How To Publish GIFs on Social Media Sites

The rapid rise of GIFs and memes on social media has led to a huge demand for companies that can create fast, easy-to-use tools for users. However, this market is still in its infancy with the absence of one simple feature: uploading Gifs directly from Instagram or Messenger.

Giphy is a GIF search engine and website that allows users to search and share their favorite GIFs. The “How To Publish GIFs on Social Media Sites” blog post will show you how to use Giphy with the social media sites of your choice. Read more in detail here: giphy.

GIFs! They’re being utilized a lot more these days, not only for entertainment, but also to increase engagement and communicate with clients on social media.

I recently wrote an article on how to use LinkedIn Pulse to publish GIFs, but this blog post will go over that as well as other sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Before I go into how to post GIFs on social media, let me just say that GIFs are fantastic for generating interaction. They’re also lot more visually appealing than plain text, as we all know.

Where can I get some very outstanding GIFs?



That’s an excellent question! Giphy is a website that I would suggest. You may look for and download a variety of GIFs. Here’s a sneak peek at the “Back to the Future” search results.


GIFs on Twitter: How to Post Them

GIFs are certainly something you’ve seen on Twitter. So, here’s how you can join in on the fun and start posting your own. Twitter has been kind enough to enable us to post GIFs without the need of any tools. Simply go to Twitter, make a new tweet, and submit a GIF in the same way you would a picture. Add some text and send out a tweet! That’s all there is to it.


GIFs on Facebook: How to Post Them

Facebook, oh Facebook! If you’ve attempted to post a GIF, you’ve undoubtedly discovered that it doesn’t work.

Because Facebook still doesn’t allow users to submit GIFs, this is the case. We can use a simple technique to get around this.

Find the GIF you wish to use, then right-click on it and choose “copy image address.”


Then go to Facebook and put the link there. It should seem similar to the image below.

This is possible on both your personal account and Facebook sites.


You may then erase the link and enter some content once you’ve pasted it. Your post will still have the GIF linked to it.

GIFs on LinkedIn: How to Post Them

LinkedIn, like Facebook, does not allow users to submit animated GIFs. We’d have to employ a social media management service like Buffer to get around this.

After that, you’ll need to link your social network accounts before you can start composing your content. Once you’re satisfied with it, you may connect your GIF by uploading it as a picture. You’ll receive a preview of it when you’ve submitted it, as seen below.


If you’re ready to publish it, just click the drop down arrow and choose an option from the list.

GIFs on Google+: How to Post Them

Similarly to Twitter, Google has made it possible to submit GIFs without fear of being banned. It’s simple to accomplish and generates a lot of Google+ activity. All you have to do now is compose your article and attach the GIF like a picture, and you’re done! On Google+, your GIF will be shared.

So there you have it: a brief guide on sharing GIFs on various social media networks. Uploading GIFs to other social media platforms usually follows the same procedure.

Do you have a favorite GIF? Tell us about it in the comments section!

The “gif social media app” is a tool that helps you to publish GIFs on your social media accounts. You can use this tool to create, edit, and share GIFs with your friends or followers.

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