A Local SEO Citation, you Never Knew You Had

SEO is a vital part of marketing. SEO helps businesses to rank higher in search results, leading more visitors and customers on their website. However, unless you’re using an organic strategy such as blogging or social media, there’s no way for your company to be seen outside its local area without paying someone else (that costs money). With this article we’ll show you how easy it can be to get the kind of visibility that will make all the difference when it comes time to bring in new clients.,

Most local SEOs will either create citations from a list, beginning with aggregators and working their way up to more specialist local sites, or you may utilize a submission service to do it for you. 

When a company makes a change to their Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP), removes a service that impacts their principal category, or changes their opening hours, the pain point with local business citations starts. You must go in to each site and change the data if you do not use a listing management service.

Then you must wait for Googlebot to find and crawl the page again in order for these new facts to start trickling through, which might take months for some lower-tier sites.

What if there was a Local SEO citation that did the following:

  • NAP was automatically updated.
  • Automatically updated pictures
  • Automatically updated categories
  • Automatically updated operating hours
  • Automatically updated services, menus, or goods
  • Your Posts on Google were displayed.
  • Google was the driving force behind this project.

That would be a fantastic citation!

You already have this feature in your Google My Business listing; all you have to do now is turn it on.

Bring Attention to Your Company from Anywhere

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Citation on Google My Business

Okay, so this isn’t a directory citation, but it is a citation in the technical sense; maybe more web2.0. 

Google My Business developed a single-page website builder in June 2017 that is connected with the GMB listing. Its purpose is to allow small companies without a website to construct their own single-page, mobile-friendly website under their own subdomain under “business.site.”

And, before you go pew pew on these websites, keep in mind that they’re doing a fairly good job for a little company.


GMB has added service menus, food menus, product inventories, and Google posts to the site automatically since its introduction, so the page develops as you update your GMB listing.

And, unlike other non-promoted citations, they really generate traffic.


Have I piqued your curiosity yet?

Getting Your New Local Citation to Work

This citation’s beauty is that you simply need to activate it. If your Google My Business listing has been correctly optimized, all you need to do now is choose a theme and enter your page content; all of the extra material from your GMB listing will be immediately brought through. Here’s how you can do it: 

Enable / Create

In the GMB listings menu, choose website.

Select Website in Google My Business Listings Navigation

The creation process begins with this step.

Choose your favorite:


  • Call Now, Book Now is the primary button. 
  • Headline
  • Description
  • Header Summary
  • Page Copy (remember to include a link to your main site)


Your new domain will be your company name; after you press publish, you may make changes to it, such as adding a location or service.


No, you don’t want to “Buy Domain”; this is only a reference.

Your primary URL was changed at this time in the early days of developing a GMB website. They’ve since repaired it, but I constantly double-check to make sure my genuine URL hasn’t been updated out of habit.

Updates are made automatically.

The post is instantly uploaded to the website when a user submits a Google Post to their GMB listing. And any changes made to the GMB page — such as the menu, service hours, or phone number – are instantly reflected on the single-page website. You don’t have to instruct it to do that, and you can’t turn it off since they’re linked by default.

Google Posts


Your Google Posts are indexed on their own page as well.

Menu of Services:


When you make changes to services or rates, they are instantly updated.

Menu of the Restaurant:


Inventory of Products: 


Say whaaat?

Yes, product inventories, I’m glad you’re paying attention.

This feature is presently in beta and has not yet been released. In a nutshell, you may add goods to your GMB listing that display in the Knowledge Panel’s product tab/carousel.

Information about the company:


Finally, when you update your GMB listing, the page’s company information are updated as well.

That’s it, the finest Local SEO citation you didn’t realize you had!

Enhance Your Testimonials

Customer reviews, as well as your company information, have an impact on your internet visibility and importance. Google is concerned with providing high-quality search results. In terms of local SEO, excellent quality entails positive feedback. As a result, just giving accurate information for local SEO is insufficient; you must also establish your reputation and manage both positive and negative reviews. Ignoring this could have a big impact on your local online visibility.

When your company information is included on local citation websites using Listing Management, the program collects reviews from various sites and displays them all in one interface, allowing you to manage them and filter out the urgent ones that demand your response. It’s useful since it gathers all of the reviews in one place, so you don’t have to go in to each site individually to see if there are any new ones. Once you’ve been notified, you may go right to the review and respond.


Bring Attention to Your Company from Anywhere

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