How To Hire a Digital Marketing Superhero: Tips You Need

Marketing is one of the most competitive industries and a top priority for many companies. However, not all marketers are created equal. So how can you find out which digital marketing hero will be perfect for your company? Here’s what you should look for when hiring a new team member in this realm:

Digital marketing is a career that can be both rewarding and challenging. It takes a lot of hard work to succeed in this field, but it’s worth it for those who are passionate about the industry. Read more in detail here: why do you want a career in digital marketing.

We had a great Twitter conversation last week with John Doherty on hiring the correct sort of marketing for your firm. Our community debated what skills marketers need to develop their reputation today, how to evaluate remote employees and consultants, why a firm would choose a consultant over an agency, how to determine which level of marketing to hire, and what questions to ask when recruiting. 

There were so many thoughts and insights throughout the chat that it would be difficult for anybody not to learn anything from the replies below. We carefully chose the responses we believed would provide you with the most useful information. Our guest John has a lot of expertise in this field and is often featured.

In the discussion, he also supplied two excellent resources that we’d like to share with you. One will assist you in determining what you may spend to engage with a seasoned marketer, while the other will assist you in selecting an agency:

  1. The Digital Marketing Industry Pricing Survey from Credo
  2. The Busy Executive’s Guide to Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Please have a look at the suggestions made by our community and let us know which piece of advise you prefer.

How can digital marketers hone the abilities they’ll need to make sound suggestions to their clients or bosses?

“A lot of digital marketers believe they have to earn all of these certifications/trainings,” says Ryan Bennion. While they are beneficial, on-the-job experience (paid or unpaid) that connects performance to revenue/bottom line is more useful than all of those certifications.”

“Every marketer should have their own side projects that they work on to try new ideas,” says John Doherty. When you’re responsible for everything – product, message, audience, etc. — you’ll never learn more.”

“Get your hands dirty doing the marketing yourself,” says Lily Ray. Create a website. Carry out the campaign. Adhere to the SEO suggestions. This is something you can do for your family’s company or a friend’s web shop. The more hands-on experience you have, the better.”

“Invest the time to perform your own experiments,” says Brian Kato. Get a practice website, learn how to rank a site by watching YouTube videos and reading industry blogs. Nothing beats getting down in the trenches and seeing what works and what doesn’t.”

“I read @Marie Haynes’ newsletter and pay to attend business events — even when the expense is prohibitive,” says Jacques Bouchard. Reading books may seem archaic, yet it is an important part of gaining information. I also have great pals who can help me with advise and lifelines. “I wish there were more nice gatherings in the area.”

“Be truthful,” says Yosef Silver. Kindness is important. Be sincere. Know what you’re good at and when to say no. And know who to direct things to when you don’t have the knowledge.”

“Learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, @LI learning, @coursera, @udemy, and @Kajabi are good resources for this.”


How does one go about verifying a digital marketing expert that works remotely?

“Look for folks who have worked remotely before,” says Amy Middleton Hebdon. Many individuals adore the notion of working from home but can’t manage it when they’re forced to.”

“First, culture,” says John Doherty. Do they have the same qualities that you look for in your top employees? Are they communicative, intelligent, compassionate, curious, and fun to be around? If this isn’t the case, don’t employ them. Brilliant workers that no one likes kill businesses.”

“I put them through a test in addition to asking for case studies and/or references,” says Sam McRoberts. I watch them spend 10 minutes live auditing a site I’m acquainted with on screenshare. I study their method, the tools they use, how they think, what they prioritize, and so on.”

“Ask how they contribute to income and see if they can offer you an answer,” says Alexis Katherine. Case studies, quotations, and attractive infographics are available to everyone. “The bottom line is…the bottom line,” the good ones know.

“THIS ISN’T ENOUGH,” says Mark Gustafson. On a modest job, use them as a consultant. You’ll gain a lot of hands-on experience with their genuine abilities. Check to determine whether they can not only speak the talk but also walk the walk.”

“This isn’t scientific, but follow your instinct,” says Yosef Silver. I’d rather recruit someone who is a good match for the team in terms of personality. Processes may be learnt and skills can be taught. Make certain you like and trust the individual.”

What are the advantages of working with a single consultant rather than an agency? (unless in the case of a monetary problem)

“First, ask yourself what team you have in place,” says John Doherty. Is the entity you employ supposed to be a backup for someone you currently have, or will the entity be in charge of the channel entirely? Basically, determine if you need strategy as well as execution.”

“At many major agencies, the point of contact is an intern/underqualified or a salesman,” says Corey Northcutt. This prevents it. The majority of’solo not agency’ requests I’ve seen boil down to “I want exceptional talent but I’m not prepared to pay it correctly” (sadly).

“As strange as it may seem, I have always thought that single consultants are able to devote more attention and time to what has to be done,” says Stevie Howard. Because they are so dependant on their customers, they are more likely to do the vital task.”

“One key reason to pick a consultant over an agency is speed of execution,” says David Cohen. Agencies are often bloated and sluggish. There are far too many phone calls and meetings. There’s too much’strategy’ and not enough people who can deliver business outcomes.”

“Specialization” is a reliable SEO strategy. When you require a certain outcome, recruit just the people that are needed. A solitary consultant may concentrate all of their efforts on a single project, while an agency may not be able to do so.”

“Reduce the chance of being sold by the A Team by having the B Team handle your accounts,” says Amy Middleton Hebdon.

“As a general rule of thumb, consultants = one channel and work best on strategy and supervising teams of doers,” says John Doherty. If you require services (coding, content creation, or outreach), you’re probably better off working with an agency.”

How do you decide whether to hire someone inside or externally?

“It would depend on the project as well as the overall aim,” says the SEO expert. Broad: This recruit has the potential to be a leader and teach new hires, as well as educate on a variety of topics. “A present project requires execution.”

“It truly depends on your objectives and how much time you have to devote to their professional growth,” Brafton says. If you need a PPC expert to drive website traffic right now, you may not want to wait for a generalist to specialize in sponsored search.”

“I’d advocate beginning with a generalist as your in-house marketer, then hiring consultants and experts for the components your generalist needs assistance with (i.e. SEO, PPC, and so on),” says Lauren Osselton.

“Too many firms recruit marketers by inquiring about methods,” says John Doherty. If this is your first marketing job, they must have a solid understanding of business (particularly YOUR firm!) and a track record of success.”

“It depends on your ultimate objectives,” Tamara says. Niche experts excel at taking on certain assignments. Broad specialists may specialize in a variety of areas and work their way up to manager/director roles, where they will be in charge of a team.”

When contemplating employing a digital marketing candidate, what is the most critical question you should ask?

“What are your long- and short-term goals for tackling our site, and do we have the resources/staff on hand to make it work for you?” Jacques Bouchard

“Always enjoy the successes and failures inquiry in terms of their portfolio, what were the achievements and what they recognize as a success, as well as the failings and how they overcome the challenges, need to know they can pivot!” says Lead Forensics.

“Questions that might assess their interest, particularly if you wish to recruit a younger applicant,” says Alizée Baudez. In our sector, I feel curiosity is the most crucial attribute.”

“I suppose it depends on what you’re employing them for,” says Lauren Osselton. That said, I’ve always been interested in people’s CREATIVITY when I’ve interviewed them in the past – it’s something you can’t teach. Inquire about a problem-solving solution they came up with.”

“Ask them what KPIs they would monitor,” says Dan Willis. “RUN!” if they react with vanity metrics.

“The question I find most valuable when hiring a digital marketer may surprise you,” says John Doherty. “However, when I’ve recruited someone without asking this question, it hasn’t worked out nearly as well.” 

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Digital marketing is a great field to enter because it’s constantly evolving and changing. There are many reasons why people study digital marketing, but the most important one is that they want to be able to create content for their audience. Reference: why study digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hire someone for digital marketing?

A: The first step to hiring someone for digital marketing is doing your research. To hire a company, youll need an understanding of what they do and the qualifications they have. You can find this information in their website or social media profiles. After finding out who you want to hire, contact them by phone or email with as many questions as you like before making any decision on whether its worth going forward with the project and paying them.

What should a digital marketing candidate look for?

A: A digital marketing candidate should look for a company that has the same goals and promises as they do. They want to add value, bring in new customers, or influence existing ones on their terms.

How much does it cost to hire a digital marketer?

A: This is a difficult question to answer. It really depends on the company and what they are looking for in their marketer.

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