How To Build Your Franchise With Effective SEO Strategies

If you want to take your business from a small local mom-and-pop shop to the national scene, SEO is essential. It allows people at all levels of the company’s hierarchy – whether they be CEO, cofounders or interns – an easy way in which they can implement their vision and goals for the brand’s digital presence on search engines like Google.

“SEO for franchise websites” is a blog post that discusses how to build your franchise with effective SEO strategies. The article includes information about the importance of SEO, and how it can help you in building your business.

When compared to offline marketing and pay-per-click methods, SEO is less expensive per lead. However, managing SEO for a franchise may be difficult since there are so many moving elements – domains vs. subdomains, local vs. corporate landing pages, national vs. regional visions, mobile users – and it’s one of the most difficult things to coordinate across national and local networks.

Support Franchisees with SEO Campaigns, Franchisors

According to conventional opinion, major franchisors should never delegate SEO to smaller franchisees, preferring instead to have a single main office that collaborates with the smaller offices. Make sure you’re also optimized for your website. Keep the following in mind while optimizing your franchise website for search engines:

  • Establish benchmarks and use keyword positioning reports right away.
  • Because mobile and local are linked, make sure your page is mobile-friendly.
  • Use excellent practices. On each location landing page, there are SEO markups (very important step that is often overlooked).
  • Things won’t happen overnight: it may take up to 90 days to see significant benefits, but when used correctly, it will pay off in the long run.
  • Article marketing, video SEO, social bookmarking, and blog posting are just a few examples of how to build solid links.
  • Choose the best keywords and make sure each unique location page has relevant geo-local content. To capitalize on your franchise’s authority, make sure it’s linked to your main domain. To assist you identify the proper keywords, you may utilize tools like SEMrush.

This is critical: simplify your SEO approach for the general public. Some SEOs advise using subdirectories rather than subdomains, but do what’s best for your firm and work out your SEO requirements from there.

“Franchises face significant challenges when it comes to SEO,” says Andrew Shotland of Local SEO Guide. “However, in some ways, they are no different than non-franchise multi-location brands, and often SEO is no different than any other marketing channel the franchise is trying to provide to franchisees.” “It’s a basic communication issue.” The franchisee and the franchisee’s expertise of SEO is often lacking.”

Shotland went on to say that a scenario where a franchisee with their own SEO vendor attempts to push the vendor onto other franchisees often occurs, causing confusion at the top and other unusual things.

“The most crucial item to get right at the start is the communication method, as well as how you’ll report on progress.” There will inevitably be difficulties from many franchisees, and having a mechanism in place to prioritize, triage, and report back to the main office is vital.”

The greatest option is to have a single social media profile for the whole firm. Short, useful information should be posted, along with well phrased subliminal advertising.

When do you make your posts? Not simply for the purpose of publishing, but when anything interesting occurs. Once or twice a week is a reasonable rule of thumb to stick to.

When it comes to knowing when your consumers are online, the time of day, and the day of the week, Facebook can give a wealth of information. Make the most of this knowledge. When your content is a success in organic reach, split test it to multiple audiences to increase its potency. This is a chance to create connections with your consumers and communicate about your product, all of which will assist to improve site activity – and will have a significant impact on your search engine results. 

  • Franchisees often see Facebook as the most successful social media tool, ignoring other social media platforms including as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. 
  • Twitter may be a useful tool for sharing information about new places, goods, and services. 
  • LinkedIn is a powerful tool for building a huge pool of qualified prospects and developing a soft sell plan to get prospective franchisees to inquire about your company and learn more about it. 
  • Pinterest can help you generate good brand awareness, convey your company’s beliefs, and establish a community around your name. 


Consider social networks to be like TV channels: switch them on and set marketing objectives for each one based on what they’re best suited for. 

“New material is usually a winner for SEO,” Shotland added, “but it’s not always essential.” “Links from other websites may help compensate for a lack of content strategy. However, it’s always better if the two work together. The sort of content is entirely reliant on the company and its SEO strategy.” 

Since Google upgraded its Panda 4.2 algorithm, having high-quality content is more vital than ever. This upgrade stops low-quality websites from rising to the top of Google’s search rankings. To prevent being classified as having low-quality material, a good rule of thumb for franchises is to include tags on their website that contain titles, meta descriptions, and SEO tags. Shotland suggests constructing an editorial calendar that plots out these types of events depending on their significance, opportunity, and available resources.

“If you don’t have much to say, there’s no need to contribute material,” Shotland said, “but for others, there may be a strong reason – most likely images and videos they may share with the world.”


SEO for franchises isn’t a mystery.

Relevancy is the key to having your franchise rated by the search engines. Keep in mind that Google searches for ‘themes’ in material. If you were to write an instructive piece on autos, you’d probably include information about tires and engines as well. Google is well aware of this, which is why it creates themes.

The purpose of SEO is to produce leads and sales, which will eventually lead to a successful company. Part of that purpose is to ensure that your website is well-ranked so that it reaches the widest possible audience and prospective customers. When all tactics, locations, and management work together for the better advantage of the organization, SEO for franchisees works best.

Do you have any franchise SEO success stories? What did you find to be effective? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I franchise SEO?

A: To franchise SEO, you will need a large amount of money to pay for the startup costs. The costs include advertising fees, building a website and updating it with content regularly enough to keep visitors interested in your companys services. Youll also need an experienced team that can handle customer service issues when they arise.

How can I improve my franchising?

A: How can you improve your franchising?
A: A lot of things, for instance, if youre trying to build a franchise in the pizza industry. Youd need to be familiar with what each city has and how popular it is before opening up shop there. If you are part of an established business that already sells franchises, then I would recommend contacting someone who knows about franchising than opening one yourself just because everyone will know where it comes from when they see the name on the front door.

What is important in a franchising strategy?

A: Somebody who has experience in the franchising industry will know that there is a lot of detail to be considered when developing and then running an effective strategy. This includes deciding what kind of business you want, how many franchises can successfully operate under this one brand, which cities would work best for your franchise model and more.

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