Growing Webinomy tribe: 40 experts visit St. Petersburg for WNSM17

More than 400 marketing experts from 40 countries had the chance to visit St. Petersburg for WNSP17, which is considered one of the best conferences on marketing in Russia and Eastern Europe today. With an impressive line-up of speakers – including global leaders like Larry Kim, Tim Ferris, Seth Godin (and more!) – this conference was a true eye opener for anyone interested in digital marketing strategies.,

The World Nomad Summit is a fantastic opportunity for brands, bloggers and journalists to meet the next-generation travel influencers. In 2017, over 60 countries across the world will be participating in WNSM events.

The “st petersburg tree removal permit” is the name of a conference that was held in St. Petersburg, Russia on October 26th-28th, 2017. 40 experts from around the world attended the conference and it was an eventful one.

Building a close-knit network of dedicated SEO and digital marketing experts has always been a major focus for us. As a result, the White Nights SEMrush Meetup is a significant event for us. WNSM 2017 welcomed 40 specialists from 16 countries for its second year, providing a chance to network, debate the current SEO buzz, make new friends, form new relationships, and have a great time! This event was “a pretty brilliant concept,” according to Jim Stewart, since we received really valuable input from our clients to help us improve our solutions. We now have a good concept of what a “dream digital marketing tool” might look like.

We’d appreciate it if our users read the input below and shared their ideas with us. 


We planned a Meet and Greet session (similar to speed dating) after our founder and CEO, Oleg Shchegolev, gave a warm welcome speech and our CPO, Vitalii Obishchenko, gave a concise product history review. People learnt a lot about one another. For example, Felipe Bazon initially learned about digital marketing at a pub in Spain, while Paul Sanches switched from psychology to SEO after being asked to build a website as part of a school project.

Product Development Strategy at SEMrush

It’s priceless to be able to bring together world-renowned specialists in one place and obtain their input on SEMrush products. We’d want to express our gratitude to everyone who made it to St. Petersburg despite their hectic schedules! Here’s a rundown of the feedback and suggestions we got during the Lean Cafe session. 

Site Auditing Software

Site Audit is one of the most well-known SEMrush tools, with an outstanding list of 60+ inspections. We asked the experts for suggestions for additional tests that might improve the tool’s effectiveness. Fortunately, the input we got demonstrated that we are on the same page, since many of the suggestions were already on our 6-month plan. Tests for HTTPS installation, website performance (page speed and other metrics), reporting feature enhancement, and mobile SEO checks were among the most popular (AMP, page speed etc.). Another tool want is server log analysis—not required in the tool, but combining the data from Site Audit with data from other tools for further insights and suggestions would be very beneficial.

Although receiving a list of website flaws is simple, convincing a customer to actually solve them is a challenge, according to all experts. Fortunately, SEMrush’s interface with Trello comes in useful here – numerous visitors mentioned that the frequency of self-resolved problems is greater among customers who use this feature.


Analyze backlinks

In our Backlink Analytics, we employ Trust Score to determine a domain’s trustworthiness. We questioned the experts about the missing components that would make the Trust Score a more accurate evaluation of the backlink profile quality, because this is a metric we created ourselves. Here’s what they came up with:

  • Scores at the subfolder/page level should be available.

  • It’s important to consider 301 redirects.

  • The use of the bounce rate measure should be done with caution.

  • Extensive databases should be taken into account.

  • We must ensure that the algorithm and data used to calculate the score are clear and visible to the consumers.

Sensor SEMrush

SEMrush Sensor was built to monitor the volatility of Google’s SERPs and notify SEOs of any good or bad changes so they may take quick action or adapt their methods. It also shows you the proportion of SERP Features that are used.

We asked our visitors how they cope with Google updates on a regular basis. It turns out that, although SEOs keep an eye on SERP rankings, they don’t do so on a regular basis. The majority of experts are more concerned with long-term ranking adjustments than with short-term position changes. Long tail keywords are given special consideration. They would generally examine all sites, including Google Analytics and Google Search Console, if there is a change in visitor volume. Agencies often look at a few customers in the same or comparable industries at the same time to see whether the changes are due to a client’s internal issues or a market-wide update.

Expert feedback has confirmed the use of our volatility segmentation by industry – certain algorithm tweaks tend to effect specific markets specifically, so having a thorough picture rather than an average volatility score is quite useful.


Magic Tool Keyword

Fun fact: 30% of the experts were unaware that the Keyword Magic tool existed, and another 30% were unaware of its complete capability or were unable to locate it on the menu. This input was sent to our UX/UI team right away. Some experts were unaware that the tool was related to other resources such as Keyword Analyzer (where you can access the most up-to-date SERP data), PPC Keyword Tool, and Position Tracking. Our killer features (such as the SERP features filter, the ‘Questions’ keyword phrases, and the match type filter) seem to be buried too deep in the UI. We are unquestionably ‘guilty’ in this case, and we must make them stand out. 

When it comes to keyword research, our guests agreed that identifying the “money” keywords (those that convert when the user’s objective is to buy) is a difficult undertaking. So, we’ll take this information into consideration and look into fresh keyword analysis directions.

There were several tool requests, but the most popular was a simple one: visible notifications for newly added capability would be a welcome addition to the UI.

Analytical Traffic

Our traffic analytics tools and reports are utilized to see how well you’re doing in comparison to your competitors. We asked the professionals to go back to the fundamentals of the client promotion process and outline the initial actions they take before making any strategic decisions to make this area of the toolkit as helpful as possible.

Following the creation of buyer personas, a dive into the client’s Google Analytics account (or on-site analytics), and an audit, the next stage would be to examine the niche’s major players and determine what they do. Although it’s impossible to tell if the traffic or channels your competitors employ provide any value, experts believe that the information provided by SEMrush Traffic Analytics is more than enough to get an idea of their online strategy and finances. You may start testing certain assumptions to see what works, and then review the outcomes and construct a fact-based plan once a decent amount of time has passed.

Benchmarking among sectors, conversion statistics by keyword/channel, and analytics of finished campaigns, whether in the interface or upon request, were all requests for Traffic Analytics.

At Its Finest, Competition

Over the course of these two days, we spoke a lot about defeating competitors, so it seemed only logical that the casual portion of our event would be about competition as well. Experts were divided into six teams and competed in SEO games, which included estimating the top Google autocomplete phrases, predicting keyword volumes, and researching the most obscure regions of the SEMrush interface. It was incredible to watch how close some of the teams became.


We posed some amusing questions to our teams, such as which of these terms had the most traffic – cat or Melania Trump? The solution is given below. Would you have guessed correctly?


We are delighted and thrilled to have such a diverse and international community. In our mission to create the only tool marketing teams will need, getting an international perspective on our product is vital. Over half of all software upgrades at SEMrush are based on customer input. WNSM17 aided our Product Managers in putting their assumptions to the test, generating new product development ideas, and ensuring that SEMrush addresses the most pressing digital marketing issues.

For the second year in a row, we were thrilled to host this event. We’d want to express our gratitude to everyone who traveled to St. Petersburg and generously offered their time, expertise, experiences, and energy with us! We like your vigor and enthusiasm for life, as well as, of course, SEO!

Keep an eye out for WNSM 2018!

The “st petersburg history” is a topic that has been covered by 40 experts from around the world. They visited St. Petersburg for WNSM17, which was held in Russia.

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