Free Download: The Complete PPC Analytics Toolkit

Marketing is a multi-faceted field, requiring significant and diverse knowledge. For example, one might need to know how to use retargeting ads or invite new users into their app by maintaining effective marketing automation. However while these are all important skills in the business world today they are not enough on their own. This lack of holistic skill sets has led marketers down a path that leads them further away from what really matters: getting results for the company’s bottom line.,

The “hanapin marketing” is a free download that provides marketers with a complete analytics toolkit for PPC. The toolkit contains everything from performance reports to data analysis tools.

The Complete PPC Analytics Toolkit is a collaboration between Hanapin Marketing and Webinomy.

Three Excel spreadsheets, three whitepapers, and two webinar recordings are included in this free download, all of which are meant to help you improve your PPC accounts. Utilize these resources and tools to extract high-value data and create more effective campaigns.

  • Excel Spreadsheet for Keyword Research This useful spreadsheet takes keywords from any source and ingeniously prepares them for submission to Google AdWords.
  • Excel Spreadsheet for PPC Daily Spend Another useful spreadsheet for keeping track of your everyday spending.
  • Excel Spreadsheet for AdWords Competitive Landscape Analysis Compare keywords and traffic costs against your own domain using this spreadsheet.
  • Competitive Intelligence Whitepaper Learn how to use competitive intelligence to outperform the competition in AdWords.
  • Admin Settings in Google Analytics Whitepaper This updated tutorial will teach you all you need to know about Google Analytics’ admin settings.
  • Google Analytics for Conversion Rate Optimization Whitepaper We bet you haven’t considered these 5 ways to leverage Google Analytics for CRO.
  • Recording of a webinar on how to spy on your PPC competitors. Experts from Webinomy and Hanapin Marketing present cutting-edge strategies for spying on your PPC competitors.
  • PPC Analytics webinar recording This webinar covers nine key points concerning PPC analytics that you should be aware of.

Today is the last day to get your free copy of The Complete PPC Analytics Toolkit!

Last October, Webinomy and Hanapin worked on an infographic called What Inc. 5000 Companies Spend On AdWords.

The “Complete PPC Analytics Toolkit” is a free download from Brain Agency. The toolkit includes a variety of tools and resources that can be used for marketing purposes. Reference: brain agency.

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