Create Visually Stunning Reports with Webinomy My Reports Builder

The industry is changing. And while there are many tools that have emerged to help marketers maximize visibility of their marketing campaigns, these tools often require a lot of customizations and aren’t exactly affordable for smaller companies.
That is where Webinomy comes in. With the My Reports Builder tool, you can create visually stunning reports with some quick clicks on your computer or mobile device without having to leave work at the end of the day or wait for hours on expensive software licenses!.

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The cornerstone of most jobs is reporting. You depend on reporting to communicate your performance to your supervisors and customers, as well as to demonstrate your worth. Your credibility may suffer as a result of poor reporting. As a result, it’s critical to give meaningful reports to demonstrate your progress at this point. Your work can come to life and wow the people you need by creating reports with eye-catching images and structured data. 

You may already be familiar with SEMrush’s My Reports feature. If not, you may locate it at the bottom of the list on the left hand navigation.

My Reports allows you to build custom PDF reports and schedule email delivery to have these reports sent to you automatically. We are now pleased to present to you our newly improved Reports Builder.

How to Find Your Way Around the My Reports Section


When you go to the My Reports area for the first time, you’ll see a list of all the reports you’ve ever created. The name of the report, as well as the last time it was updated, as well as whether or not the report is planned and when it is scheduled, will be shown. A useful search box is offered to assist filter your reports if you are producing a large number of them. 

SEMrush My Reports Tool Updates: Learn More

David Black, our Customer Success Director, hosts a weekly series called “SEMrush Weekly Changelog,” in which he goes down all of SEMrush’s updates. He’s dedicated a special episode of his weekly series to the newly redesigned My Reports tool and its new features. Please have a look at the following video:


If this is your first time making a report, go to the top right and click the green “Create Report” button. You will be sent to the Report Builder by the tool. This Builder is a drag-and-drop mechanism that allows you to add certain items to your PDF.

The first thing you will see is the title page of your PDF. Here, you can change the logo you wish to appear on your title page (only available for Guru & Business level users). To do this, hover over the SEMrush logo and click on the pencil icon to change out the image.

You may put your report title and subtitle below the picture. You may also change the file’s name in the upper left corner of the page.



Let’s take a look at the left-hand navigation menu. The list begins with the many reports from which you may extract information for your report. All of the reports available in our main interface will be available in the Analytics section. This includes the following:

  • Organic & Advertising Research
  • PLA
  • Advertisements that are shown
  • Backlinks
  • Researching Keywords

As you drag and drop these items into your PDF, the tool will prompt you to fill out a form with your preferred outcome type. Here you may input the domain or term for which you want to view results, as well as certain report criteria.

The PDF will give a Widget Preview for this report after you have entered all of the required information. This allows you to preview how the report will appear before creating the PDF. This might assist you in determining if some data should be left out of your report so that you can present more relevant information.

Section on Projects

The Section on Projects allows you to receive reports for your projects you have set up. Currently only available for Site Audit, you can provide your clients or bosses with helpful data on the health of their website. The powerful feature about this tool is that you can mix and match your reports between both your projects and any analytics reports.

The components indicated at the bottom of this left sidebar make it simple to distinguish between these several reports. The Text Elements are mentioned first, which allows you to insert a Header wherever in the PDF.


If any of these reports need more explanation, you may attach a Text Block. If a jump or drop occurs in a certain location, you may use the Text Block feature to describe what caused it.

In addition to Text Elements, you may use Layouts to arrange two or three blocks in a row, as well as a Page Break tool to divide your reports into sections. When you’re finished, go to the top right of your screen and click the green “Generate PDF report” button.

After this step, you’ll get to select your preferences. You can have the report emailed to whoever you wish, schedule the report to be delivered daily, weekly or monthly and you can opt to include a table of contents. Once you provide your preferences, click “Save & Generate” and your report is ready to go.


Anyone who has to perform reporting will find this tool to be quite useful. You may now comprehend precisely what data you are supplying to your customers or employers before sending it out with the new Widgets Preview. What are you waiting for if you haven’t tried it yet?

My Reports is ready to help you save time while creating aesthetically attractive reports that will wow the individuals who matter the most.

What are your thoughts on the new features in My Reports? Have you attempted to utilize My Reports yet? Do you believe this tool needs any modifications? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

If you have any more queries, please contact our Customer Success Team at (855) 814-4510 or via email at [email protected] You may also reach out to us on Twitter by using the hashtag #semrushcare.

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