“Deep Learning”: An Upcoming Gmail Feature That Will Answer Your Emails for You

Gmail has introduced a new feature that will automatically answer your emails for you. The idea is to save time, but if you don’t like what Gmail gives you as an automatic response then email support instead of just accepting the response.

Yes. Yes, you read it correctly.

Google will quickly scan your email and respond with what it considers to be the best answer.

The firm is improving its app (Inbox by Gmail) by using “deep learning,” an algorithm-based approach or kind of artificial intelligence that will provide you with a few quick reply alternatives.

The goal is to eliminate repetitive manual tapping and save time while on the move.

“The network will customize both the tone and substance of the answers to the email you’re reading,” Google product manager Alex Gawley told Wired.com.

If you receive an email asking, “Do you have any instructions on how to use the new software?” for example, you’ll see these three alternatives at the bottom of your screen:

  • “I’m sorry, but I don’t.”
  • “I’ll have to keep an eye out for that.”
  • “I’ll email it to you,” she says.

Smart Reply

The Smart Reply System, like other sequence-to-sequence models, analyzes batches of emails throughout the Gmail system. It is based on the notion of a recurrent neural network. It operates in a similar manner to how your smartphone understands voice commands—by examining a database of articulated words—or how Luc Besson’s Leelo understood the meaning of the word “war.” As a result, the algorithm scans the real communication in this scenario.

However, there are certain disadvantages, such as the relevance of such replies or the privacy problem. The LSTM network (long short-term memory) model was employed by Google’s researchers, which is similar to human memory. It investigates how communications begin and finish in an attempt to communicate “our language.” As a result, the system may not always be correct. But there is no gain without suffering. This poses a problem for researchers. Regarding privacy, Google places a great value on it, therefore your discussions will never be seen by people.

So, let’s see how far mankind has progressed since a chat bot in the next update.

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