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In the marketing world, sending emails is a tried and true tactic. But in today’s online climate where email inboxes are overflowing with junk mail, ask yourself if your attempts at getting new eyeballs to visit your site are working? Are you losing potential customers because they don’t make it through that first hurdle into your website? If so, try our free “Browse Abandonment Emails” report! We’ll show you how many visitors made it passed the very first step of browsing for an offer on your web page but then abandoned before seeing what else you have to offer.

The “browse abandonment klaviyo” is a tool that allows marketers to view the emails that their website has received from people who have abandoned their shopping carts.

What would you do with Harry Potter’s broomstick — yes, the all-powerful ‘Firebolt’ — if you got it?

I’m sure you’d be traveling over the globe, interacting with each and every one of your customers, whether they were at the North Pole or the South Pole, to build a personal relationship with them. Wouldn’t you agree?

Yes! This is critical for you since it is often recognized that establishing personal ties with customers creates more sales than sticking to your drab physical or online business.

Above all, you’d be able to contact the right consumers at the right time, with the correct level of customer service.

Because you’d be providing only top-notch personalized services on a one-to-one basis, cases of product (read cart) abandonment would be essentially non-existent. 

Using Harry’s broomstick in the real world, on the other hand, seems to be a far-fetched concept. Drones and chat bots, for example, aren’t even close to matching the agility of a broomstick. Marketers may depend on tailored emails as the next best tool. “Explore Abandonment Emails,” to be exact. Such emails assist consumers create a personal relationship with them and halt the not-so-ready customers in their tracks, encouraging them to return to the sales funnel and finish their purchases. 

That doesn’t mean you can just send out your browse abandonment emails like that. You must first extensively research your clients in terms of their on-site behaviors, purchase data, geographical information, and so on, which will help you fill in the gaps in your email marketing campaign. You’d be able to tailor your email content to the point where you’d only send the appropriate information to the right consumer at the right time.

After all, what are Browse Abandonment Emails?

Browse-Abandonment-EmailsSales funnel for e-commerce

Search for Abandonment. Emails are one of the most reliable email marketing strategies for e-commerce firms looking to increase conversions.

As you can see in the graphic, only 30% of the total visitors make it to the category area, and only 20% make it to the product page. On the cart page and the purchase section page, the values narrow even further.

Browse Abandonment Emails by logging in. These emails allow e-commerce firms to send tailored messages to apparently uninterested consumers who may have wandered away in the midst of the sales funnel.

So, how can you get these curious yet unprepared people to return? No, you don’t just go on an email shooting spree without thinking. Rather, you should divide all of your visitors into categories depending on where they left the funnel initially, and then create your browse abandonment emails appropriately. This guarantees that only relevant emails are sent to customers.

Allow me to explain:

You may send a Site Browse Campaign to visitors who spent just a few minutes on your homepage before leaving. The goal is to thank such people for coming by while also proposing some great sellers.

You could send a Category Browse Campaign to visitors who took the time to look at a category page but never bothered to look at the items in that category. This email would include a variety of items from that category.

You may send a Product Browse Campaign to visitors who went to the trouble of looking at your product pages but didn’t add anything to their basket. The notion is that a little push in the form of an email will entice the visitor to return to a certain product, or to other items. 

Check out these three samples to get a better idea of how and when to send browse abandonment emails:

#1. Browse Abandonment Emails on the Home Page

Browse Abandonment Emails on the Home PageBrowse Abandonment Emails on the Home Page

This automatic email allows you to target all window shoppers who came to your site but left without giving it a second thought. Send a cheerful welcome back email to such window shoppers, emphasizing top sellers and site-wide best sellers.

  • The open rate is 21%.
  • CTR: 14%
  • Average Revenue Per Email: $0.43.43 is the average revenue per email.

2nd.Category Email Abandonment 2nd.Category Email Abandonment 2nd.Category Email

1636641625_342_Browse-Abandonment-EmailsAbandonment is a category that you may browse through.

The consumers in this category have previously shown interest in your site and have visited the category pages in addition to the main page. 

To get these customers back into the funnel, show them a variety of items related to the category they were looking at. There are also more possibilities, such as site-wide best sellers.

  • The average open rate is 42%.
  • The average CTR is 27%.
  • $1.71 is the average revenue per piece of mail sent.

#3. Product Browse Email Abandonment

a] Having a single product on display that visitors may look at at various times

1636641628_76_Browse-Abandonment-EmailsEmails of Product Abandonment – 1

b] Showing one primary product along with a number of suggestions

1636641631_72_Browse-Abandonment-EmailsEmails of Product Abandonment – 2

c] Displaying numerous goods from various categories that visitors looked at throughout various sessions

1636641634_210_Browse-Abandonment-EmailsEmails of Product Abandonment – 3

 As previously stated, these customers looked at certain goods on your site but decided against purchasing them at the final minute for a variety of reasons.

You may interact with these customers by telling them that you’ve seen their strong interest in a certain product or items and that, based on their enthusiasm, you’d want them to have it.

A simple push in the shape of a particular product or product display might enough for such customers.

  • The average open rate is 56%.
  • CTR (click-through rate) average: 23%
  • $3.66 is the average revenue per email.

What is it about Browse Abandonment Emails that makes them so effective?

 Because they are highly tailored, they convert better than newsletters and advertising emails with generic themes. According to, 81% of consumers are more likely to buy from a site that has given them Browse Abandonment Emails.

Browse abandonment emails, according to, reach the great majority of visitors. In fact, it’s substantially more than the sum of cart abandonment, post-purchase, and transactional email visits.

Why aren’t Browse Abandonment Emails more popular?

That is an excellent question. Why aren’t companies employing browse abandonment emails in greater numbers if they’re so effective?

Yes, Browse Abandonment emails are not often utilized due to their high cost. For one, it requires a sizable development and marketing crew. As a result, only large corporations such as Amazon could afford to deploy them.

But that is no longer the case. Even small businesses may now benefit from various email marketing campaigns, such as Behavior Abandonment Emails, thanks to the entrance of email marketing software firms. 

Important Browse Abandonment Emails Dos and Don’ts

  • Send out the first browse abandonment email to see how well it converts. Send out more if it’s working.
  • Only step on the gas if the visitor looks at the same item more than once.
  • If a subscriber views a product page after clicking a link in an email, that subscriber should be targeted. 
  • If a visitor is using site search to find a certain product or category, target them as well.
  • Sending broad advice is not a good idea.
  • Make individualized suggestions for each consumer using an analytic tool.
  • The tone of your email should correspond to the visitor’s buying purpose.
  • Emails about abandoned shopping carts should be sent in coordination with other emails. This is to ensure that you do not send too many emails to your visitors.
  • To ensure that click-throughs and conversions, A/B test the subject line and email content first.
  • The success rate of such emails is entirely dependent on their promptness. As a result, such emails should be issued within the next 24 hours.

Do you send out browse abandonment emails at your company? If so, what is your success rate? 

The “browse abandonment sequence” is a marketing tool that allows users to see the emails that have been sent from their website. The tool can be used to improve your email campaign and increase engagement with your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a browse abandonment email?

A: This is an email sent to you by the website you are trying to visit, informing your that their server does not have any information about what webpage it was asking for.

What is a browse abandonment?

A: A browse abandonment is when a visitor leaves your website without ever completing their online purchase, signup or login.

When should you send a browse abandonment email?

A: When is the best time to send a browse abandonment email?

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