A Guide for Buying Domains

With the third largest market value in the US, domains have been a popular investment for over 15 years. They are also one of the most misunderstood and complicated investments to buy, sell or manage. Here is your comprehensive guide on buying domains that can help you avoid common mistakes when looking to invest in this profitable asset class.

Buying a domain name is not as easy as it seems. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when purchasing one. This article will provide you with the information you need to buy a domain name permanently. Read more in detail here: how to buy a domain name permanently.

If you’re beginning an online company or expanding your website portfolio, the first thing you should ask is how much should I invest on a domain. Unfortunately, domains are one-of-a-kind, and many individuals are surprised to learn that their business name has already been used and is unavailable, or that it is sold for what they consider to be exorbitant cost.

What Should You Do If Your Domain Is Already Taken?

If your companyname.com is already registered and you are beginning a new online business or taking an existing offline firm online, you will need to locate another choice. Companies change their names from time to time, but this may result in them losing whatever brand awareness they have built up, particularly if they are a well-established physical and mortar firm. People have been known to go by a different name on the internet, but this just adds to the uncertainty. The following alternatives can be useful in finding a solution.

  1. Add a geographic modifier to your sentence.

  2. To the domain, add LLC or Inc.

  3. Consider using a different TLD.

  4. Negotiate the purchase of the already-taken domain.

Geo Modifiers in Action

Adding your geographic region to the front or end of your domain name is a typical choice, whether you’re Sam’s Deli or Sicily’s Best Pizza or any other very generic or common business name. If you live in a major urban area, try samsdelialbany.com or albanysuperiordrycleaners.com. If you live in a small town, try hellskitchensuperiordrycleaners.com.

This choice will also assist you in obtaining better search results. The inclusion of your location in the domain informs search engines about your location, allowing them to include you in specialized location queries like dry cleaners in Hell’s Kitchen. It may also aid in your inclusion in their map listings, particularly if you mention your address on the website you construct.

You also save a lot of money by not having to pay at least $50,000 for superiordrycleaners.com.

Add a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Corporation (Corpor

Adding LLC or Inc to the end of your domain name is another easy and cost-effective way. Surprisingly, domainers seldom take advantage of such opportunities. The domain superiordrycleanersinc.com is still accessible right now (depending on when you are reading this).

You will always lose some revenue since some individuals have a propensity to simply put their name with the.com appended at the end – but here is where cost vs return comes into play.

Having your whole business name in the domain name can help you rank higher in search results, which is where the majority of people will look for you. Make sure to include your location in your title and description meta data so that it appears in the search results and people may recognize you as the person they’re searching for.

Alternative TLDs to Consider

TLDs (Top Level Domains), domain extensions, and other phrases that individuals who do not work in the digital sector full-time may not be familiar with may make things a bit complex. To make things easy, there are over 1500 distinct TLDs ranging from.edu and.gov to.xyz, in addition to.com and.net. They all offer advantages, but we’ll focus on a couple that may be more important to first-time domain purchasers. 

If your basic choice is unavailable, the first thing you should consider is a geographical option. Each nation has its own domain extension, such as.ca for Canada and.co.uk for the United Kingdom. Check to check whether that option is accessible if you are operating outside of the United States, which officially has.us. They can assist you with searches in your own nation.

Aside from them, you may try additional extensions that work, such as.website or.club – a comprehensive list of accessible extensions can be found here. Remember that some are somewhat more expensive than a.com, but not as much as purchasing one that someone else already owns.

Negotiating the Purchase of a Taken Domain

When deciding how much money to invest on a domain, two major elements to consider are the amount of revenue you create online and your absolute requirement for the exact.com. Obviously, some businesses and areas are worth pursuing. Party Gaming spent $2 million for bets.com during the auction, which would have been recouped in a few months, if not sooner, just due to the traffic the site would produce.

And that is the first question you must ask yourself: will the domain provide you with enough profit to warrant the investment? A variety of things must be considered in order to ascertain this. What kind of traffic can the domain produce, and what proportion of that traffic would be prospective customers? These are the first things to figure out.

What to Look for: Traffic, Keywords, PPC, Analytics, and so on.

If the domain is active, you may utilize the SEMrush tools to learn more about its traffic. If you’re not searching for anything worldwide, look at the keywords it ranks for and the amount of traffic the site receives. If the inbound links come from other domains in the owner’s portfolio, which they normally remove after the sale, you may increase or lose some ranks. Obtain a written agreement from them to keep those connections for a couple of years, allowing you to obtain replacements.

Another approach to assess the value is to look at the cost of PPC for the keywords it ranks for. These metrics are something you should be looking at and knowing whether you’re performing sponsored search or beginning a new company on the web. There are sectors that pay anything from $25 to $100 per click, so a site with a decent rating and traffic would be much more appealing to them.

Prior to purchasing, you should request access to the seller’s data or a breakdown of verifiable traffic sources. Keep in mind that cheap unrelated traffic may be purchased to exaggerate traffic figures in order to raise the purchase price.

The same considerations should be made if you are a small firm seeking for a more particular domain. There are many websites that will assess the value of a website, so enter the domain name into one of them and see what comes up.

Allowing vanity to cloud your judgment is something you should avoid. Too often, I’ve come across folks who pay exorbitant prices for domains only to satisfy their egos. This is a poor business decision that may leave you unable to return your investment.

Last Thoughts

When purchasing domains, follow excellent business principles. While.com is now the most common extension, this is changing as mobile access to the web grows and how people discover you changes. If you run a local company, you’ll almost certainly be discovered using a search engine’s geo-targeted results. If you’re a worldwide player, you’ll want to think about your ability to rank for that name with a different TLD. The web is evolving; social media and other platforms, such as applications, offer new ways to get information and must be considered when making a choice.

Poll your current customers and find out how they discovered you and how they use the internet so you can make smarter decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before buying a domain name?

A: There are a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing your domain name. In order to protect yourself, it is important that you know the basics of how domain names work and what possible risks there may be with using them.

Does it matter who you buy domain name from?

A: We dont know. There are many different registrars out there and you should choose the one that best suits your needs.

Which domain is best to purchase?

A: The best domain to search for is a .com. If you are looking for another type of website, the top choice would be .net or .org

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