How To Use Quora For Content Marketing and Keyword Research

With the right planning, you can use Quora to create valuable content that is within your niche. Keyword research will help find relevant topics and construct questions accordingly.

Quora is a question and answer website that allows users to ask and answer questions. It has several uses, such as content marketing and keyword research. Read more in detail here: semrush.

Have you ever yearned for a platform that might continue to drive visitors to your blog even after your content marketing efforts have ended? (Spoiler alert: it isn’t Facebook or Twitter)

Look no farther because Quora has arrived!

It’s a powerful and often-overlooked content marketing strategy that, when used correctly, yields long-term rewards. What’s more, the traffic created by Quora is Google-resistant.

Many marketers are ignoring this incredible site (which has over 300 million users), but there are a few lone gunslingers enjoying the rewards and using Quora to its full potential (like Game Designer, Ernest W. Adams).


Are you eager to learn Quora?

This tutorial will teach you how to:

  • What exactly is Quora?
  • What Are the Benefits of Using Quora?
  • What exactly are the Quora Ranking Factors?
  • How to Conduct Keyword Research on Quora.

What exactly is Quora?

Quora is a Q&A community where questions are asked and answered in the form of opinions. That is why 300 million people love visiting it to read everyone’s opinions. I try to find answers on Quora instead of Google because it gives an emotional touch to answers.


As you can see in the image above, people are seeking for solutions on Quora to assist someone who is depressed. On every subject, Quora gives amazing answers from professionals all around the globe.

For every question like this, there are hundreds of responses from real people, like Matthew Russel, who have experienced depression.


What Are the Benefits of Using Quora?

People and companies may gain a lot of attention simply by answering questions on Quora. The first reason is self-evident: Quora is the fastest-growing website, with over 600 million monthly visitors.

Do you have any doubts? With Traffic Analytics, you may view traffic data.


What’s the greatest part?

Visitors come from a variety of places, including search engines. It signifies that more than half of Quora’s visitors originate from search engines.


Unlike Facebook, where search only accounts for 13% of total traffic.


I’m sure that 13% of users are searching Google for answers to queries like “How to Delete a Facebook Account.”

The following are some compelling reasons to utilize Quora:

1. Brand Recognition

Because thousands of people may read your answers, Quora is a wonderful venue for brand recognition.

If you’re starting a new business that provides a productivity tool for entrepreneurs but don’t have the funds to promote it, you can use Quora to market your product or blog for free by just answering questions.


Ultimately, it comes down to investing time rather than money in order to achieve brand awareness. If you set out 30 minutes each day to compose one response, you’ll notice that things start to fall into place in your favor rapidly.

Consider doing it for two years. It is referred to as the world’s eighth wonder by Einstein. When it comes to Quora, consistency is, of course, the key to success. Your brand will be more visible to customers who will want to acquire your services and goods as a result of your years of hard work.

2. Congestion

This strategy’s backbone is traffic. You must think outside the box and employ clever strategies to drive traffic to your Quora answers. When responding to questions on Quora, do the following:

  • In your answer title, provide key credibility-building information.

Because most users read the title first, this is critical. It raises your brand recognition right away.

Furthermore, individuals are wary of reading replies from someone who isn’t a subject area expert. Including the domain name of a website in the headline helps to establish trust.

Another example is putting your job title in the first paragraph. Nobody will take a person’s counsel seriously if they state in their title that they are an electrical engineer and write a response about SEO.

As a result, you should incorporate as much important information as possible in the title. Give people a cause to believe in you and visit your site (like Edward Lichstein did).


It’s important to note that the link isn’t clickable; it’s just there for folks to see.

Of course, your domain name is important as well. It should be brief, professional, and simple to say, as well as convey a feeling of trustworthiness.


The greatest advice for online success is to think like a consumer.

Consider who could click on your profile link. Those who are enthralled by your responses and want to learn more about you. But why would people come to your website in the first place? Because humans are inquisitive.

When people begin to like you, they begin to follow you and read your future responses. That is why you should put in some additional effort to make your bio engaging and include a call to action that encourages people to visit your website. Other alternatives, such as signing up for your secret weekly newsletter, may also be presented.

  • Getting people to go to your website from your response


You must compose the right response to get them to click on your link to your website. Copywriting abilities are essential for success in this situation.

Isn’t that what I did there? Instead of explaining which copywriting skills are required to write effective answers, I simply provided a link to a post that went into detail. You’re nearly compelled to click through.

That said, you should certainly read the copywriting skills piece; I’m not joking; it’s jam-packed with useful tips. So, when writing your Quora answer, do the same thing.

If you’re a newbie and aren’t sure where to start, spend a week on Quora studying the most popular answers (identify which characteristics help them go viral).

With Quora answers, you may generate visitors to your site in two ways:

  • Making lists that are not full. For example, your response includes seven talking points, but you just write about three of them and inform them they can read the other four on your website (and follow it up with a link).
  • Make sensible use of internal linkages. Once a person has arrived at your website, be sure to add crucial links (with good anchors) that will direct them to other pages.

Later, I’ll go through ways to improve your writing in more depth.

3. Obtaining New Content Concepts

Every day, millions of Quora users ask thousands of questions. When you use Quora on a regular basis, you’ll find content ideas in your Quora timeline that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. People ask questions that are difficult to get answers to on the internet. This is because we are confronted with unique problems on a daily basis, problems that require unique solutions.

Each new iPhone version, for example, brings a plethora of new user experiences and features. People instantly begin asking inquiries about how to use the new phone for certain tasks.

That’s where subject matter experts (who’ve already found out the solutions) step in to offer their knowledge. Because they are the first to notice and react to these inquiries, they get a lot of traffic from search engines.

Pro Tip: In the Quora search box, type partial questions or your keyword to locate questions that might be useful for your content ideas and marketing.


You can also use Quora filters. Be the first to come up with a question worthy of an answer in order to attract people.

Filter on Quora4. Trust


Here you can see Adepetun Kenny’s remarks, in which he thanks Hector for his response. When you start receiving such feedback, you can safely assume you’ve earned your audience’s trust.

Make careful to produce excellent responses that will help you achieve future credibility and confidence.

To get more traffic, use Quora and SEMrush for keyword research.

Let’s get started on how to use a mix of SEMrrush and Quora to locate the appropriate keywords.

SEMrush Data (Step 1):

Enter Quora into SEMrush Domain Overview. It will provide you with information on 53.5 million keywords. Every day, more keywords are added.

Quora is a multilingual website that ranks for millions of queries throughout the globe. SEMrush has keyword data for practically every nation as a result (this is valuable for people who want to market within their respective country).


Filtering the Data (Step 2)

Until you add filters to raw data, it’s meaningless. SEMrush has a lot of filtering tools to help you locate the best keywords.

The three most effective filters I employ are as follows:


Keywords that rank for Google’s highlighted snippet should be filtered. Why? Because Google believes the issue is relevant to consumers and the sites receiving the snippets have information worthy of a snippet. The sample, the keywords inside it, and the final page all have a lot to teach us.

If your website is thoroughly optimized with the newest on-page SEO best practices, is considered to be factual/helpful/useful, and has backlinks, your blog may outrank Quora in certain cases. Check out this in-depth post for on-page SEO advice).

But What’s the greatest part?

You’re more likely to obtain search engine traffic to your answer, and consequently to your site, if you post a full response on Quora for these “featured snippet” keywords.

Do you have any doubts? “Winning winner chicken meal” is a keyword I chose.


You can check how Google ranks the term on this page.


On Quora, there are just 10 responses to the topic.


This term is being searched by a large number of individuals.


You may be wondering how to use SEMrush to identify keywords relevant to your specialty.

Another condition you can use is a keyword that reflects your niche; in this case, I typed “laptop.”


This criteria will eliminate terms that include the phrase “laptop.” Furthermore, the keywords continue to rank for the zero position (aka featured snippet).


This also reveals that for the highlighted snippets on Quora, 746 keywords with the phrase laptop are ranking.

Pro Tip: If you produce videos pertaining to the subject, you may incorporate a YouTube video in your Quora answer. The videos, of course, would have to be professional and appealing.

There aren’t always highlighted snippets for Quora keywords. As a result, we must use the Positions Filter to get additional data for our keywords.


Make sure you use an advanced word count filter to find long-tail keywords with low competition. To find long-tail keywords, I used the “Words count” and “Greater than three” conditions.


This is one of the greatest filters in SEMrush since it rapidly finds low competition keywords. The total number of webpages indexed in Google’s database for the specified term is shown in the results.

Quora has been cited over 80 million times on the internet, according to Google. If you wish to rank in the SERPs, it indicates it’s more difficult to rank for.


Why is SEMrush’s Result Filter so Effective?


The result filter aids in the discovery of low-competition keywords (the fewer the number of results, the lesser the competition).

I know what you’re thinking: instead of results, why not use the Google Keyword Tool? When I utilize SEMrush’s Results Filter approach instead of Google’s Keyword Tool, I discover better keywords with lower competition.

Pro Tip: For most terms, you may not obtain search results that are comparable to SEMrush’s. Utilize a Google Search operator to filter out websites that exclusively use the term in the title for this reason.

“Best Gaming Laptop Under $10,000,” I typed. There are only 283 websites that target the keyword. With SEMrush’s filter, you may locate a term with just 50 websites targeting it.

allintitle:your keyword


Step 3: Rank on Quora by Writing

Let’s get to my favorite part: how to improve your Quora ranking.

Note: The ranking factors described here are based on my own personal experience on Quora.

1. Extensive Response:

A lengthy, high-quality response is always preferable since it improves your ranking on Quora and Google.

An lengthy content ranks higher in Google for more keywords.

Can you back it up with evidence?

Yes. Check out this SEMrush post, which not only goes over this in depth but also ranks for over 300 keywords on its own.


When you’re composing a Quora response, be sure to include your target keywords. When you include the question’s keywords in your response, it gives it more weight. Take a look at the image below.


2. Images

Putting a picture at the top of your response will bring more attention to it, but be sure it accurately portrays your answer.

The human mind is influenced by images. These photos should be handled with caution:

  • Fear
  • Love
  • Hate
  • Motivation

Pro Tip:

You are more likely to get noticed if you begin your response with an entertaining anecdote. Take a look at how Hector Quintanilla goes about things.


3. Spending Time Reading

The more time users spend reading your answers, the higher your Quora rating will rise.

Pro Tip:

When writing an answer on Quora, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Make use of bullet points.
  • Make use of italics.
  • Important and relevant terms should be used.
  • Make use of quote phrases.
  • Images that catch the eye

All of these elements work together to keep your readers interested and, as a result, spend more time reading your response.

4. Reliability of previous responses:

If you’ve written dull answers in the past that haven’t elicited any engagement, you’re less likely to rank your answer on Quora in the future.

So concentrate on creating amazing responses that will gain your followers’ confidence. On Quora, you can view any member’s previous answers.


5. Constantly updated content


This is the most crucial aspect that many marketers overlook. For example, I rank many answers that haven’t been updated in over a year, but when I update those answers, they rank higher on Quora.

Maintain your previous responses up to date to keep them relevant for consumers and search engines.

6. Subscribers


Because they can upvote and share your answer rapidly, quality followers help you rank your response quicker.

As a result, to answer queries and get relevant followers, make sure you stick to just one area. Because if you get inactive followers who are uninterested in your responses, you will lose credibility.

On Quora, quality followers function in the same way as they do on YouTube (with subscribers). Quality YouTube followers increase the retention of your videos, which improves their rating on YouTube. Quora is a good example of this. Quora followers may help you rank by increasing your read time and upvotes.

Step 4: Keeping Track of Your Answer

If you’ve written a response, you’ll need to keep track of how it’s doing.

Depending on how much time you have, you may create your own Google sheet and audit the report every week or month.


Are you interested in receiving a copy of the Quora Tracking Sheet? It’s available for purchase here.

You don’t need to create a separate column for each day; when you make even minor changes to a Google Sheet, you can see the history of each cell.


Bringing everything to a close

Quora has become an important component of many people’s online life (more than 300 million users). It offers companies a compelling way to sell their goods and blogs to their target clientele.

There are a few crucial components to following the right plan and getting results. These are the ingredients:

  • Creating creative response titles that use your website’s domain name.
  • Using SEMrush to do keyword analysis and integrating photos and videos in your articles, you can get your answers ranked on Quora and search engines.
  • Using a variety of ways to get people to visit your website by clicking on response links.
  • Internal linking on website landing pages is a smart way to keep visitors on your site for longer.

Have you ever utilized Quora to help you with your marketing? Let us know what you think in the comments area. 

Quora is a question and answer site that allows users to ask questions, find answers, and share their knowledge. Quora is also great for content marketing and keyword research. Reference: reddit keyword research.

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