How To Find Marketing Insights Using Audience Overlap

As marketing becomes more and more saturated, finding an audience that is worth reaching out to has become a difficult task. In this blog, we will take you through some of the best methods for identifying who your target market or niche are so that you can get in front of them.

Audience overlap is the process of finding people who are similar to your customers. It’s a way for marketers to find new opportunities and insights into their customer base. Read more in detail here: what is audience overlap.

How many times in your career could you claim you have a crystal-clear understanding of your target market?

Although marketing isn’t rocket science, consumer behavior may be. Customers make decisions based on a variety of complex criteria, some of which are not readily apparent. You can’t foresee what they’ll do, but you can constantly keep up with current consumer trends to improve your marketing strategy in real time.

Knowledge of website traffic may provide significant information, but what about other factors? What periodicals does your target market consume? What are the alternatives that your committed consumers consider? The Webinomy Audience Overlap tool can help you find all of this information. The graphs will display the proportion of people that visit both of the websites you choose in the fields (up to five). Understanding audience overlap may help you obtain marketing insights for strategic business solutions in numerous ways.

Before we get started, here’s a brief rundown of where Webinomy Audience Overlap can be found in the UI.

  • Enter a domain in the Webinomy Traffic Analytics tool and click “Search.”
  • Now click to the blue button “Add +4 competitors” and input the URL of a website you wish to compare.
  • Note: For Audience Overlap to display in the UI, you must identify at least one competing domain.

Premium brands don’t compete with the mass market. Or do they? Your audience may not care that much about the market you identify with — they just want a polo shirt. As we see from the graphs below, visitors to the Ralph Lauren website are completely fine with taking a look at what H&M has to offer. Whether they are searching for a basic or a high-fashion item, Audience Overlap comes in handy when you need to check real audience insights.


Customers may have to pick between product categories that have no direct relationship (at first glance). In terms of practicality, Sephora cosmetics, Pandora jewelry, Victoria’s Secret lingerie, and a Netflix membership are not interchangeable, yet they all make excellent Christmas gifts for women.


This kind of overlap might reveal potential collaborators or comarketers. This doesn’t have to be a full-fledged co-branding initiative; it may just be the prize selection for a social media contest. You could want to shake up your audience with extra incentives, such as tickets to a music festival or supper at a restaurant they would like, in addition to marketing for your own items.

So you’re deciding between media platforms, and you’re evaluating two websites that are eerily similar in dignity (and target audience). Should you think about both? Should you be on the lookout for more? You could come up with a genuinely unique solution based on an audience insight, depending on how daring your brand policy permits you to be.

Let’s pretend you used to work for a business magazine. Their readers are, without a doubt, your target audience, but if your campaign is geared at reach, delivering advertising to the same visitors may not be in your best interests. Examine the media alternatives that are often left off your list. Make a list of a few outlets that claim to have your target demographic in their press kits but have minimal overlap – then check them out!


For example, you’ve discovered that visitors to the Playboy website have the same socio-demographic traits as your target audience. Audience Overlap informs you that your adverts in other, more serious periodicals haven’t reached these relevant consumers. Of course, Playboy is unlikely to print a lengthy article on business growth, but if your firm is willing to try something new, an ad in this publication might help you reach a segment of your target demographic that hasn’t been reached by past marketing efforts.

You may also compare your website’s and a media platform’s viewership. The graphs will show you who has visited both and who hasn’t. If you want to reach out to new individuals, use the resource with the least amount of Audience Overlap.


The audiences of the official Gucci website and three fashion periodicals were compared. One of them, Elle, is a broad women’s publication, while the other two, Vogue and Vanity Fair, are more focused on upper-class fashion. Why are Gucci lovers more interested in Elle than Vanity Fair? Whatever the case may be, keep this new information in mind when you plan your future placements.

You may also look at how one of your competitors (we choose Prada) is portrayed in the same publications.


Prada has a higher number of visitors who also read Vanity Fair online than the Audience Overlap with Gucci website. What would you do if you saw your rival’s competitor’s competitor’s competitor’s competitor’s competitor’s competitor’s competitor’s competitor’s competitor’s competitor’ Examine their traffic sources to see whether the sponsored ones are more effective, and then consider if it makes sense to spend more on advertising and product placement on similar media to beat a competitor.

In a fast-growing and fast-changing market like ecommerce, having an international brand does not always imply a competitive advantage. Take a deeper look at the locals if you want to grow your business in a certain geographic area. Consider the instance of ASOS. The store competes with Amazon and eBay in its home country of the United Kingdom. In Russia, the scenario is different; the firm shares its target demographic with Lamoda and Wildberries, two local multi-branded internet retailers. Let’s examine what kind of customer information Audience Overlap can provide.


At first look, the graphs suggest that people value all three online businesses equally: Lamoda and Wildberries both get roughly 35 percent of visits, while ASOS receives the remaining 35 percent. Do these individuals recognize the difference between the brands? Let’s take a look at each store individually.


Let’s start by comparing Lamoda with the other two websites. It’s no surprise that Lamoda attracts more consumers than ASOS. Local online retailers must have identical shipping circumstances or a similar scale of marketing in the area — these are just a few of the factors to consider.


The following comparison shows that Wildberries consumers are less interested in ASOS than Lamoda customers. In Russia, we can now infer that Lamoda is more competitive than Wildberries. This consumer knowledge might serve as a signal to continue your market study into positioning and communication tactics.

Being overly broad is seldom a good idea, particularly when the nicest slice of cake has already been taken. Assume you’re working on a marketing plan for a sports shoe company. You’re probably aware that there are a number of firms that sell different sorts of clothes, including one that specialized in shoes. Will you have to face up against all of these behemoths? Or will you be able to maintain some kind of rivalry inside your niche? Let’s take a look at what Audience Overlap can tell us about some well-known businesses.


The graphs demonstrate that Reebok, Nike, and Puma have the highest overlap; this suggests that these sports companies mostly fight for the same audience, whereas New Balance remains off their radars in some way. Given their expertise, this comes as no surprise. The issue is, which of these firms do consumers believe to be a reputable sports shoe manufacturer?


We compared every rival to New Balance to find out the solution. We discovered that people looking for this brand’s footwear are also thinking about purchasing Nike. As a product marketing or brand manager for a competitor, you could be compelled to dig more into their offerings, track their marketing efforts, and assess some of their strategies.

If you own numerous websites (or are in charge of their marketing as media platforms), you’ll need some accurate information to include in your press kit. Consider the case of Condé Nast Inc., which owns periodicals focused at a variety of demographics. It’s easy to believe that since Vogue, Glamour, and W Magazine are aimed at women, all cross-platform activities should take place there. Audience Overlap, on the other hand, reveals something more intriguing.


In actuality, both the Vogue and GQ websites get greater traffic. Are these ladies interested in the men’s magazine’s lifestyle section? Is it true that they are assisting their partners in updating their wardrobes? The graphs will not tell you anything, but they will provide you with useful information and strong evidence for potential advertisers that you may put in your press kit.

You can examine how your market positions vary over time using Audience Overlap. To view the trend, enter two competing domains and navigate from one time period tab to the next. We looked at how people in France shifted their choices between Air France and KLM as the infamous strikes became worse in the spring and summer of 2018.


To begin, we looked at the proportion of people who visited both websites before Air France went through a period of turmoil (February 2018). Then, during busy months (April and July 2018), we found that Air France’s audience began to visit the rival KLM website more often. The tendency continued to grow in January 2019, despite the industry’s regular high and low seasons. The next stage may be to investigate other rivals, identifying the one that attracted the majority of your formerly faithful following, and learning from their growth and communication tactics.

You may analyze Audience Overlap for many regions one by one to see whether a trend is global or local, which will help you decide if you need to beef up your campaign in a certain area or dig further into the possibilities and update your offerings.

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Audience overlap is a tool that allows marketers to find marketing insights. It provides an overview of the audience and their interests, as well as how they are interacting with your brand. Reference: audience overlap tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you compare overlap to audience?

A: Overlap is a market research strategy that measures how much of the audience will be reached by your ads.

What is an audience overlap?

A: An audience overlap is a term used in production when the sound or image of one scene overlaps with another. This can create continuity errors where the audio and video dont match up, which usually results in an unintended mistake like missed dialogue.

How much audience overlap is OK?

A: It is best to split the audience in half and play for at least one hour.

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