Creating a Udemy Course: It’s More Than Just a Powerful Backlink

This is a guide on how to create and launch your own Udemy course. The content will cover the process from start to finish, including getting the proper permissions, creating the intro video for your course, writing courses outline and design, choosing what you want in-depth about within your course as well as marketing strategies that help increase traffic to your website or YouTube channel.

Creating a Udemy Course is more than just a powerful backlink. If you want to create an online course, it’s important to know what your audience wants and needs. This article will teach you how to create a course that people will love.

When it comes to organically ranking your site for competitive keywords, you may have to go through a lot of hoops to get backlinks that your rivals don’t have. In the big picture, if you’re willing to jump through those hoops while your rivals aren’t, you’ll almost certainly outperform them.

As a seasoned SEO and PPC professional in Miami, I’m up against a crowded industry where people would go to any length to earn a solid backlink. Aside from the constant rivalry to out-link me, I also have to be competitive in terms of price, quality of services delivered, and other factors.

Every year, I set a goal for myself to accomplish something new to help my business expand even faster than the previous year. I set a goal for myself in 2015 to create a thorough learning course on Udemy. The course was designed to educate people how to set up and maintain a professional AdWords account, and it’s done so well that my business partner Jason Hawkins is working on a second one for local SEO methods.

The goal of creating an Udemy learning course was to give a number of solutions:

  • To get a very effective “Do-Follow” backlink from
  • To provide customers who can’t afford our services a low-cost DIY alternative.
  • To increase the number of recommendations generated by the learning course’s “buzz.”
  • To better position ourselves in Miami as Google AdWords experts (and nationally).
  • Udemy’s commission system allows you to make passive revenue.
  • To build affiliate connections by providing them with the potential to profit from learning course signups.

In this blog article, I’ll go through the things described above so you can see how it all came together.

When I originally started looking at Udemy, one of the first things I noticed was that teacher profiles included Do-Follow links to their own websites. As an SEO geek, I began to depend on my trusty Ahrefs account to learn more about the quality of an Udemy link. I was happy to see that a link from Udemy had a high quality rating. Udemy is clearly not a link farm, since it has a Domain Rating of 70, an Ahrefs Rank of 2,646, and Do-Follow, all of which make it worthwhile to strive for the link in my view. Take a look at the link statistics in the screenshot below.

Creating-a-Udemy-Course-Its-More-Than-Just-a-PowerfulUdemy Statistics

Some clients are adamant about not outsourcing their Google AdWords management.

We discovered that many potential and current customers didn’t want to outsource their AdWords management since they thought they had it under control before we had a learning course. Some company owners would rather not pay an extra 10% to 20% on management fees; others would rather have an executive assistant handle it for them. They didn’t realize they weren’t generating a decent ROAS because they weren’t PPC specialists; they were professionals at operating their firm.

1636641229_536_Creating-a-Udemy-Course-Its-More-Than-Just-a-PowerfulPromotional AdWords Course

When I originally launched my AdWords learning course, I emailed everyone who had voted against allowing us to handle their account and sent them a link to the course along with a discount code. I mentioned to them that if they took this course, their campaign would surely perform better. Many of them joined up, and after halfway through the first portion of the course, they realized we weren’t joking when we said they could improve their scores.

Many people phoned us to say they couldn’t believe they’d been making so many expensive blunders up until now and graciously requested that we take over their AdWords account right now. Because of the advanced tactics discussed in the learning course, almost every customer had a renewed feeling of confidence in working with us, which resulted in a better connection with the client overall.

Many of you may be surprised to learn that not a single current PPC customer attended the course to learn how to handle it on their own. Clients that are already working with you should be seeing tremendous outcomes. If your PPC management services are proving to be beneficial to your customers, they will continue to use them.

Don’t believe that delivering a marketing learning course would result in you losing all of your marketing customers; it accomplished the exact reverse for me and my company.

Udemy Courses Referral Traffic and Conversions

Ties are key in my profession, and this is one method I’ve been able to create relationships with customers and prospects. To optimize its exposure, I’ve incorporated this learning course as a subject in my email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and more. A lot of word-of-mouth prospects who heard about my learning course was something I didn’t anticipate from promoting the learning course.

1636641231_703_Creating-a-Udemy-Course-Its-More-Than-Just-a-PowerfulHow to Promote an Udemy Course

Many people contacted me after reading my blogs, social media postings, or email newsletters, or after hearing about the Udemy course from a friend who was interested in learning more about marketing. Many new customers have come to me after hearing about the learning course via a friend or an existing client reference. I’ve even gone so far as to provide the learning course for free on occasion. In one occasion, the person to whom I delivered the training for free was so appreciative that he gave me three references in the same month.

Branding Is Easy With Udemy Courses

While there is no concrete evidence that having a higher Klout score or a larger social media following correlates with higher ranks, I am certain that having a strong brand presence and industry Klout contributes to greater rankings. I couldn’t give a damn about my actual Klout Score or Twitter followers, but I know that if those statistics appear impressive, wonderful things will happen in terms of SEO. When you create an Udemy learning course, you establish a professional brand presence (or your own personal presence if you are your brand).

Udemy does not allow any newcomer to publish a course on their platform; they do an excellent job of extensively reviewing the course once it is submitted to see if it is a suitable match for their learning course platform.

1636641234_264_Creating-a-Udemy-Course-Its-More-Than-Just-a-PowerfulExample of an Udemy Profile

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can build a professional profile and earn reviews from your students over time, which you can proudly display on your website and social media posts – and you can even get your learning course to appear in the SERPs with rich ratings attached, as shown in the screenshot below.

1636641237_148_Creating-a-Udemy-Course-Its-More-Than-Just-a-PowerfulSERPs Udemy Course

Over Time, You Can Earn Easy Money From Your Course

The most apparent advantage of creating an Udemy learning course is the opportunity to make a lot of money through commission payments. If you self-promote your course utilizing discount codes, Udemy has a terrific mechanism in place that enables you to earn 95% of your course charge. The most you may charge for your course is $350. They provide a very user-friendly interface that enables you to monitor your earnings, promo code use, traffic statistics, and even Google Analytics integration.

1636641239_563_Creating-a-Udemy-Course-Its-More-Than-Just-a-PowerfulDashboard on Udemy

Udemy Courses for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has long been a popular method for companies to get exposure and spread the word about new goods, launches, content, and more; but, affiliate marketing on a smaller scale for freelance writers, bloggers, or startups isn’t always as simple. It takes time and effort to put a strategy into action, and it may be difficult to know where to start. Following the introduction of our first course, we devised a method for our current and potential affiliates to make extra money by marketing the Udemy course.

Our affiliates contributed around 20% of the income we earned from our Udemy course. We were able to identify who earned us the most money using a discount code system, and Udemy provides them the most money, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Udemy’s 5 Steps to Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing

Of course, the first step will be to create an Udemy course, which you can read more about here if you’re unfamiliar with. Affiliate marketing comes into play after you’ve got your course ready to launch. The five measures we followed to achieve success are outlined below:

Step #1: Before the course is online, reach out to all of your contacts/affiliates and provide promotional suggestions.

Reach out to prospective affiliates before your course is online to address any queries and get everything set up. This way, when your course is online, you’ll be ready to go. Someone with a significant social media following or an email marketing subscriber list is an excellent prospective affiliate. Your affiliates, like any other form of marketer, should have the correct kind of following or subscribers so that your material appeals to the audience you’re targeting.

You should not only explain how the application works, but also provide success recommendations. Let affiliates know, for example, that they may earn some additional money if they locate the proper individuals with a huge following on social media or anybody ready to email promote it to their subscribers.

You may always pay them a set price per signup and have them work while earning money. Finally, it’s a secret that passive income is the best sort of money, so you shouldn’t have a hard time convincing others to join you. 

Step #2: Encourage your affiliates to join the Udemy Affiliate program to get further perks.

This isn’t strictly mandatory for you as an Udemy course teacher, but it will benefit your affiliates and demonstrate your concern for them. If they join Udemy as an affiliate, they have their own affiliate scheme with which they may make commissions on top of whatever you, the Udemy course teacher, were going to give.

1636641242_259_Creating-a-Udemy-Course-Its-More-Than-Just-a-PowerfulSign up as an Udemy Affiliate.

Step #3: Use coupons to manage and monitor affiliates.

By employing coupons, you can keep track of your affiliates. Simply generate a discount code and tracking link, then check your income reports to see which coupons have been utilized, as seen in the preceding screen photo. The create a coupon page on the course dashboard, which you may access after you become an instructor, is seen below.

1636641246_513_Creating-a-Udemy-Course-Its-More-Than-Just-a-PowerfulCoupon Code for Udemy

The second component of this procedure is to ensure that your affiliates are aware of the expectations. Maintain total transparency by showing your partner your sign-ups as soon as you get them (weekly, monthly, etc.). Continue to provide images of your progress so that everyone may see how sales are increasing and get inspired. It’s worth repeating that utilizing coupons means you receive 95% of the sale, therefore it’s far preferable to attract signups using your own discount codes rather than having affiliates bring them to your learning course’s URL or the Udemy home page.

Extra: Why it’s better to get students via your own marketing.

Students who sign up as a result of your promotion (rather than Udemy visitors looking for courses) cost you less money as an instructor. This means the affiliate earns half of whatever you, the teacher, sell it for, less Udemy’s minimum fee.

1636641248_976_Creating-a-Udemy-Course-Its-More-Than-Just-a-PowerfulEarnings on Udemy

Step #5: Pay out your commissions to your affiliates.

Giving affiliates a timeframe is a smart idea so that you remain focused and receive the largest push exactly when your course begins. When it comes to Udemy, a decent rule of thumb is to promote for one month with affiliates. After that month has passed, you may pay your affiliates by looking at your income records in the Udemy back end.

I also suggest reading the Udemy Instructor Revenue Split website, which goes over revenue share for instructor marketing vs. Udemy organic in more depth. It also provides some excellent examples for how income may work in various conditions, and the specifics vary from time to time, so it’s really useful.

Udemy Course Findings and Our Affiliate Numbers

We observed some amazing results after investing a large amount of effort reaching out to prospective affiliates, laying out the advantages, and setting up monitoring. The data and how much we made in each of the three key categories: organic, affiliate, and our own promotions are shown in the image below:

1636641252_330_Creating-a-Udemy-Course-Its-More-Than-Just-a-PowerfulEarnings as an Udemy Affiliate

As you can see, affiliate marketing is one of the referral sources in this snapshot, and we can tell who contributed generate that income based on the discount codes.

Why Is Udemy a Good Place to Begin Affiliate Marketing?

While other affiliate programs might be intimidating, Udemy is a terrific choice since it was so simple for many of our affiliates that it is now considered passive income. Amanda DiSilvestro, a famous Search Engine Journal writer, is one of our affiliates and provided us with comments on the first round. When we asked her what she thought, she said,

It was simple for me to provide a link to the course as a writer since it made sense. It was an excellent course that was applicable to many of my readers, and I’m constantly on the lookout for tools to assist me make my points and guide people in the proper path. It was a no-brainer for me to contribute since it was like passive revenue for me.

Amanda DiSilvestro (Amanda DiSilvestro)

Always remember that in order for your affiliate marketing to be effective for your course, you must have a high-quality, well-written course to begin with. As you may expect, this is the most difficult portion.

What Should You Take Away From This Udemy Courses Article?

We spent many months developing and perfecting our course, which includes several hours of video, hours of reading material, and more. Before you do anything else, I suggest reading my Google AdWords Training Course to learn more about how to develop a successful Udemy course.

You may get a free sample of each section’s 60 lectures, which include videos and several pages of text. If you’re already operating an agency or working on a major account, don’t expect this to take simply a few days or weeks. Securing your learning course authorized is difficult, similar to getting a slot as a guest writer on a major website. You’ll need to sketch up your blue print first, identifying each area and the lectures inside it so that your students may follow a seamless route that leads to the greatest possible learning experience. If you submit a course that isn’t well-structured, expect a lot of necessary adjustments in the feedback report before the moderation staff approves it.

In the screenshot below, you can see the comments I received after submitting my course for the first time.

1636641254_838_Creating-a-Udemy-Course-Its-More-Than-Just-a-PowerfulCourse Evaluations on Udemy

The preceding screenshot hardly scratches the surface; I got roughly 40 notifications before my course was eventually authorized. Because the course is mostly made up of video, there were several cuts and retakes. My video producer had his job cut out for him during the course’s development.

Overall, like everything worth fighting for in life, it won’t be simple, but I believe it was well worth the effort. Those who have read this far are encouraged to give it a go. Please leave any comments or questions in the space below, and thank you for taking the time to read!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is creating a Udemy course worth it?

A: If you have an interesting topic, and its a course that people are interested in learning more about, then starting your own Udemy course is definitely worth it. However, if the topic isnt completely unique or doesnt interest anyone much

Is creating udemy courses profitable?

A: Udemy is an online learning marketplace where individuals can create their own courses and teach others. Its a great way to monetize your skills, or start a business offering services related to the fields you have expertise in. Some people make more than $2,000 a month teaching on Udemy!

How do I get Udemy backlinks?

A: The best way to get backlinks is through a content marketing strategy that includes the creation of unique, original blog posts and infographics. For more information on how you can use this particular strategy, please contact our team at [email protected]

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