrecy might drive your audience insane.

For example, Taco Bell stated in January that during the 2016 Super Bowl commercial, they will debut a new menu item. This created excitement among fans, who couldn’t wait to find out what the top-secret item was.

Pre-orders are accepted.

When considering product launch ideas, it’s typical for firms to underestimate the value of accepting pre-orders for new items. Some businesses already have a dedicated following of customers who will purchase almost everything they put out. As a result, they’ll be first in line for your new items as soon as you announce them.

Apple, being one of the most inventive businesses, often allows customers to pre-order new goods. It’s only logical that thousands of copies will be sold on the day of release. It’s a good idea to provide your consumers the choice to pre-order your newest product if you’ve already settled on a final price.


Plan an event to coincide with your debut.

When Sony releases a new Playstation, they don’t merely put the consoles in shops. A special event or party is frequently arranged to commemorate the introduction of this new product with a small number of people. Making a big deal out of your product launch is a great approach to get the media and your audience to pay attention. This is another product launch concept that may have a big impact on how well your product sells.

Organize competitions and provide prizes to brand evangelists.

The most effective product launch ideas make use of your social media following. You may achieve this by holding a contest or rewarding loyal customers. Both options will assist to increase engagement, which is particularly important for new product launches. Perhaps the rewards in your contest might be product samples, allowing customers to trial before they purchase.

Encourage others to speak about your product.

When you hit key milestones, send out updates to your current consumers and encourage them to spread the word. Perhaps you’re introducing a new unique feature or seeing an increase in sign-ups. Send an email with a shareable tweet about the future product so that people may discuss it on Twitter. Take a look at how Product Hunt’s Ryan Hoover used these product launch concepts. He sent an email announcing the company’s appearance on PandoDaily.


Great Product Launches Examples

Learning from examples is the greatest approach to understand how to launch a successful product. Let’s look at some amazing launches to obtain some product launch inspiration:

  • VIA Instant Coffee by Starbucks — People were heavily engaged in the introduction of Starbuck’s instant coffee, which led to its popularity. The corporation used its Facebook fan base to invite 4 million people to the event. As you can see in the picture below, they also began a print ad campaign. It became the fifth best-selling instant coffee in the United States two years after its inception.




While it’s important to learn from the pros, you shouldn’t try to replicate their every action. The bottom line is that you must develop a distinct, successful plan that is tailored to your brand and new product. Using the following product launch concepts, create a detailed strategy. Determine the information you’ll disclose, the individuals you’ll collaborate with, and how you’ll generate attention, regardless of what you’re launching.

Expand your social media following.

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Are you looking for more fantastic product launch ideas? Don’t be afraid to speak out! Please leave a remark or get in touch with me.

The “cheap idea for product launch” is a good way to start your company if you are looking for new ideas. These 9 products are all great examples of how to do it right.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good examples of effective new product launches?

A: Some examples of effective new product launches are when the Nike Air Max 360 was released in 2009, or when Netflix and Amazon entered into a partnership to create Prime Instant Video.

What are the product launch activities?

A: Product launch activities are the events that usually happen at a product launch event. They include press interviews, demonstrations of products and presentations from key players in the industry to help you get an idea of what this new release is all about.

What should a product launch plan include?

A: A product launch plan includes a variety of methods to be used when launching your products. The most common is by using online marketing and social media campaigns, but you can also hire public relations firms or advertising agencies for more advanced options.

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