Do You Love Your Customers? 4 Ways To Show the Love

You love your customers and want to show them how much you care. Using the right marketing tactics, it’s easy to make sure they know just how important they are

The “serving our customers” is a phrase that many businesses use. However, there are 4 ways to show the love without being too cheesy.

Imagine generating 6-7 times the revenue and acquiring 10 times the referrals for a quarter of the expenditure. It’s not necessary for you to envision it. It’s as simple as falling in love with your consumers.

Valentine’s Day has here, and there is a sense of romance in the air. Do you adore your clients? It’s interesting to see the resurgence of customer service and customer love. Some of today’s most successful businesses compulsively concentrate on customer service.

Did you aware that selling to an existing client has a 60-70 percent chance of success? The likelihood of selling to a fresh prospect, on the other hand, is substantially lower, at 5-20 percent (Source: Marketing Metrics).

Let’s look at why this is important to you. Then you’ll discover an easy way to show your consumers that you care. (Hint: it’s pronounced “logging.”)

Customer Loyalty Produces Consistent Results

Have you ever received one of those client emergency emails? They usually begin with the words “URGENT” or “HELP!!” Our top customer gave me one of them approximately two months ago.

My pulse rate almost quadrupled as I saw the subject line of the email, “URGENT – Call me ASAP.” My nervousness instantly converted to delight when I phoned (and a bit of confusion). The following is the transcript of the conversation:

Client: Is it possible for you to take down the Open Enrollment blog? We’ve had an avalanche of replies. Already at 150!

Me: You’re serious, right? It’s like music to my ears:) It’s important to remember that shutting down a blog isn’t usually a smart SEO strategy. It’s not a huge problem if you really need to take it down. 

Client: Yeah, we’ve got much too many to go through before the deadline. 


This blog was delivered to a list of all of their present and previous customers in a newsletter. So, how did one blog create 150+ quality leads in only a few months? (For an independent insurance firm, this isn’t terrible.)

The quick answer is that one blog did not do this. The “take it down” blog was the culmination of many months of blogging. The fact is that we were laser-focused on offering value to their audience and forging mutually beneficial relationships.

We stopped attempting to gain people’s attention and instead began giving it to them. We cared about their audience by focusing on what was important to them.

It’s Common Sense that “Blogging is Important.”


I was in line at Ikea the other day to check out. The pair in front of me was reading the assembly instructions on the boxes of furniture they’d selected with bated breath. “Are they difficult to put together?” they cautiously inquired of the Ikea cashier. Is it possible for us to accomplish it ourselves?”

“Do you both have college degrees?” the cashier said, smiling.

“Yes, my spouse has an MBA and I am a doctor.” The ladies replied.

“Then you’re probably going to require some assistance,” the cashier stated after a little pause.


Not only did we all have a good chuckle, but it also reminded me of two important lessons:

  1. Just because something seems obvious doesn’t mean it’s always followed.
  2. Surprising reactions frequently get a chuckle and a lot of attention.

You may be asking what this has to do with you.

No matter what business you’re in, blogging is important to you since it produces consistent results for less money than conventional marketing. It also makes it simple to interact with and deliver value to your consumers on a constant basis. It’s a fantastic method to express your affection! Blogging, on the other hand, can only provide consistent results if you follow a tried-and-true process.

How to Demonstrate Your Love for Your Customers


Before we get into the blogging approach, there are three crucial questions to address before you begin:

1) Who is your target market?

Learn as much as you can about your consumers. Stop chatting and pay attentively after asking them how you can make their life simpler or fix an issue. You can put up a strategy and provide your consumers what they need after you understand their requirements, difficulties, and issues.

2) Why would people want to pay attention to you? What will be their gain?

Now that you know your audience and what they care about, you can show them how much you care by giving them something useful. Give them something to help them solve a problem or make their lives simpler, and demonstrate how they will benefit.

3) What are the advantages for YOU?

Remember that in order for this to be a strong, loving relationship, both parties must benefit. Yes, your material should cater to your consumers’ demands, but sometimes what your customers need is you! Wouldn’t you agree that the most successful partnerships are those that benefit both parties?

Let’s look at how you may utilize blogs to show your consumers that you care.

Create a blog to show your customers how much you care about them.


There is no such thing as a “secret sauce” for blogging success. It’s not a difficult task. It’s as simple as demonstrating your affection for your clients by continuously providing excellent material that solves a problem or makes their lives simpler. The law of reciprocity gradually takes control, and you earn their confidence and, eventually, their business.

It’s time to get down to business and give you some concrete advice and crucial ideas to remember.

Key elements for your blog that are universal:

  • Be Consistent: Our customers who blog at least once a week get the greatest results.
  • Deliver Value: There are just two things your audience wants: to solve an issue they don’t want and to learn something new. Or to get a desired outcome that they lack. The important thing is to provide value and either solve an issue or get a result.
  • Optimize: By optimizing your content, you can ensure that your audience can discover it. Keywords should be included in the title, header tags, and meta description. SEMrush is a service that we use often for keyword research and backlink potential. When we onboard a new customer, one of the first things we do is utilize the Site Audit tool to find any mistakes so we can correct them.


Important factors to keep in mind for each blog:

  • We’ve found that having your blogs structured in the same manner produces the greatest results. Every blog should have at least three photographs. Also, use headers to break up the material in your posts to make them easier to skim.
  • Your website and blog should not be the only places where you distribute your material. We’ve had terrific success with blogging on places like LinkedIn and Medium. You should also distribute your material on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and your Google+ Business Page.
  • Call-to-Action: To capture leads, we suggest including a strong call-to-action at the conclusion of each blog. In return for their contact information, give them something useful, such as a “lead magnet.” (A Lead Magnet is an enticing enticement that offers a particular amount of value in return for a prospect’s contact information.) The purpose of the lead magnet is to attract as many targeted leads as possible for an offer on your website or other digital assets.)

You might use one of the following lead magnet formats:

  • Toolkit: Provide a collection of tools to help your audience tackle an issue.
  • Offer a collection of tools to help your audience attain the outcomes they seek.
  • Offer a step-by-step checklist that explains how to do a worthwhile task.

Steps to Follow

The Steps to Follow are quite simple. Just do it! Use the SEMrush tools to get keyword ideas and gather competitive intelligence. Then start blogging and sharing. Don’t worry if your first few blogs are terrible. You’ll get better with practice. Just make sure you pay attention to your audience and how they respond to your content. Take their response into account and respond accordingly.

Please leave a remark if you have any queries or profound ideas on loving your clients. Otherwise, just love your consumers and they will return the favor.

Mingle Media Marketing, a website design and usability business, is cofounded by Hendrik de Vries. Whether working in Dallas or his native Sweden, he has assisted hundreds of small businesses in achieving consistent outcomes.

The “innovative ways to connect with customers” is a blog post that discusses 4 ways to show the love. The article mentions how you can use social media, email marketing, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we show love to our customers?

A: I believe in the power of positivity. Lets stay positive to show our customers that we are there for them and care about them

What do our customers love most?

A: Customers love the ability to see their stats in a graphical representation and use our advanced features to get an accurate reading on what they are doing.

How do you make customers fall in love with you?

A: I dont know how to answer that question.

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