Google Provides Options and Ad Credits to Businesses: Google News Update

Google has recently released a new survey that provides some insight into the types of businesses where it sees success with its Google AdWords product.
The latest findings were published in August 2017, and they show significant growth for companies that focus on digital marketing, web design, hosting services and local SEO.

The “google adwords updates 2021” is a recent update from Google. They have provided options and ad credits to businesses that are looking for new ways to advertise their products.

Google has continued to broaden its response to COVID-19 in the last seven days, including the posting of a guide for healthcare providers on how to get started with Google My Business. ADS ON GOOGLE also released a statement this week announcing that $340 million in ad credits would be sent to small and medium-sized businesses throughout the globe in the coming months, as well as tips on how firms might suspend their online operations.

In unrelated Google COVID-19 update news, Google Posts have returned to Google My Business, the Google Podcasts app has been rebuilt and is now accessible for iOS devices, and Google is changing features in the SERPs as usual. There has also been a lot of SERP volatility, which has led to hypotheses, but we don’t have any specific information on why. 



Google My Business Has Reintroduced Google Posts

Business postings have resumed, according to a tweet from Google My Business on March 30th, however you may not see the option for a few days.

They sent a link to a support page that said, “Some business postings were momentarily blocked, but they have now been restored. We’re working on reprocessing previously rejected entries, so please check back in a few days to see whether yours is online, or start fresh. In addition, if you’re writing a post regarding COVID-19-related business developments, you may also include a ” COVID-19 update” in your Business Profile, which will be highlighted more highly.”

Posts about business were momentarily blocked, but they have already been restored. Visit our Help Center for additional information:

March 30, 2020 — Google My Business (@GoogleMyBiz)

Visit the Google My Business Help Center article Limited Google My Business functionality due to COVID-19 for more details.

Addressing COVID-19 Business Operations Issues Is Something Google Recommends

Google suggests writing blogs on COVID-19 that cover the following topics:

  • Hours of operation and closures on a temporary basis.
  • Changes in your company’s operations (e.g., pick up or delivery only, curbside pick up, call for details, etc.).
  • Updates on how the place is maintained in terms of safety and sanitation.
  • Requests for assistance.

According to Google, these changes will appear in a separate carousel below the company information. Here’s how to make a post that includes business updates: 


SEARCH ON GOOGLE Showing Delivery and Takeout Discover More Places Cards

Mordy Oberstein spotted and tweeted that the ‘Discover More Places’ carousel of photos for some food-related keywords now starts with ‘delivery’ and ‘takeout’ cards, which might be quite useful for users today.

Google Issues Recommendations on How to Take a Break from Your Online Business

In light of the spread of COVID-19 affecting many companies’ online activities, Google has released recommendations for business owners on how they can pause their business online, and reduce the impact with SEARCH ON GOOGLE. This includes limiting site functionality. Google recommends keeping your site online if you intend to reopen your online business, but reduce its functionality to limit the impact on your site’s online presence in Search. 

Google also recommends that businesses:

  • Reduce or deactivate the cart functionality: This has no effect on your company’s search exposure.

  • Notify Google of any changes: Request a recrawl from Google using Search Console for a restricted amount of sites. Use sitemaps if you have a lot of pages.

  • Update structured data to reflect dates, product availability, and other factors. Make sure to update your Local Business structured data if your firm has a physical storefront and your hours have changed. 

  • Keep consumers informed: To prevent any problems with customers over delivery dates, delays, or a lack of stock, make sure your company tells users as soon as feasible. Customer support concerns may be reduced by using banners or pop-ups to keep your consumers informed.

Google does not recommend that companies suspend their whole websites, even if just for a few weeks, since it may have a major impact on the site’s search rankings, even when done correctly.

The following are some of the probable unintended effects that Google lists as reasons why they do not advocate blocking whole websites:

  • Business information, such as your company logo and phone numbers, is lost while using Knowledge Panels.

  • Failure to verify your company information in Search Console, which means you lose all access to your business data in Search.

  • Customers will be perplexed since they will be unable to get first-hand information about your organization, goods, or services anywhere else.

For more tips, visit How To Pause Your Business Online In SEARCH ON GOOGLE.

Featured Snippets with YouTube Timestamp Links

In the search results for a YouTube video, Twitter user Raman saw Google displaying highlighted snippets with timestamps. It seems like separate sections of the film were divided down, similar to a table of contents. In the tweet below, you can see what this looks like:

There are no two waves of indexing or crawling.

Martin Splitt from Google explained debate within the SEO community regarding two rounds of indexing or crawling in a JavaScript SEO Hangout this week, according to Barry Schwartz. 

“First and foremost, the second wave of crawling-ish does not exist.” (16:31)


Visit Google for additional information on this subject: There are no such things as two indexing or crawling waves. 


Google Announces $340 Million in Ad Credits for SMBs

Google has announced it will be giving small and medium-sized businesses worldwide ad credits totaling $340 million. Google stated, “SMBs who have been active advertisers since the beginning of 2019 will see a credit notification appear in their ADS ON GOOGLE account in the coming months.”

This promise is part of Google’s wider commitment to assist small businesses, governments, health professionals, and health organizations in the event of a pandemic.

Google has more information at COVID-19: Ad Credits for ADS ON GOOGLE Small and Medium-sized Businesses.

COVID-19 Ad Campaign Evaluation and Adaptation

In response to COVID-19, Google has issued tips for firms to consider in order to assist consumers in evaluating their adverts. Google’s ad assessment guidance includes the following:

  • Review assets. Consider the tone of the headlines, material on landing pages, and descriptions. Consider whether or not certain photos and videos are acceptable at this time.

  • Examine your message to ensure that you’re providing vital information to visitors, such as if you provide in-store pick-up or delivery.

  • What has changed in your company recently? By amending your Business Profile, you may notify users of any changes in operating hours or if you are closed.

  • Make certain that the context and tone of your message are acceptable for all audiences. When it comes to terminology like coronavirus, use additional care in your language. “Double meanings of terms like “protection,” “checkup,” “prevention,” or “virus,” according to Google. “Be wary of local phrases that have been used to describe COVID-19 and regional disruptions for worldwide efforts,” they said.

Google also released guidelines on how to adjust advertising in response to market circumstances. They suggest:

  • Keeping an eye on current trends to stay up to speed on local circumstances so you can better comprehend what’s going on in local marketplaces.

  • Being ready to shift when performance measures such as conversions change. It’s possible that some changes may be required.

  • If required, pause ad groups or commercials. Ensure that any services or products that are impacted by demand concerns are updated. If you don’t know when inventory will be back in stock, mark things as out of stock on all channels. 

  • Using technologies to assist you in adapting to changes, such as the Google mobile app, which allows you to remain connected to campaigns at any time.

Visit Navigating Your Campaigns Through COVID-19 for more information.

ADS ON GOOGLE Experimenting with Carousel In Search?

It appears that Google may be testing a new ADS ON GOOGLE format. Matt Burgess posted on Twitter a ADS ON GOOGLE in Search screencast, featuring a new carousel format.

On Google My Business, Google offers tips for healthcare providers.

Google My Business posted a guide on how healthcare providers can use the platform to claim and manage their practice’s details. Tips include the ability to add information about services they offer (house calls, telemedicine, diagnostics, etc.), as well as personalize their business profiles on SEARCH ON GOOGLE and Maps.

Other Google My Business tools for healthcare professionals that may be useful include:

  • Creating booking links: Allows patients to arrange appointments on a healthcare provider’s website. Patients may now use G Suite’s Google Forms to request an appointment.

  • Adding services: The practice’s services, with descriptions and fees.

  • Creating posts: Use posts to keep patients up to date and connect with them.

  • Setting location data inside a complex: This also applies to providers who work in group offices or clinics. Providers may request that this information be included in their company profile, which will aid patients in finding offices that do not have outdoor signage.

Get Started With Google My Business For Healthcare Providers for more information.

New Feature and Enhanced Options In SEARCH ON GOOGLE Console

Google announced via Twitter that there are new options that will give you better control over user-level preferences in SEARCH ON GOOGLE Console. 

? Do you want more control over the choices of your Search Console users? You’ve got it! NEW: Select whether or not to display performance statistics for your property in Search results. ENHANCED: Select the sorts of emails you’d want to receive. More information may be found at and

March 30, 2020 — Google Webmasters (@googlewmc)

Email preferences – The new tool allows customers to choose the kind of emails Search Console sends. You may allow or disable particular sorts of emails, or you can disable them completely. Emails may also be re-subscribed to. 

When you search on Google and obtain results from one of your Search Console properties, you may see a summary card of your website’s performance. Only the full user or owner of the website will see this in Search Console. When looking for this to appear, you’ll also need to make sure you’re logged in with that same Google account.

Furthermore, you may choose whether or not the summary card shows for any or all of your sites. Visit the Search Console Help page for additional information. 

Google Podcasts has been resurrected and is now available on iOS.

The Google Podcasts app has been redesigned to make it simpler for users to find new podcasts, build collections of favorite episodes, and adjust their listening preferences. For the first time, Google Podcasts is available on iOS, and it will be available on Android later this week. Subscriptions are now available on the online version of the app.

This is how Google Podcasts has been redesigned:


The newly updated Google Podcasts app is divided into three sections:

  • The Home page displays a stream of new episodes as well as fast access to subscribing series.
  • Explore: provides individualized program or episode suggestions. These may be adjusted from the Google Podcasts app’s Explore tab’s settings.
  • Listening history, as well as downloaded and queued episodes, are shown under Activity.

Visit Discover podcasts you’ll love with Google Podcasts, now available on iOS, for more information.

Recent Information and Resources: 

Have the alternatives Google provided during the crisis been beneficial to your company? Let us know about it in the comments section below. 

Google has announced that they are now providing options and ad credits to businesses. This is a great news for businesses who want to advertise on Google News. Reference: google ads support.

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