Futuristic PPC Automation: How To Get Better Results in Less Time

The ideal way to automate your PPC campaigns is not a secret, but it isn’t easy. This guide explains the key components of an effective automation strategy and how you can use them to your advantage.

The “amazon ppc automation” is a process that allows people to use Amazon’s PPC services. This method can be used in different ways and will result in better results for less time.

Have you ever attempted to automate anything just to have it backfire?



Automation has gone awry!

Programming an automated process may be mechanically demanding, and it might seem like a job for only the most experienced engineers.

Don’t be concerned…

When it comes to PPC automation, there are a few strategies you may use on your own. There are measures you can take to develop a successful PPC automation strategy that are both feasible and practical.

As a consequence, KlientBoost and SEMrush have teamed together to provide you these six PPC automation ideas, so you can start seeing greater results with less time and effort. #win



Finding New Opportunities to Expand Your Account Using Automated Research

The majority of individuals do their PPC research incorrectly.

Why? They concentrate on averages and indicators that have no bearing on progress.

What should you do instead? Rather of focusing on typical indicators like average costs per click (CPCs), look at what your rivals are doing to see if there are any prospects for growth.

Here are some examples of potential expansions:

  • Determine fresh keywords for which you are not already receiving impressions.
  • Find new ad spots that you aren’t already targeting.
  • Make a list of new social audiences that you aren’t already addressing.
  • Determine fresh landing page concepts to test based on what your rivals are doing or aren’t doing.

Is there a way to automate this?

To automate the procedure, you may utilize a Google AdWords script.

We advocate automating the keyword search and SKAG generation process and producing new Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs – this is a PPC technique we are proud of).

Your AdWords script may be set up to:

  1. Look for keywords with a certain number of impressions.
  2. Make new SKAGs with corresponding keyword match types.
  3. Make a new ad copy

Another suggestion is to set up your AdWords script to search for, locate, and generate new display network placements automatically.

Lower Your CPA and Increase Your Margins with Automated Bidding

Automating your bidding process may help you achieve your CPA objectives more quickly, more efficiently, and more effectively… Who wouldn’t want that?

You may not only automate your bidding process with technologies like Acquisio or Marin Software, but you can also achieve reduced cost per clicks and CPAs.

A Marin dashboard may show you the following:


Using automatic bidding, you may increase your margins.

Automated bidding is extremely important in ecommerce since expenses and margins are what make or break your produced earnings.

Automated bidding may be effective for lead generation and SaaS sites, as long as the bid costs and metrics are tied to how they influence your bottom line.

Do More with Less Effort Using Automated PPC Rules/Scripts

When it comes to developing automatic rules and scripts for your PPC ads, you have more possibilities than you would expect.

You don’t need to pay a development staff to create your scripts if you’re utilizing a SaaS service (unless you wanna get fancy, of course).

You may create automated rules in Google AdWords that enable you to make changes to your account depending on defined circumstances, such as ad status, budget, and bids.

When everything is set up, here’s what an AdWords automatic rules dashboard looks like:


Various rules, periodicity, and email alerts may be set up.

Ad Testing Combinations for You Using Automated Ad Testing

With so many variations and alternatives for what to test in your advertising, deciding which elements to mix and match in your ad versions may be a difficult challenge.

Automating the setup procedure for your numerous ad combinations, including ad content, graphics, locations, devices, and days of the week, may make your life simpler and your testing findings more reliable. 

AdBasis, for example, may do automatic ad testing for you.

In an AdBasis dashboard, a results page would look like this:


 You may look at some main indicators and segment your performance – picture source

Uncovering Insights to Make Better Decisions with Automated Reporting

You may evaluate data that can provide you relevant and actionable information using automatic rules reporting in Google AdWords and other PPC platform dashboards.

With a solution like Optmyzr, take automatic reporting a step further and delve deep into your analytics.

Heat maps, word clouds, and cause trees are all available on the Optmyzr dashboard, which you wouldn’t find in AdWords or other PPC systems.

In Optmyzr, an example of a bid adjustment report where you may configure bid adjustments for various days and hours of the week is shown below:


You are capable of imitating measures.

With reports like account quality score, improve quality score, and monitor quality score, you can keep track of indicators connected to your quality score.

Automated Time Saving – Allowing You to Concentrate on More Important Tasks

What is the aim of all this technology?

Releasing your calendar so you can concentrate on more essential tasks… like growing and increasing your company, of course.

PPC automation, when set up and implemented correctly, saves you time, money, and energy while also delivering more accurate results.

There’s not much to this part other than the fact that after you’ve put up a comprehensive PPC automation process, you’ll be able to concentrate on more significant goals and long-term growth objectives.

Final Thoughts

It’s now up to you to automate your PPC campaign! You can sit back, relax, and watch your results pour in with these smart advice on how to automate each step of your PPC process.

You can compartmentalize that whole discipline into a nice little automated procedure now that all of your PPC automation is taken care of for you… and concentrate on more essential matters.


What is one of your most pressing worries regarding PPC in the new year? Let us know what you think in the comments. Let’s talk about it!

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