How to Build an SEO Strategy on Reddit and Promote Your Business

The “google search console” is a tool that allows users to track their website’s ranking on Google. It also helps to identify the best keywords for your business.

Reddit has a huge number of users, with over four billion monthly page views. The platform is also one of the most visited websites in the world and that means there are plenty of people who see your website each day. It’s time to build an SEO strategy for Reddit!

Many marketers utilize Reddit as a hidden weapon to boost traffic and internet awareness. However, it is sometimes rejected as a waste of time and money, with the belief that time and resources would be better spent executing measures on your own website. However, this is not the case; every solid SEO plan also considers off-page factors.

In this tutorial, we’ll dispel this misconception and show you why Reddit should be an important part of your internet marketing plan, as well as how to leverage the site to promote your business and flourish.

This manual will cover the following topics:

When talking about Reddit and utilizing it as part of your plan, you’ll need to know the following terms:

  • Subreddits, sometimes known as /r/[name], are Reddit communities that are either private or public.
  • Upvotes and downvotes: Reddit includes a voting system in which users may upvote or downvote a post or comment, with the material with the most upvotes minus downvotes ranking higher on the page. Upvote what you like and downvote what you don’t.
  • Karma is just the difference between upvotes and downvotes. On Reddit, however, there are two sorts of karma: comment karma (when users upvote or downvote comments) and link karma (when users upvote or downvote links) (when links are clicked).
  • OP (Original Poster): As the name implies, this is the person who first made a post or remark. 
  • Rules: Each subreddit has its own set of rules that are plainly listed for members to follow.
  • Self-Promotion: When you shamelessly share your own information or links for the express purpose of promotion, this is known as self-promotion. Instead of self-promotion, you should use Reddit to offer value. 
  • Contributors to Reddit are known as Redditors.

You’ve been missing out over the past several years if you haven’t heard about Reddit.

In many ways, Reddit is a massive collection of discussion forums on almost any topic you can think of.

In reality, Reddit is the sixth most popular website in the United States (and the twentieth in the world), with over 430 million active members. This is the same number of users as Twitter, but the site has a better engagement rate. 

Now can you understand why, as a marketer, you can’t afford to ignore it?

/r/funny (Reddit’s biggest comedy repository), /r/AskReddit (the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions), and /r/gaming (a subreddit for (nearly) everything connected to games – video games, board games, card games, etc., but not sports) are among the most popular.


There are probably certainly a number of subreddits dedicated to your goods or services.

Simply said, Reddit is massive. 

But it’s precisely because of this that it’s such a strong tool for marketers, and we’ll look at why it can become such a vital element of your strategy.

Reddit describes itself as the internet’s first page.

Because the most upvoted material from across subreddits acquires popularity and gets displayed on the top page each day, it is a very accurate description. As you would think, this gives your content, as well as your website, a tremendous amount of exposure.


Content that makes it to the main page of Reddit often gets tens of thousands of comments and upvotes, and obtaining this degree of exposure is frequently touted as a goal of Reddit marketers.

Even while Reddit may be a highly effective medium for driving traffic and awareness for marketers, it is not for everyone. To properly utilize Reddit as part of your digital marketing plan, you must first understand the average Redditor demographic.

The typical Reddit contributor, according to Foundation Inc, is:

  • Males are more likely to be in charge than females (15 percent of US males use Reddit compared to 8 percent of females).
  • Between the ages of 18 and 34 is the most common age range (with an even stronger skew to the 18 to 24 age group).
  • It’s most likely from the United States (59.7 percent of Reddit users live in the US).
  • Reddit’s feeling of community is likely to appeal to you, and you’re unlikely to be amenable to obvious self-promotion.

However, these are just the average user’s demographics. If your industry has an active subreddit, you should learn how to leverage it to grow your brand (without being self-promotional).

Reddit is a place where you can contribute value and share your knowledge, and if you can do that, you’ll be able to see results from your marketing efforts there. It is probably not the channel for you if all you want to do is promote yourself. 

The sheer size and popularity of Reddit appeals to businesses trying to expand their brand and traffic. When we look at Google Trends, we can see that interest in Reddit is growing year after year.


Reddit isn’t going anywhere, and if you don’t include it in your digital strategy, you’re losing out on a lot of chances.

But why should you use it if you haven’t done so already?

Using the Backlink Analytics tool, you may have discovered that your rivals have followed links from Reddit. 

There’s a strong possibility you anticipated nofollow links on Reddit, but this isn’t always the case. If you’re fortunate enough to get a follow link, it may be beneficial to your SEO strategy.

  • All links on Reddit begin as nofollow, but after your material receives good feedback and a score of 2 or above (score = upvotes – downvotes), they become followed links. 
  • It’s a good technique to establish authority connections from inside a thematically relevant community if you can produce material that gets upvotes and engages the audience.
  • Even if your material isn’t featured on Reddit’s top page, you can anticipate your links to get a lot of traffic if it becomes popular. 
  • Many subreddits are quite busy, and Redditors are ready to interact with non-self-promotional material that provides value to the community.
  • One of the key advantages of Reddit to marketers is the traffic potential (which you can then try to drive into your remarketing list or promote a signup to your email list).

Many companies are focusing their efforts these days on building a dedicated fan base, and Reddit is the ideal location to do it. 

  • Become a thought leader in your field by demonstrating your knowledge and sharing your thoughts on the platform.
  • As a result of being perceived as someone who adds actual value to the community, brand recognition and association will increase. 
  • If you write text posts, you’ll frequently discover that they rank well on Google, implying that you have even more opportunities to attract community visitors. 
  • It’s fairly unusual to discover that someone else on Reddit has referenced your company in their own reply. It may be someone asking a question, or it could be someone recommending your product or service.
  • You may utilize the SEMrush brand monitoring feature to get notifications when your brand is mentioned, allowing you to jump into the conversation and help out or answer to inquiries and questions when you can contribute value.

When it comes to utilizing Reddit as a marketing tool, one thing to keep in mind is that you should never use the network to spam.

Your main goal on Reddit should be to generate informative, interesting, or engaging material for others. Get to know your audience and generate material that will be useful to them. 

You should never use Reddit exclusively for the purpose of link building for SEO, but you should be aware that if you concentrate on offering value, you can get some amazing links.

You’ll be generating significant value in no time if you follow the fundamental Reddit etiquette. 

Are you ready to discover how to utilize Reddit to sell your company and develop it? 

Sign up for an account if you don’t already have one; you’ll need to be signed in to start gaining value. 

You’ll need to locate your audience, which may be found on Subreddits.

Finding groups where your material may give value is the greatest place to start when promoting your company on Reddit. The search box and filter choices are where it all begins.

Enter a term, and you’ll get suggested subreddits even before you do a complete search. We looked for ‘gaming’ in the following places:


When you do a complete search, you’ll get a far more comprehensive list of possible subreddits to join when you click in to examine communities and members.


Work through a list of terms linked to your company or brand, then look for and join prospective subreddits — you’ll be assessing the material and contributing afterwards.


Finding a mix of appropriate subreddits in which you can promote interaction is the key to developing an effective approach. 

You don’t want to start publishing your own material in your selected subreddits without first understanding what the best-performing content looks like to help guide your approach.

Remember that effective Reddit marketing is based on providing value to the community, but in order to do so, you must first understand what is working and what is creating the most interaction and upvotes.

It’s difficult to come up with original content that people want to connect with.

It’s worthwhile to spend some time looking at what other people are publishing that gets popular, and the easiest way to do so is to look at the ‘hot’ tab.

Click into the ‘hot’ posts (and choose a period) or add /top/ to the end of a subreddit’s URL.

We suggest using the period ‘this year’ to get a good idea of what has been working lately while looking at a big enough sample set.


Look for patterns in content formats or themes to assist you figure out what works. But keep in mind that the purpose isn’t merely to obtain Reddit upvotes. You want to get people to visit your website.

The ideal method to exploit insights from relevant subreddits is to use them as a starting point for creating material for your site’s blog or content hub, which is then shared on Reddit.

Let’s have a peek at the /r/marketing subreddit to see what fantastic content ideas you can come up with.

Begin by typing your search terms into the Reddit search field. The following are some excellent beginning points:

  • How do you go about it?
  • Tips
  • Advice
  • Help

Make sure you’re searching inside a particular subreddit rather than the whole Reddit. You’ll notice an option to display results from the subreddit if you perform a search from it.

We’re searching for question-based articles that you can transform into blog material that serves as an answer, and the more upvotes you get, the more engaged your audience is. 

These may be used to brainstorm content ideas. Let’s have a look at the results of a search on this subreddit for “how do you”:


You may rapidly start putting together subjects that you see are generating interaction, utilizing concepts like:

  • What impact will COVID-19 have on buyer psychology when the globe returns to its previous state?
  • As a marketing executive, you’ll learn how to confidently report on performance.
  • As a B2B brand, how do you build target segments?
  • In 2020, here’s how to produce cost-effective leads at scale.
  • How to conduct A/B price tests without jeopardizing your reputation or annoying your clients.
  • To stay on top of digital marketing trends, follow these X-people on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • How to develop a business with a product that no one wants to purchase.

In only a few minutes, you’ve come up with seven new blog post ideas. Not a terrible source of inspiration at the best of times (you can then add keyword research on top of that), but the fact that you can see the upvotes makes the method much more successful.

That’s only the beginning of what you can do with Reddit in this fashion. For additional ideas and guidance, check out our post on how to utilize Reddit for keyword research to improve your content marketing approach.

The truth is that the community does not trust new accounts in the same way that it does existing accounts.

And this is understandable. It should come as no surprise that Reddit isn’t immune to opportunistic link builders who don’t care about contributing value and are just looking for quick wins. 

That is not the way Reddit operates. 

You’ll need to build up your Karma to become a trustworthy voice on Reddit. This is a point system that you earn by leaving comments on other people’s blogs and writing your own. 

You give someone good or bad Karma when you upvote (or downvote) their post. As you may expect, good Karma raises the score while bad Karma lowers it. It’s the platform’s approach of ensuring that users see just the finest remarks, and it’s something you can’t overlook if you want your channel to succeed.

The Karma score of a Redditor may be seen on their profile page.

You should be aware that accumulating Karma does not provide a direct advantage; rather, it demonstrates that you are an active part of the community who creates material that other Redditors like. Some subreddits even have a minimum Karma requirement before you can post or reply. 

A higher Karma score indicates that you are a reliable source of information. 


  • Whatever you do, don’t spam by making as many posts as possible in the hopes of receiving an upvote. This is known as karma farming, and it is strongly discouraged. It’s not a good idea. 

  • As a Reddit newcomer, the easiest method to generate Karma is to participate naturally with other people’s material, which includes upvoting, downvoting, and participating in debates. Add value, voice your opinion, and just participate.

  • Given the time-sensitive nature of postings, getting engaged early in a topic is typically beneficial, and you may see possibilities on subreddits’ ‘new’ and ‘increasing’ tabs.

  • You’ll gain Karma for publishing unique material, but we recommend building up a little of trust first, and certain subreddits, as we’ve previously indicated, demand it before you can participate at all.

  • Because your profile is linked to your karma, you won’t need to earn it from the key subreddits you’ll be utilizing to market your company. Consider participating in subreddits that are relevant to both your hobbies and your profession.

You’ll want to start utilizing the platform properly as a marketer after you’ve built up some Karma.

This entails producing and distributing your own material.

We’ve previously discussed how to utilize subreddits and searches to generate content ideas that have received community approval in the form of upvotes, and this may be a terrific method to develop and distribute your own content.

Remember, the purpose is to offer value to the community, not just to publish your link — only share stuff that adds value to the subreddit you’re in.

The first option is to share the link with the following title:


The alternative option is to write a post with a written summary and put the link inside it:


Both have a role in a well-thought-out Reddit marketing plan. If you’re providing value, you should begin to notice more interaction on your articles and, perhaps, increased traffic to your site through your links.

You may start your own customised subreddit if you’ve worked out what material gets the greatest results on the platform and are consistently posting thoughts and connections to your selected groups. It’s a good idea to utilize Reddit to promote your business.

The option to establish a community may be found on the sidebar of Reddit’s site.


You won’t be able to make one until your account has been active for at least 30 days and has accumulated a certain amount of good Karma. Although the exact number isn’t disclosed, Reddit reports that it isn’t excessively expensive. This is estimated to be approximately 50.

Once your community is up and running, you’ll need to advertise it, and a good place to start is the /r/newreddits subreddit, as well as sharing links in other similar communities.

Moderate your community with the goal of providing value, and make sure your brand is actively involved in debates.

For additional suggestions on how to expand your subreddit, check out Reddit Mods’ guide.

More than simply creating and sharing content can be done using Reddit as part of your digital marketing plan; we’ve included a list of some of our favorites below.

Reddit advertising may be an excellent approach to “access influential groups made up of millions of individuals engaged with today’s most relevant content.”

Reddit Ads is a platform that you should carefully examine if you want to spark a discussion about your content, offer items, or build awareness.

And, before you compare it to Google Ads, keep in mind that the systems are very different and should not be compared. Reddit Ads can help you reach new, engaged audiences with your content. 

The beauty of these advertising is that they show alongside organic material on subreddits, increasing exposure and interaction.


You may run your own advertisements directly on Reddit, or if you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, we recommend Traffic Jet, a SEMrush product that will allow you totally automate your traffic acquisition in just a few clicks.

Reddit is an excellent place to test your ideas and obtain feedback from your target audience whether you’re employing creative content marketing or digital PR as part of your SEO plan.

Share drafts of your material or campaigns in appropriate subreddits and keep an eye on the comments and upvotes. Is your material well-liked by the public? If that’s the case, you’re probably ready to pitch it to the media. 

If they are uninterested, maybe the input you have received can assist you in making modifications and achieving success?

On the NeoMam blog, you can learn more about how to leverage Reddit for content testing.

An AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit is a great method to interact with your audience. 

However, you must ensure that you are addressing this in the proper manner. Keep track of how this benefits your brand and keep in mind the objectives you’ve set for yourself (and why you are doing it).

However, as Brent Csutoras explains in this How to Host a Successful Reddit AMA article, you must be ready for everything.

Expect the Reddit community to steer the discussion in unexpected areas. How you respond may influence how others feel about you in the long run.

Brent Csutoras (Brent Csutoras)

There are several benefits to holding an AMA, but it is not as easy as choosing to do so. As with everything worthwhile, you must devote the necessary time to ensure that it is completed correctly. 

We Hope This Reddit Guide Was Helpful.

For the proper company, Reddit may be a goldmine of traffic, yet it is sometimes underestimated.

There is a lot you can gain from Reddit as a channel if you are willing to put in the time and effort to actually contribute value to the site. Don’t fall into the trap of spamming or being too self-promotional, and you’ll have a lot of success. 

Are you utilizing Reddit to help your company grow? If so, please leave a comment below with your best advice.

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