Google News Digest: Google Ads, New Insights in Google My Business and More

Google has announced a new feature for Google My Business which will help small businesses track the progress of their SEO marketing. Additionally, in an effort to reduce ad fraud, Google is considering giving publishers more data on clicks as opposed to impressions. And finally, Yahoo! will now be using machine learning and artificial intelligence from Amazon’s Alexa service to power its search engine.

The “google insights page beta” is a new feature that will be released in the coming weeks. The new feature will allow users to see how their business is performing across Google’s products and services.

So far, 2018 has been an interesting year for Google. We noticed a lot of changes and modifications in Google’s search engine and advertising platforms. With the debut of Google Ads and the combination of DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 Suite, one of these big upgrades was only just handed out.

This, as well as a number of other significant modifications that have been formally disclosed by Google or noticed by outsiders in the recent two weeks, will be discussed. But, first and foremost, listen to this week’s Search Marketing Scoop podcast on YouTube if you want to learn more about the improvements and get some context for the key news. Listen in on the conversations and, if you have any, feel free to write comments or ask questions.




*The Speed Update is Now Available*

As we’ve mentioned in prior digests, Google has been “teasing” us with the possibility of speed being a ranking factor for mobile searches somewhere in July. Finally, that moment has here!

Speed is now an important ranking criteria in mobile search, which means the quicker your website loads, the better. The “Speed Update” is now live on all mobile sites throughout the globe. However, according to Google, mobile site owners who have already guaranteed that their sites are fast have nothing to worry about. Only mobile sites that are substantially slower than others should be affected by the upgrade. The slower sites, on the other hand, will continue to rank if they deliver relevant information that answers a user’s query.

Google’s “Speed Updates” are now rolling out to all users, according to sources; Twitter 

A New Report Showing Queries Used to Find the Business has been added to Google My Business Insight.

Some Google My Business users have discovered a new report in the Insights area that highlights particular searches customers make on Google Maps or Google Search to identify companies in the local listings. The “questions used to locate your company” report comprises the most common queries from users over a period of time. Mike Blumenthal was the first to notice the new change, and he detailed it on his own blog.

The upgrade has also been verified by a Google spokesperson, according to Search Engine Land, and it will be sent out more extensively. However, the bulk of consumers are still unable to get the report via their Google My Business account.


Google My Business Insights Expands the Search Queries Available to Find Your Business

Google My Business Subjective Attributes

Google has announced the launch of Google My Business Subjective Attributes. These attributes in the Insights tab will help restaurant and cafe owners learn how their customers subjectively perceive the qualities of their businesses. As per Google, “this section of Insights provides customers’ opinions of your restaurant or cafe.” The attributes are subjective as every customer’s opinion of a business varies depending on their individual experiences and may not apply to others.


Sergey Alakov: Twitter Page; Google My Business Help: About Insights; Google My Business Twitter Page

On Google My Business, add the attributes “LGBTQ-friendly” and “Transgender Safe Space.”

Within Google My Business, Google has included new qualities that enable small companies to label themselves as “LGBTQ-friendly” or “Transgender Safe Space.” These symbols will appear in Google search results to emphasize that LGBTQ and transgender people are welcome as users and customers. These symbols will display on Maps and Google Search once activated in Google My Business.

Source:  On Google My Business, add the attributes “LGBTQ-friendly” and “Transgender Safe Space.”

In Search Console, there’s a new URL Inspection Tool.

Google’s new URL inspection tool is an update on the company’s recent advances in its Search Console. The change is more of a reaction to users’ requests for more information about how the search engine evaluates a particular URL. Directly from the Google index, the URL inspection tool gives precise information on the crawling, indexing, and serving of website pages.

The tool will provide information about crawling such as the latest crawl date and status, indexing problems, the canonical URL for the website, and proposed upgrades once a user enters the URL.


Source:  New URL Inspection Tool & More in Search Console

In Snippets, you may test the URL of a hyperlink.

In the Google search snippet, there is now just one clickable location (the title), but Google is experimenting making the URL component clickable as well. Eric Hedekar of STAT seems to have been the first to discover it. On Twitter, he said the following:

“In a few English areas, Google seems to be testing a new style for blue organic links. The green link underneath the blue link is now wrapped within the link element, allowing it to be clicked. Interesting, yet just 0.5 percent of SERPs have it “”So far, so good.”

Google is experimenting with making URLs in search results snippets clickable.

API for Job Posting Indexing

Google has launched a new API called Indexing API to give job seekers with more up-to-date information and listings. The fast-changing nature of job advertisements necessitates the use of an Indexing API. Google wants its job search database to reflect these changes and present searchers with real-time data. At the moment, Indexing API can only crawl job posting sites with structured data. However, it’s unclear if or when Google will start utilizing the Indexing API for more than simply job posting URLs.

Google has launched an indexing API for job posting URLs, according to sources. Google Search: Submit URLs for Crawling; Google Search: Quickstart


Rebranding of AdWords, DoubleClick, and Google Analytics 360 Suite

According to the newest Google news, Google AdWords will shortly be renamed Google Ads. The new brand will include all of the existing advertising capabilities and campaign kinds, such as search advertisements, display ads, and video ads. Google Ads will employ machine learning technologies to assist create better results, making the platform even more feasible for small companies.

In addition, Google has opted to merge DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 Suite under the Google Marketing Platform name. According to Google, this measure will aid advertisers in better understanding their clients and achieving higher performance. It will also assist in the planning, organization, measurement, and optimization of client experiences across several channels and devices.



Google AdWords Will Soon Become Google Ads; Google Marketing Live Keynote; Introducing Simpler Brands and Solutions for Advertisers and Publishers, among others.

Google Ads Smart Campaigns for Small Businesses

As previously stated, Google Ads has just been created to replace Google AdWords. Smart campaigns, which were introduced with the debut of Google Advertisements, provide a new default ads experience for small companies.

Smart Campaigns is the first new Google Ads solution that combines innovation with advertising technology. Small companies may now instantly design successful advertisements that generate genuine results, such as phone calls, website traffic, and online queries. Smart Campaigns, according to Google, are three times more effective at delivering marketers’ advertising in front of the proper audience. They’ve been fine-tuned to provide the outcomes that matter to companies.

Google Ads, Helping Small Businesses Do More, Google Ads, Google Ads, Google Ads, Google Ads, Google Ads, Google Ads, Google Ads Launches Smart Campaigns for Small Businesses, the First New Product Under the Google Ads Brand.

PPC Keyword Research Tool

Find local CPCs, manage keywords, and export to AdWords using this tool.

ADS illustration

AdWords: Adgroup Shifts and New Words Cards on the Overview Page

Google AdWords’ overview page has been updated. AdWords customers now have access to two new insights: the New Words card and the Adgroup Shifts insight. The New Words card keeps track of new keywords and notifications, enabling you to respond quickly. The Adgroup Fluctuations insight, on the other hand, reveals expenditure shifts across distinct ad groups within a campaign.


Google AdWords: New on the Overview Page; About the Overview Page

Google has published a guide on shopping automation.

Google has released a new Shopping Automation Guide to assist retailers in developing automated platforms and providing a consistent customer experience for improved performance. The article walks you through a step-by-step procedure for using Google APIs to handle a large number of Merchant Center and AdWords accounts. Full Automation, Feed Management, and Campaign Management are the three automation solutions now offered to retailers.

Your Guide to Using Google APIs to Create an Automated Platform for Google Shopping

Google is experimenting with a new product panel design (Single-Product PLAs)

Dr. Pete Meyers observed their systems collecting a new design for product panels in Google search and tweeted about it. According to this observation, Google is most likely developing a new style and interface for product-based search results. However, it’s uncertain when and if the new design will be implemented and publicly accessible.


Dr. Pete Meyers’ Twitter page was used as a source.

Launch of Marketing Platform Partners

Google has announced the creation of Google Marketing Platform Partners as part of its recent branding drive to ensure that marketers get the most out of Google Marketing Platform. The new initiative will deliver scalable training and competence development across all Google Marketing Platform products. It essentially creates a comprehensive ecosystem of resources to guarantee that marketers acquire the skills they need to thrive. Certified Individuals, Certified Companies, and Sales Partners are the three distinct credentials.

From Basecamp to Summit: Taking Google Marketing Platform Partners to New Heights

Working Hours and Out of Office Option in Google Calendar

On June 27th, the official G Suite feed highlighted a recent upgrade to Google Calendar as well as new capabilities. Users will have greater choice over how their working time is spent now that the new upgrade is in place. It will have flexible working hours, allowing people to create an event on the web and pick a “Out of office” Calendar entry type. Others will be notified that they are unavailable during certain hours if you do so. Any meeting requests submitted within that time period will be automatically rejected. They may even personalize the refuse message and have the ‘out of office’ title visible on their Google Calendar.



Google Calendar Can Help You Manage Your Work and Personal Time

Webspam Report 2017 – How We Fought It

Google has published a new blog post detailing what the search engine giant has done in 2017 to tackle different abuses and spam in Google Search. “These numerous sorts of misuse that breach the webmaster standards are referred to as’spam,’” according to Google. They discovered an upsurge in website hacking, “both for spamming search rankings and distributing malware,” and provided website owners with instructions in the aim of decreasing the risks to consumers. 

Spam material created in comment sections or forums was another form. Google collaborates with major content management systems (CMSs) like WordPress and Joomla to combat spammers who take use of their resources to create spam material. The report gives a review of Google’s most pressing issues as well as a number of guidelines and tools for webmasters and users. Their objective is for us all to work together to eliminate all types of webspam. 

Source:  Webspam Report 2017 – How We Fought It

responsive search ads default” is a new feature in Google Ads. It allows you to set the ad’s text dynamically and let it be more personalized for each user. The “Google News Digest: Google Ads, New Insights in Google My Business and More” has more information on this topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Google business insights?

A: You can get Google business insights for one of your businesses. This is the only way to access it without a subscription. So, youll have to register with the number listed on their website and create an account with that businesss information in order to be able to use that service.

How do I see insights on Google Ads?

A: We are sorry, but we do not currently have access to insights on Google Ads.

What are insights in Google Ads?

A: Integrating Google Analytics and AdWords, insights allow businesses to see how their conversions are performing and where they need improvement. Ads that receive a high number of clicks can be adjusted in order for them to perform better with the help of these insights.

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