Franchise Holiday Marketing: Get Creative at the Local Level

This year, the holidays are coming up fast and furious. With so much going on in terms of promotions, it’s important to think outside the box when planning your marketing efforts. If you’re not feeling like you want to be too creative this season but still need a little something special for last-minute shoppers or hostesses, look no further than some tried and true holiday marketing tactics.

The “holiday marketing examples” is a blog post by the “Franchise Holiday Marketing” team that includes some creative ideas for holiday marketing.

Creating an effective marketing strategy over the Christmas season is not always straightforward. For some businesses, this is a very busy time of year, while for others, it may seem to be a slowdown towards the end of the year.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain: people are looking forward to the Christmas season and spending time with their friends and family.

This energy may be used by marketers, particularly franchise marketers, to target a local demographic. This is the perfect time of year to be innovative with local advertising and go outside the box.

1. Make the Most of Your Local Audience

Reach out to your local audience for all forms of marketing initiatives throughout the holidays, including email, social media, print, PPC, and even SEO. After all, individuals who are closest to you are likely to visit your business or need things done quickly and effectively.

There are several strategies to tailor your marketing plan to the demographic that will benefit the most. Sujan Patel of Entrepreneur, for example, discussed the success of Office Max’s Christmas marketing campaign “Elf Yourself,” which had garnered 193 million hits by the time he published his article on successful holiday marketing. That effort succeeded in making a marketing push more personal.

This kind of concept may be adopted locally to help franchisees interact with their customers on a more personal basis.


Consider offering incentives for posting holiday-themed photos at your location to Yelp, creating a holiday hashtag that people will want to use while Christmas shopping at your store, or finding something newsworthy in your area to tie into your business and subsequent deals. You can learn more about general franchise marketing here, but at a glance, consider offering incentives for posting holiday-themed photos at your location to Yelp, developing a holiday hashtag that people will want to use while Christmas shopping at your store, or finding something newsworthy in your area to tie

Targeted social media marketing is undeniably successful these days. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard small company owners or franchisees wonder why Facebook advertising and marketing is important.

This is particularly true for local companies who have been in the neighborhood for years, long before Facebook existed! It’s a reasonable point, however I think it’s crucial to emphasize the importance of local marketing on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Marketers may use Facebook to “reach people near your company,” “increase attendance at your event,” or “gather leads for your business,” for example. These precise angles to take when advertising on social media will help you reach your target demographic and attract locals to your business more easily than ever before. During the holidays, you may offer eye-catching promotions or discounts that will attract the attention of the demographics you’ve targeted on social media.


3. Capture the Feelings of the Holidays

Remembering the excitement and passion that surrounds the Christmas season is one of the finest methods for holiday marketing. A purchase choice is influenced by a variety of elements, but studies suggest that emotion is by far one of the most significant. You’re more likely to attract your followers’ attention if you can create a “holiday spirit,” “gift-giving,” and “home for the holidays” atmosphere.

People prefer to feel joyful during the holidays (which is why Starbucks’ seasonal red cup is so popular), so if your franchise location can capture holiday mood, you’ll be ahead of the marketing game. When it comes to becoming creative on a local level, branding for the holidays is one of the finest options you can make.


4. Maintain Consistency

Marketing does not take place in a vacuum. Consistency in your website, social media, and direct marketing, particularly during the holidays, may go a long way. If you’re launching a Christmas campaign, make it as accessible as possible across all of your marketing platforms. Not only would this be more effective, but it will also save time and energy in preparing for such a short-term push.

5. Write a blog post about it!

Are you throwing a Christmas party for your company? Is a social media push resonating with your followers? Is your storefront crowded over the holidays? Simply blogging about Christmas marketing is one way to take a creative approach to it.

We all know that blogging and adding fresh material to your website is one of the most effective strategies to enhance your SEO and, in particular, your local search potential, so get to work!

While coming up with content ideas might be difficult at times, the holidays provide a unique chance to write about and share energetic and joyful themes with your followers, putting them even more in the holiday mood.

6. Make a campaign plan

Last but not least, make sure you have a strategy in place for any holiday marketing you want to perform. When it comes to both digital and direct marketing campaigns, be sure you respect the franchise’s rules. Plan to arrange social media, blog, website, and other advertising on your marketing calendar during the holidays, just like you would throughout the year, so you can remain organized and reach out to your local audience effectively.

You’ll also want to assess how successful the campaigns were thereafter.

It’s easy to ignore the results of a Christmas marketing effort and concentrate on what’s ahead in the new year, but you want to make sure that every marketing campaign is something you learn from—you can always combine triumphs and mistakes into next year’s plans.

The Remainder

For consumer culture, the holidays are a joyful and emotional time of year. You don’t want to lose out on all of the campaigns and unique marketing tactics available to you as a marketer, particularly if you work for a franchise that focuses on local advertising.

Do you have any favorite marketing tactics for attracting local customers? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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