How to Create a Social Media Calendar in 5 Easy Steps (with Template)

Social media has become a popular tool to fuel engagement and business opportunities on the internet. There are many different approaches to create social posts, but this article will show you how to have an effective calendar of content that is easy for your team members and followers in just 5 steps.

The “how to make a social media calendar in excel” is a blog that has the steps for creating a social media calendar. The blog also includes an Excel template that can be used as well.

Social media platforms are crucial for communication and content exchange. However, with the quantity of information, ideas, and news we consume on a daily basis, keeping track of your social media accounts may become a difficult effort. You may be considering using a social media calendar to organize your job. But how can you make one that is beneficial to your company? With the help of a useful social media calendar template, we’ll show you how to get started.

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Not having a company social media account these days is essentially the same as starting a business and not notifying anybody. 

Businesses recognize the need of maintaining contact with their target consumers in order to give information and collect feedback on a constant basis. 

Many companies begin by creating a social media plan to better understand how their target audience uses social media, which platforms they like, and what kind of content they enjoy seeing. A graphic depiction of that social media strategy is a social media planning calendar. Social media calendars may be used for a variety of purposes, but they’re most often used to schedule articles, social media campaigns, and forthcoming content deadlines. Social media calendars may also assist you in tracking and experimenting with various marketing techniques. Previous articles or campaigns, as well as their associated interaction, may be easily reviewed using a calendar style. 

A social media editorial schedule, in short, guarantees that your social media posts are consistent and valuable to your social media strategy. How? The solution is straightforward: you can plan ahead.

What Is The Importance Of Social Media Content Planning? 

One of the most important aspects of a good social media strategy is planning using a social media calendar. Using a social media calendar has a number of advantages, including:

  • Improved team coordination: Your social media experts will be able to forecast their workload and anticipate any project requirements. An editorial schedule also helps to maintain a healthy publishing frequency by preventing last-minute shocks.
  • Tracking post engagement and results: Tracking how your posts perform with your audience is critical, as it is with any marketing plan. You may plan your A/B testing or other studies to figure out:

— When is the optimum time to post on social media? — The interests of your target audience — Does your audience prefer text-based, image-based, or video-based posts? — The appropriate post frequency — Your best-performing CTAs   

  • Keeping track of holidays and notable dates: Using an editorial calendar, social media managers may plan around big holidays (such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day). They’ll be aware that they need begin developing tailored, compelling content weeks or months ahead of time.

Posts Should Be Scheduled

with the help of the Poster for Social Media

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1. Recognize your target audience and choose appropriate social media platforms

Understanding your audience is the greatest place to start. There are tools available to assist you in gathering crucial information about your audience, such as their average age, gender, or hobbies. 

Look for data that indicates which social media platforms they utilize the most. These are the platforms where you should be active.

You don’t need to be on every social media platform; just the ones that are relevant to you should be. Otherwise, you risk squandering time and money by attempting to reach an audience that does not exist.

2. Begin with a template for a social media schedule.

A social media calendar template is a terrific way to save time and concentrate on content creation and scheduling. The features of each template will differ, but you should be able to easily envision and plan your content a week, month, or quarter in advance to guarantee that you’re publishing on a regular basis.  

Our easy-to-use social media calendar template is perfect for keeping track of a year’s worth of material for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It’s available for download here. 

3. Choose the kind of material you want to share.

Choosing what to publish is one of the most difficult aspects of developing an effective social media content schedule. First, look back at what you’ve shared in the past and see what got the most attention from your audience. You may conduct further research on each site by looking for relevant keywords, hashtags, and trending subjects that your target audience is already interested in on social media.

If you’re starting from scratch, competitor analysis can help you figure out what keywords and topics your competitors are already focusing on. The Webinomy.Trends solution’s Traffic Analytics tool will help you figure out how much traffic your top rivals get from social media. 


Another option is to organize around your year’s social media marketing themes. Begin by adding holiday and critical dates to your social media calendar, then work backwards from the crucial date to create posts. 

National holidays or events, corporate or local events, sales dates like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, or even product or feature date debuts are all popular events to add to your calendar.

4. Determine how often you’ll publish on social media.

Now that you’ve picked your social media calendar template and you have an idea of the sorts of material you’re going to publish, it’s time to develop a posting schedule. Begin by determining your social media frequency on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

There is no set frequency for producing information, however you should think about the following factors:

  • Your target market is: When and how frequently does your target audience go online? What are the most popular times and days for audience participation? 
  • The target social media platform: The many features and capabilities of social media platforms. What works for one firm may or may not work for you.

A effective social media strategy does not need a large amount of content. While it’s critical to be visible on your audience’s social media feeds, don’t bombard them with too much information.

5. Keep tabs on your social media posts and examine it.

You’ll want to monitor your social media initiatives across all platforms after you’ve started utilizing your schedule. Our Poster for Social Media tool works in tandem with our Tracker for Social Media tool to measure the success of your social media material across all platforms.

You’ll be able to monitor and track vital statistics for your posts, as well as determine the optimum times for your target audience to publish on social media.

Poster for Social Media

As mentioned above, our Poster for Social Media tool helps you make and Posts Should Be Scheduled and manage your social media content with one interface. 

Direct sharing to Facebook (Business pages), LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter is now possible with our tool – all without leaving the Webinomy interface.

Other benefits to using the Poster for Social Media include: 

  • Calendar UI that is simple to utilize
  • To make your posting schedule easier, set up an automatic queue.
  • All drafts and published posts have been archived for future use.
  • Guru and Business users are able to Posts Should Be Scheduled directly in Google My Business


Tracker for Social Media

The Tracker for Social Media allows you to track the social media accounts of your main competitors and compare their performance and engagement rankings to yours. The reports help you better understand the top-performing content in your niche so you can stay aware of the topics your target audience cares about.


Download the Social Media Content Calendar Template for 2021.

When it comes to planning, preparing, and releasing material, having a complete social media content calendar will offer you a significant edge.

There are many of amazing free social media calendar templates available if you don’t want to start from scratch. Start managing your content plan immediately with our free printable template.

Posts Should Be Scheduled

with the help of the Poster for Social Media

ADS illustration

The “free social media calendar template 2021 excel” is a free downloadable spreadsheet that allows users to create their own social media calendar. The template comes with pre-populated dates and times, which makes it easy for you to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a social media calendar template?

A: To create a social media calendar template, simply open up Microsoft Excel and press the File tab in that program. From there you can either click on New Project, or go to your existing projects by clicking on the name of any given project. Once you have done this, select one of these options:
-Create New Workbook from Template
-Open Existing Workbook as new document (this will not change its original file)

How do I create a social media calendar in Excel?

A: Social media calendars can be created in Excel. The steps are outlined below:1) In the Add-ins section of your Microsoft Office 2016, click on the icon to add a program tool.2) Click Excel Connector for SharePoint, then click next and search for social media or other event types that you would like to track

How do I make a content calendar?

A: A calendar is a way of keeping track of when events happen in your life. You can create one by selecting the Calendar button on the main menu and then clicking to add an event.

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