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What is Best Buy’s secret to success? The answer might surprise you.
Beyond the Limits: Best Buy

Beyond the Limits: Best is a book about how to get past your limitations. The author, James Clear, gives you the tools and techniques needed to overcome any obstacle in your life.

One of the most highly awaited events in the world of digital marketing is approaching. Of course, I’m referring about BrightonSEO, a fantastic conference for search marketing experts that will take place in Brighton on April 22.

In fact, the conference is well-known for being a quick sell-out. Absolute Digital Media noted that it sold out quicker than Glastonbury, which is a major summer music event in the United Kingdom. Despite this, the SEO conference in Brighton has a chance to overtake the event leader. It’s hard to believe, but the initial batch of tickets sold out in less than a minute!

Even though Brighton Concert Hall has fewer seats than Glastonbury and isn’t as well-known or famous as the music festival (yet), it’s clear that SEO has grown more important in recent years. BrightonSEO is a fantastic event for both SEO novices and experts; it’s an opportunity to learn, share experiences, and network with some of the top brains in the industry.

We wanted to gather another sample of fast-selling events to see what they have in common and what makes them so special. A list of the most successful events in various categories may be seen below.

Friendship Festival

The crowd virtually went insane when Comedy Central announced that it will host an event to honor one of the most successful comedies in television history. Monica’s house was reproduced in east London for Friends Fest at the Boiler House on Brick Lane. The £5 tickets went on sale on Comedy Central’s official website on Wednesday afternoon, and only the most ardent fans were able to get them. In less than 13 minutes, all tickets to the popular event were sold out! Some consumers were even notified that the tickets were sold out as they were making their payment. Soon after, the station stated that a second batch of tickets will be offered to meet the high demand from fans.


The most significant music festival in the United Kingdom, Glastonbury, has previously been discussed. Without exaggeration, this event is well-known outside of its nation and is regarded as the world’s biggest greenfield festival! Glastonbury is held once a year, and about 175,000 people have gone thus far. Tickets for this year’s event sold out half an hour after they went on sale. Ticket prices increased to £228 in 2016, minus a £5 booking charge. It also features dances, drama, circus, comedy, and other types of art in addition to current music.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus 

For every fan of the British sketch comedy troupe, tickets to the Monty Python stage performance are the Holy Grail, as the BBC put it. The Python phenomenon was coined to describe their fame, and their effect on other comedy programs was likened to the Beatles’ influence in the music industry. The iconic comedy group’s surviving members came together for a live return event in London. It’s hard to believe, but the first batch of tickets sold out in just a minute! The show’s 14,500 tickets were sold in only 43.5 seconds. For a wide television audience, the Monty Python program was a complete period of humor. In terms of the message it conveys to the viewer, BrightonSEO is the same. Experts from across the globe attend the conference to share their expertise and learn from others working in the field of search.

Exoplanet #1 – The Forgotten Planet

Exo, a well-known K-pop boy band, exemplified the dazzling success of a music group that rose to prominence in a short period of time. All tickets for their first global tour, Exo From, are on sale now. Exoplanet #1: The Lost Planet was quickly sold out. To be more accurate, the tickets were sold in 1.47 seconds, and this is not a mistake. Isn’t that impressive?

The ’25’ Tour by Adele

Adele, the megastar, had to postpone several of her expected performances in 2011 due to health difficulties. As a consequence, when she announced her new tour in conjunction with the release of her current album, ’25,’ the crowd was ecstatic. Many fans were unable to get tickets since they sold out in a matter of minutes on the internet marketplace Stubhub. Later that day, a notice read “Sold Out” beside each Adele show on the official website.

The Stone Roses performances in Manchester, the band’s hometown, are another example of a ticket rush in the music business. This event celebrated the group’s reunification and established a Guinness World Record for the fastest-selling concert in the United Kingdom’s history. In only 68 minutes, 220,000 tickets were gone.

Rosey vs. Holm at UFC 193

UFC 193, the sport’s all-time biggest event, was hosted in Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium. It was the highest attended UFC event in the company’s history, with 56,214 spectators flocking to see Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm, two well-known mixed martial artists. Assuming that the event is not inexpensive, the tickets were soon sold out, with the top seats ($468) selling out in minutes.

San Diego Comic-Con International is an annual convention held in San Diego, California.

San Diego Comic-Con has become a highly successful entertainment conference in recent years. Every year, over 130,000 people attend the festival, including not only comic book aficionados, but also television directors, Hollywood celebrities, and writers. However, if you want to attend one of the country’s major conferences, you’ll need to act quickly: tickets for the four-day event sold out in less than an hour.


Three essential components must be considered when planning a sold-out event: 

  • Year after year, provide a high-quality performance.
  • Rather of following a trend, start one.
  • Bring people together in the community to share their knowledge and experiences.

It’s no surprise that BrightonSEO is a big success!

Do you know who the other public event record-holders are? Are you planning on attending BrightonSEO this year? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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