A Brief Introduction to Marketing in Messengers

There are many different forms of marketing on messenger apps, but a common one people use is the basic “Promote this to my friends” option. This article will briefly introduce you to how it works and what benefits it can offer your business or brand.

Marketing in messengers is an important part of any business. In this blog, we will be discussing the different ways marketers can use to market their products and services within a messenger app. Read more in detail here: messenger marketing examples.

You, like a vast portion of the world’s population, are likely to have a messaging app or two on your smartphone. Messengers are used by about 3 billion people, surpassing the number of individuals who use social media. It’s no surprise that contemporary messengers are becoming more than just a tool of communication. The majority of them already offer customer-interaction platforms for companies.

Let’s look at how companies may use Viber, Telegram, and Messenger to engage their customers.


Viber has an active user base of over 800 million people. Here’s a rundown of all it has to offer in terms of marketing tools.

Public Conversations

Public Conversations on Viber may look like a typical news feed in a social network, or like a chat you can read, but not write to. Chat followers can like submissions and also message the Accountability to the publics responsible for the chat.

Public Conversations are used by media outlets (Mashable, The Weather Channel, Huffington Post), non-profits (WWF Malaysia), and social media influencers (Tyler Oakley). Some companies prefer to make their Public Conversations a “window to their backstage” while the others opt to post their latest updates—articles, promos and discounts.

A-Brief-Introduction-to-Marketing-in-MessengersPublic discussion about Huffington Post News

Media projects and businesses who like disclosing their behind-the-scenes methods, as well as those that create a lot of material, will gain.

Try sharing the same material to Twitter and Viber if you want to gain from utilizing a Public Chat for marketing but don’t have time to develop content for yet another social network. Using Viber’s Public chat API for your post, social media management solutions like Amplifr enable you to accomplish precisely that with a single click.

Accountability to the public

Accountability to the publics are the verified business accounts that Viber users can message. Users can send text messages, pictures and stickers, and share their location with brand representatives. These accounts are great for providing additional customer support.

A Accountability to the public can also be a bot, like this one by Huffington Post Entertainment which can help you choose what to watch on Netflix.


Businesses that need a lot of customer service, such as retail, e-commerce, banks, airlines, and media ventures, will gain.

Stickers for Promotion

Viber users adore stickers. Brands take advantage of that by rolling out branded Sticker Sets. On Viber, if a user downloads a branded pack, they are automatically subscribed to that brand’s public chat, or the Accountability to the public is added to their contact list. This is perfect for getting users to join your Public Chat. A decent branded sticker pack may work miracles for your brand recognition. Make sure you have some decent ideas and a good illustrator, though.

1636646834_820_A-Brief-Introduction-to-Marketing-in-MessengersSticker bundle from Mashable

API for Service Messages

Viber also has a service messaging API for companies. Its major goal is to replace SMS texts with Viber messages. This function is not extensively employed in Western enterprises, but it is widely used in Asia and Eastern Europe.

Larger corporations, banks, and retailers will all gain.


Telegram is one of the newest messaging applications on the market, but it has quickly become one of the most popular. It has over 100 million members globally, with 350,000 new people signing up every day. Telegram’s privacy assurances have made it particularly popular in Brazil, Malaysia, Iran, Russia, Spain, and Italy, despite its lack of popularity in the United States and other English-speaking nations where Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp dominate.


Telegram Bots are little programs that respond to user requests inside the chat. The bot developer’s creativity is the limit when it comes to what the Bot API can achieve. You may program bots to deliver weather predictions or currency exchange rates, to keep track of the latest deals, to manage your bank account, or to publish to various social media accounts while receiving analytics.

A-Brief-Introduction-to-Marketing-in-MessengersBot Amplifr

Companies willing to experiment and spend part of their developers’ time will profit.


Telegram channels are somewhat like Viber’s Public Conversations or Twitter feeds. You can post text, media, files, and links to your channel – and also enhance its content using various Telegram bots. There is a bot for mimicking user engagement, there is a bot for polling, and there is even a bot for adding Markdown formatting to your channel.

A popular Telegram channel may really be described as “little media.” This is particularly true in nations like Russia and Iran, where the mainstream media is always under political pressure.

Companies that place a high priority on content marketing might also profit from establishing a Telegram Channel. You may send your newest blog updates, coupons, emails, and news to your consumers’ favorite messengers, allowing them to interact with your material from the comfort of their own home.

Chats in groups

Though it may seem counterintuitive, a business might gain by starting a public chat for its customers. Amplifr, for example, has a Telegram group chat. While using Amplifr, some of our paying customers get an in-app notice with an invitation. If they choose to access the chat, they’ll (be able to?) join a community of our most devoted customers, discuss their experiences with our service, and, most importantly, provide feedback and make requests for new features.

Any organization that intends to put up a public conversation in any messenger should follow our advice:

  1. Establish the chat’s rules in advance.

  2. Make sure that anybody who is abusive or nasty is thrown out of the chat room as quickly as possible.

Who will benefit: any firm with a Telegram-based target audience.

Sticker Sets

Even though Sticker Sets on Telegram don’t have the same marketing mechanism as Viber’s (e.g., you download a pack, then you join a public chat), they can still come in handy for brand promotion. We have seen Sticker Sets from banks, advertising agencies, retail companies, and even phone operators.

Who will benefit: absolutely any company—stickers are cool. Make a few.


Facebook Messenger has over a billion monthly active users (MAUs). That’s a large number of individuals to contact! Unfortunately for my fellow marketers, Messenger does not currently provide many marketing options, despite the fact that the overall trend is good and Facebook has lately begun testing new advertising capabilities.


Messenger Bots are similar to Telegram Bots in that they may accept money from a variety of countries. This presents e-commerce and retail with a fantastic chance to attract more consumers and improve their shopping experience.


E-commerce and retail will benefit.

Ads in a carousel on the Messenger home page

This function is very new, and it’s being tested in Australia and Thailand right now. Businesses will be allowed to display advertising in the section of Messenger underneath users’ recent discussions if it goes live globally.

Any firm that currently advertises on Facebook will gain.


  1. Messengers are used by 3 billion people. Messenger users now outnumber those who use social media sites.

  2. Facebook Messenger is the world’s most popular messaging app (1 billion MAU) with at least some marketing features.

  3. Telegram is one of the newest messengers on the market, but it’s also one of the most popular. It’s important to keep an eye on it.

  4. Viber and Telegram Sticker Sets are easy to create and are great for brand recognition.

  5. Personal user accounts should not be used for messenger marketing since messenger users do not trust them.

The “layout of messenger” is the layout of a messaging app. In this article, we will be discussing about marketing in messengers.

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