A Guide on How to Do a Reverse Video Search

We have all seen the videos of people doing reverse searches on their own and we think it is hilarious. But how can you do a reverse video search for yourself? What are the best tools to use, where am I going wrong, and what should my process be? Let’s take a look!

A reverse video search is a method of searching for videos that are similar to a given video. The process involves using the YouTube API to find and download videos that have been uploaded by other users.

Have you ever wondered where a humorous or useful video on the Internet originated from? There are many ways to find out these days. 

You may determine the source of a video using reverse video search. Let’s go through how to use a few tools to execute a reverse video search. 

What Is a Reverse Video Search and How Does It Work?

When you use a search engine, you typically type in a word or key phrase and wait for a page or video to appear that matches your search criteria. When you do a reverse search, the search engine is used to locate each site where your item appears.

The colors and pixels in your movie are used by Google and other search engines to discover similar or identical duplicates online. It isn’t usually exact, but it may be useful if you want to know how many times a video has been seen on the Internet, or even if it is the first time the video has been viewed. 

What Is the Purpose of a Reverse Video Search?

Detecting Video Content Usage That Isn’t Legal

A reverse video search may show you every time your video appears on a website if you’re a video content developer. You may then request that the material be removed or that credit be given.

Obtaining Complete Versions of Videos

Some file-sharing services, such as Reddit or Imgur, impose file size limitations on what they may broadcast. If you’re searching for the entire version of a video, try a reverse video search.

Find Related Information

Run a reverse video search on an intriguing video for an alternative research strategy. A reverse search will show you stuff that is comparable to your video, allowing you to explore it more. 

How to Search for Videos in the Reverse Order

Use Google to do a reverse video search.

Before utilizing Google’s reverse video search tool, you’ll need to snap a screenshot of the movie in issue.

To take a screenshot on an Apple/Mac computer, follow these steps:

  • Hold down Shift-Command-4. 
  • Use the mouse or trackpad to make a selection.
  • Drag the cursor over the area you’d want to capture.
  • Release the trackpad or mouse button. 

 To take a screenshot on Windows, follow these steps:

  • Ctrl + PrtScn are the keys to use. 
  • Screen the selected video using the snipping tool in rectangle mode.

Use a memorable clip from the video while taking a screenshot. These screenshots may be saved to your desktop for convenient access.

  1. Go to Google Images and look around. To search by picture, click the camera icon: 


  1. Take a screenshot of the video and upload it. For the screenshot, the tool returns a SERP. Your search results, as well as any picture data it can uncover, are shown on the SERP:


Use Bing to do a reverse video search.

Bing’s reverse video search, like Google’s, works best with a screenshot. 

  1. Open the Visual Search page on Bing:


  1. After that, choose Browse and submit your screenshot. The tool generates the following SERP page:


Reverse Video Search Engines that are Self-Contained 

To execute a reverse video search, you don’t have to utilize one of the main search engines. Other third-party tools are also available. Both search engines’ databases may be searched using these tools to locate additional occurrences of your videos.


Berify is a reverse image search engine that crawls the internet for pictures.

You may register your photographs using the tool’s alert function. They’ll notify you once your video is posted online.

Berify’s free edition enables you to search Google, Bing, and other search engines for up to 6000 photos. Because their search is more comprehensive than Google’s, it takes longer to finish. 


To begin your search, either input the picture’s URL or upload the image directly.


The free Shutterstock database has over 1 billion photos and videos, making it a great location to start your reverse video search. 

To begin, go to the Shutterstock website. You may add your picture by using the Search by Image option. You may also indicate whether you’re looking for vectors or graphics, as well as if the movie is computer-generated or animated.



TinEye, like Berify, concentrates on mage detection and search. It searches the internet for photos using pattern recognition, neural networks, and machine learning.

When one of your photographs or videos appears on a website, TinEye’s API may send you an alert. 

  1. Go to the TinEye website and log in.
  2. You may either upload your picture or copy and paste its URL. You may also paste or drag-and-drop photos into the search area.


Mobile Reverse Video Search: IOS and Android

A screenshot is also required when doing a reverse video search on a mobile device.

  • To snap a screenshot on an Android phone, simultaneously press the Power and Volume Down buttons. 
  • To take a screenshot on an iPhone, hold down the Power and Volume Up buttons at the same time.

On the smartphone version of Google Images, the camera icon will not be visible. You may request the site’s desktop option as a workaround. 

In Chrome, go to:

  1. Go to Google Images and search for anything.
  2. To access the menu, click the three dots in the bottom-right corner of the page.
  3. To load the desktop version of the website, choose Desktop site (Android) or Request desktop site (iPhone).


The desktop version of the site will appear, complete with the camera icon. Then, after selecting the symbol, submit the screenshot you captured with your phone.

IOS (iPhone)

“Long press” approach on a mobile device

This approach requires that you have the Google Chrome App installed on your device.

  1. Go to the page that contains the picture you’re looking for.
  2. Hold your finger on the picture until a menu appears:


  1. Choose Google Image Search for this image.

Reverse Video Search on Android

Google Chrome comes pre-installed on Android phones. For reverse video search, you may utilize the Google Chrome app or the Google website.

Visual Search on Android 

  1. Open the Google Chrome app on your Android phone. Tap Discover at the bottom.
  2. Tap Google Lens in the search bar.

1636647853_794_A-Guide-on-How-to-Do-a-Reverse-Video-SearchGoogle Lens is to thank for this.

  1. To help you find what you’re looking for, upload a screenshot.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to discover your search results.

Backlink Analytics for Video Tracking 

Backlink tools may be used to trace the photographs and videos you’ve made. When you’re conducting a marketing campaign and want to monitor how many shares your material gets or where else it could be on the Internet, tracking media might be useful. 

The Backlink Analytics tool has a large backlink database that allows you to immediately detect any new backlinks. To get started, follow these steps: 

  1. In Webinomy, open the tool and paste the picture or video’s URL.


  1. Over the previous six months, the program will report the number of backlinks and referring websites it discovered. The program may also be used to monitor any new or lost backlinks.


  1. Examine the domain authority and origin nation of any website that links to your video using the tool. 


You may utilize the Backlink Audit tool to block any suspicious behavior or untrustworthy websites referring to your website, or you can contact the website’s administrator. 

Important Points to Remember

A reverse video search may help you find every instance of your video on the web. Running a reverse search may help you uncover and remedy copyright violations if you spend time and money generating informative or entertaining videos. 

To find out how and when websites credit your video with a backlink, use a backlink tool. Backlinks may add value to a marketing effort by allowing you to track its progress. 

Find out more about backlink profiles.

with the help of the Backlink Analyzer

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