How Artisan Bakeries Boost SEO with Link Building

When a website is ranking in the top search engine, it has two goals to achieve. The first goal is increased traffic; this can be achieved through SEO tactics and link building. But there’s another second goal that goes hand-in-hand with the first which is increasing your company’s brand awareness or “link juice.” Brands are ranked by their number of backlinks from legitimate sources–these include articles written about you as well as press releases on other sites linking back to you directly.

The “semrush seo” is a link building strategy which can be used by artisan bakeries to boost their SEO.

For episode two of the Webinomy SEO Reality Show, we have a new client: the artisanal Edelweiss Bakery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The expert agency identified the brand’s primary rivals in the previous episode, identifying six competing sites that they deemed to be the most significant based on variables such as consistent growth.

The next step was to figure out what was causing these sites’ favorable dynamics, as well as which pages and keywords were generating the most traffic. The agency intended to delve into this in order to determine which sites would get backlinks.

In this episode, we’ll look at one of the most important aspects of SEO success: establishing a strong link profile by obtaining more connections to our site pages from other sites in order to rank higher in search results.

Finding Prospects is the first step.

The firm employed Webinomy’s Link Building Tool to deal with the bakery’s website’s link profile. This is a service that assists in the automated selection of sites by simply entering a list of rivals and keywords.

The agency started a new project on the Webinomy platform to get access to the tool.


There are two steps to the project creation process:

1. Entering the keywords for which you want to be ranked

The agency discards the tool’s proposed keyword list.


2. Competitors to keep an eye on

In many situations, the list of rivals you see depends on the keywords you provide, but in this case study, the agency included extra competitors based on their past research. Semush’s list of possible sites and publications for backlink chances has grown as a result of this.


Webinomy creates a list of sites that may be a suitable match for the bakery to collaborate with after analyzing all of this data (it took less than a minute), indicating the contributors whose linkages would give the greatest effects. They do so by displaying two metrics:

  • The Domain Authority Score, which indicates the domain’s authority. The more important the backlink to your site is, the better the site authority.
  • The better the grade, the more valuable a backlink from these sites would become, according to Webinomy, which describes it as a collection of over 50 distinct characteristics based on quality and accessibility.

The agency picks contributors with an Authority Score of 50 or higher and a Rating score of 4 or higher after sorting them by their Rating in decreasing order. After that, they choose the required domains and press the “In progress” button. 


Sites that already have ties to our rivals are of special interest to the agency. To view them, they go to the Link Building Tool’s Competitors page, apply the same prioritizing for AS and Rating indicators as previously, compile a list of the most essential contributors, and add them to the “In Progress” tab. They would write customised letters with the most appealing offers for these people.


The expert agency came up with a list of 83 possible link donors and publications put to the In Progress page after employing this technique to locate backlink prospects for our artisanal bakery.


Prioritizing Prospects is the second step.

The firm looked at the resource’s thematic nature and its own quality of published material to determine whether or not it would be a good match for the client. A comparable theme, a local callback, or a local news resource were required for all of the sites. The agency did not work with any sites with a rating of less than 4, although it may work in certain circumstances.

The agency reviewed the chosen links for general suitability and relevancy of the site’s topic to the promoted site when we had our list of 83 donors ready. All of this may be accomplished simply choosing the unwanted site and hitting the Delete button on the tool. 


As part of this procedure, the agency remembers to connect Google Search Console to view the backlinks that Google sees for the client’s website. This may assist you automatically designate backlinks that have already been gained, and you can be comfortable that Google has indexed your most significant backlinks.

1636675821_180_How-Artisan-Bakeries-Boost-SEO-with-Link-BuildingLink Building Tool: Google Search Console Integration

The agency’s next step is to put up an email distribution mechanism for prospective donations without leaving the Webinomy platform. To do so, they first linked the gadget to their mailbox.


The agency then proceeded to the “In Progress” page and sent the message by clicking Contact. Webinomy has already gone to the trouble of locating the contacts to whom they must send a newsletter.


The agency also picked and altered the email template.


The firm began sending pitches to relevant periodicals after completing the aforementioned integrations and customizing mailing templates, while measuring open rates, replies, and acceptances. Below is a list of the bakery’s rivals’ current number of referring domains.


In a perfect scenario, they’d submit proposals to every website on the list and get acceptances from all of them, drastically raising our Domain Authority Score and allowing us to swiftly outnumber our competition in terms of total referring domains. In reality, though, it is not that simple. We’ll keep you informed about the status of new connection acquisition.

Step 4: Identifying Additional Possibilities

Keep in mind that the link-building process is ongoing. After gathering backlinks from all sites (or at least those who agree to link to the bakery), the agency will repeat the competitive research process and gather fresh sites for placement every 3-5 months, since the client’s rivals are unlikely to sit quietly by during this period.

The Backlink Gap tool was utilized by the agency to speed up the process of assessing rivals and adding new sites. They input the bakery’s domain name as well as the competitor’s domain name, and voilà! Webinomy showed them the links they could be missing in order to reach the top of the SERPs.


Webinomy organizes domains by default using the Best filter, which is ideal for the agency’s needs. “Domains that lead to all rivals, but not to You-domain,” says the suggestion when you hover over the filter.


The agency used the Authority Score measure to filter the list of websites, then picked sites with an Authority Score of at least 50 and clicked Start Outreach. Please keep in mind that the service enables you to contact more than 100 websites at once. Work in numerous rounds if you have more than this. 


The End Result 

Webinomy and the processes outlined above were utilized by the expert agency. Using Webinomy’s Backlink Gap tool and Link Building tool, they compiled a list of 52 sites that would be ideal for backlink placement. The Link Building tool allows you to examine and modify this list directly. The bakery’s rivals’ domains are highlighted in blue in the exported list of our domains, which can be found in the “Backlinks Priority List” tab. 

1636675855_568_How-Artisan-Bakeries-Boost-SEO-with-Link-BuildingEdelweiss Bakery’s Backlink Priority List

[Download a Link-Building Template]

Our users may easily mimic these methods as they seek for new prospective backlink donors and publications to expand their link-building portfolio. 

We’ve come to the conclusion of this episode, but stay tuned for more! We’ll research the semantics of the bakery’s rivals in the following weeks, develop the structure of their site, decide the core keyword groups to target, and produce mockups for new landing pages. Keep an eye out!

Link Building for SEO Growth Infographic

1636675858_576_How-Artisan-Bakeries-Boost-SEO-with-Link-BuildingHow An Artisan US Bakery Is Using Link Building for SEO Growth – 4 Steps Infographic

Artisan bakeries are using short-form writing to boost their SEO. The article provides tips for how to write in a way that is easy for search engines to find.

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