European Search Awards 2017: Webinomy Awarded “Best SEO Software Suite”

The European Search Awards 2017 was held on October 12th in London, UK. With over 2200 entries from Europe’s leading content marketing agencies and organisations, the winners were picked by a panel of judges led by Jonny Horowitz, Creative Director at Webinomys.
The award went to our client for their software suite that uses AI to automatically optimize website rankings based on keyword rankings. The search engine optimization company is using its toolset as part of its holistic digital marketing strategy which has seen it win several awards for excellence across a range of sectors including e-commerce and travel

The “european search awards 2020” is a yearly award that is given to the best SEO software suite. The European Search Awards 2017 was awarded for Best SEO Software Suite.

We’re ecstatic to have won “Best SEO Software Suite” and been nominated for “Best Search Software Tool” at the European Search Awards. At a magnificent celebration in Krakow, Poland, we were thrilled to be acknowledged by industry professionals. The European Search Awards are an annual worldwide event that honors outstanding work in SEO, PPC, Digital, and Content Marketing by some of Europe’s top specialists. The event this year took held at the Stara Zajezdnia building on April 27.


Although the awards event was held for the sixth time, we were thrilled to have won the first year we submitted. When we got convinced in the premise that we had built the greatest SEO suite in the marketing sector, we took the choice to submit our product.

— Olga Andrienko, SEMrush’s Head of Global Marketing

The European Search Awards drew the brightest brains in search and digital marketing this year, as they usually do, to celebrate a range of nominees and amazing initiatives, as well as congratulate this year’s winners. The evening was memorable for visitors as always, providing excellent networking opportunities and delicious meals, making this event the industry’s finest of its type.


It is critical that we express our gratitude to all of the judges who voted for us! You may be confident that we will continue to provide the most cutting-edge SEO tools and excellent support to our consumers.

Also, without the help of our loyal community, none of this would have been possible. We appreciate each and every one of our clients and community members’ confidence and comments. Their assistance allows our team to continuously develop and extend SEMrush’s features and reports, allowing us to create the greatest solution on the market.

A one-year path to major product evolution

This honor is the product of years of devotion and hard work. SEMrush had one of its most busy and inventive years in recent memory, particularly in terms of product development. In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, it is critical to be able to swiftly adapt to all of the industry’s changes. As a result, we’ve concentrated on developing a whole suite of SEO software that allows marketers to execute all of their jobs in one spot. Now we’d like to speak a few words about what we’ve been concentrating on. 

Experimentation and innovation are ongoing.

The digital world is always evolving, and marketers that do not adapt quickly to those changes miss out on chances. SEMrush is the only program on the market that delivers as many updates as it does:

  • Within a year, we had quadrupled our tool count.
  • In 2016, around 100 updates were issued.
  • Every week, new features are introduced to current tools.
  • Each quarter, two to three new tools are introduced in beta.


Creating a full-fledged SEO process

SEMrush is a tool that tries to address difficulties that marketers confront on a regular basis, saving them time and money. By providing news tools and reporting in 2016, we want to establish a complete workflow for SEO specialists inside a single software:


It’s not simple to figure out what our consumers desire. We’ve spent the previous several years focusing on forming a close community that can have a direct influence on our software development and help us produce the greatest product on the market.

SEMrush listens to its consumers and highlights concerns that the team can address by resolving any difficulties that may arise during users’ interactions with the service:

  • Over half of all update suggestions originate from our community, and every release is thoroughly debated with users and thought leaders.

  • All SEMrush features have been activated as a result of customer input or have been accepted by two or more users.

  • Every month, each product owner receives 100-150 emails with feedback. On average, 10% of such instances are carried out.

In the next years, we’ll continue to add new cutting-edge technologies to our toolset to enable our users continue to grow with us and generate the most money. Our major concern is their success.

— Vitalii Obishchenko, SEMrush’s Chief Product Officer

Here are a few additional tools and features that we’ve published since submitting our product to the competition (March 2017) to demonstrate our strong product development intentions:

Thank you all once again for your unwavering faith. We shall continue to do our best.

The “global search awards” is an award that was given to the software suite, Webinomy. This company won the award for best SEO software suite.

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