How High Can Your Facebook Frequency Go and Still Get Conversions?

The Facebook frequency strategy is a high-performance marketing technique that maximizes the number of conversions by using your personal connections to drive sales and grow your business. How do you find the balance between what works best for you?

The “facebook ad frequency best practices” is a question that has been asked numerous times. It’s important to know how high your frequency can go and still get conversions.

We’ve all heard about banner blindness and ad weariness, but in the PPC world, we’ve devised a few strategies to avoid these issues. Simply replace the backdrop picture, tweak the color scheme, or even invert the words to generate a completely different ad copy. But how can you keep your bids under control and continue to drive conversions when your Facebook ad frequency rises to 10 or even 20?

We recently launched a Facebook ad campaign for a client and discovered that we had possibly attained the highest ad group frequency we’d ever seen, 95.68, during a five-month period. We had shown the same ad to the same individuals 95 times and were still achieving conversions with a tiny specialty target of 400 to 1000 people.

Let’s start by talking about the significance of ad frequency in Facebook advertising, and then show you how our campaign continues to produce conversions at such a high rate.

What is the definition of ad frequency?

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Facebook uses ad frequency to measure how many times a display ad was displayed to the same individual. The number of impressions delivered by an ad is divided by the number of unique visitors reached by the ad to determine ad frequency. Ad frequency is also impacted by the budget of your account and the demographics of your target audience (e.g. their interests and Facebook behavior).

For their campaigns, users often employ three distinct bids:

  • Paying a monetary amount each time someone clicks on an ad or a link is known as cost per click (CPC).

  • CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) – Amount paid each time an ad receives more than 1000 impressions.

  • Cost per result, cost per lead, cost per app install, and similar terms are often used in e-commerce, mobile, and app install marketing.

Advertisements are subject to a bidding process in which Facebook determines which ad best serves its target audience. Which advertisements are delivered to a certain audience is determined by the maximum bid, expected audience actions, and ad relevancy.

It’s vital to remember that CTR, CPC, CPM, and Daily Unique Reach only tell marketers how well an ad is working, not why it’s performing that way. This is why ad frequency in a Facebook ad campaign is so important.

The frequency of your ads reveals how successful your current targeting attempts are. Display ad frequency, ad group frequency, and ad campaign frequency are three approaches to quantify ad frequency.

In general, Facebook advertising aimed at a horizontal market should aim for a frequency of 1-2 ads each day. If your ad frequency is less than one, it means your advertising are too spread out and aren’t reaching your target demographic. Banner blindness occurs when the ad frequency in the newsfeed exceeds 4 and the ad frequency in the right ad column exceeds 8.

On the news stream, Facebook permits advertising to be displayed to the same individual twice a day, while ads in the right column have no such restriction. Typically, as ad frequency increases, the CTR decreases and the CPC rises.


If you utilize a CPC bid, Facebook will enable you to employ frequency limits to suspend ads that reach an excessive frequency. Adding a CPM bid to an ad group may enable the frequency of an ad to increase indefinitely.

What Our Campaign Looked Like

Over the course of five months, we conducted an ad campaign for a client utilizing two separate ad groups. Both ads were set on auto-CPC and were aimed at a 400-1000 person audience.  

Our frequency increased dramatically over time as our ad budget enabled us to deliver a carousel of advertisements to the same consumers. Our frequency had already surpassed 50 by the conclusion of the first month of our campaign.

The promotion runs from December 15 through December 26.


Our campaign’s regularity didn’t prevent clicks despite its limited budget and reach.


To counteract ad fatigue and reduce our increasing frequency, we suspended the campaign for almost three months before resuming it for three weeks at a time. We received roughly 30 clicks and a frequency of over 95 towards the conclusion of the campaign. Our other ad group had a frequency of more over 50 and was still generating clicks at the same rate.


Our CPC climbed to $2.62 throughout the course of the campaign, but our CTR remained below 0.50 percent per impression, as seen below.


Even after being filled out over a lengthy period of time, our advertisements still converted. Our ad text, strong call to action, and excellent ad relevance ratings may have contributed to this.


It’s vital to note that our frequency was for a particular ad group with six distinct advertisements. Surprisingly, each ad in the group had a distinct performance. Our ad with the most frequency, predictably, had the most hits while not having the lowest CTR. These elements might be attributed to both the ad content and the audience’s actions.

Last Thoughts

You’ve definitely spent a few restless nights watching your ad frequency if you’re running a Facebook marketing campaign. Our ad frequency research looked at two separate ad groups and discovered that having a high ad frequency didn’t always mean our advertisements weren’t generating conversions. So, in the comments below, tell us whether this is the highest Facebook frequency ever.

Scheduling and Facebook Analytics

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The “optimal ad frequency” is the number of times you should run ads on Facebook. If you are trying to get conversions, then this is important information for your business.

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