How To Find the Best Keywords for AdWords Campaigns

You’ve got a solid idea for a new product and are looking to bring it to market. What’s the first step? Creating an AdWords campaign! This guide will walk you through finding, testing, and optimizing your keywords.

The “Google keyword planner” is a tool that can help you find the best keywords for your ad campaigns. The tool will also show you how much money it would take to rank for these terms. Read more in detail here: google keyword planner.

Landing pages, ad wording, offers, and graphics are all part of pay per click marketing campaigns, as are CPC and bidding techniques. Before you think PPC advertising will provide you a speedy return on investment and track their success in your AdWords account, be sure they won’t burn up all of your ad money.

In certain sectors, a keyword’s competitive density is so high that the cost per click might approach $50 or more. The most sought-after and costly keywords aren’t necessarily appropriate for every ad campaign. However, you may choose more cost-effective search phrases that will still generate revenue from your advertising.

How? Webinomy will demonstrate how to get low-cost PPC keywords!

Examining the paid keywords of competitors

  • Go to Webinomy — Advertising Research — Positions for more information.
  • Enter the domain of a competitor’s website in your sector (or use the Webinomy Rivals Report if you don’t know who your paid search competitors are) to get a list of keywords they purchased using AdWords.
  • You may sort the report’s findings in descending order to see the most costly PPC keywords, or in ascending order (2) to see the most inexpensive ones, by clicking on the arrows in the CPC column.


  • By pressing the Export button (3) and sorting the data directly in your spreadsheet, you may export this report in XSL or CSV format.


  • Filters (4) may also be used to see terms with a certain CPC value.
  • You should also consider the volume (5) and traffic share (6) of a term. You may uncover successful and low-cost AdWords keywords by finding the correct balance between these metrics and cost per click.


Finding Low-Cost Keywords with Little Competition

  • Go to Webinomy — Tools — Domain versus. Domain to find out more.
  • Enter the domains of up to five rivals.
  • Display AdWords results (7). View the unique keywords for each domain (8) and sort the results by CPC in increasing order (9).

The keywords with the lowest cost per click will appear at the top of the list. Analyzing each domain’s unique keywords can help you find search phrases you may not have thought about. Furthermore, just one of the five AdWords rivals you compared uses these search phrases. As a result, you’ll obtain terms with lower competition density.


  • Viewing the most prevalent keywords (10) on a domain, on the other hand, might help you figure out which ones are the most competitive.


The data from the Domain vs. Domain report may be exported in XSL or CSV formats.

Finding “Low-Cost” Alternatives

  • Go to Webinomy — Keyword Research — Overview for more information. This study can help you locate cheaper variants for high-cost-per-click (CPC) keywords.
  • Enter a term that piques your curiosity in PPC but is too pricey.
  • View phrase matches (11) and keywords that are similar (12). Sorting or filtering might help you find keywords that are economically priced.


  • You may identify which keywords match within your ad plan and budget by sorting or filtering the results.
  • Don’t overlook misspelled words (13). Including keywords that consumers enter into Google’s search box with misspellings may help you save a lot of money on PPC.


Recap: 5 Steps to Finding Low-Cost Keywords for AdWords Campaigns

  1. Webinomy reports can help you locate low-cost keywords for your PPC campaigns.
  2. Create a new ad campaign or update an existing one with more cost-effective keywords.
  3. Changes in click-through rates, conversions, and revenues should be tested and measured.
  4. Examine which keywords get the greatest results and eliminate those that do not.
  5. Don’t fully exclude pricey high-volume keywords from your PPC ads to prevent losing out on significant conversion possibilities; instead, blend keywords with low and high CPCs or develop distinct campaigns for them.

By referring to the Ads Copies report, you may not only locate affordable keywords that will deliver important traffic and conversions, but also build engaging and captivating ad texts. You can also see how rivals utilized advertisements over time and which landing pages they promoted by looking at the Ads History and Competitors reports.

How do you locate low-cost keywords?

Keywords are the most important part of any search engine optimization campaign. This is why it is important to find the best keywords for your ads. The “google keyword planner free” will help you find the best keywords for your ad campaign, and it’s free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find best keywords for AdWords?

A: This is a difficult question. You will need to do some research on how Google works and what the best keywords would be for your product or service, then you can create different campaigns with them.

How do I find the perfect keywords?

A: Beat Saber is a very specific game and so, it will be hard to find the perfect keywords. The more detailed your keyword research is, the better results you should get.

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