How To Work With Freelance Writers To Produce Quality Content

Being a freelance writer can be difficult, especially if you do not know the best practices for making your content go live. However, it is important to have the right mindset and follow these guidelines so that you can produce quality articles with ease.

What is freelance writing? Freelance writers are independent contractors who work for themselves and do not have an office. They can be hired to create content for a company, but they might also write on their own time. Read more in detail here: what is freelance writing.

When you wish to increase your content writing efforts, looking for content writers on the freelancing market is generally a fantastic alternative.

Working with freelancers is not the same as working with your in-house staff, in my opinion. You should really cement your communication strategy, otherwise you’ll end up going back and forth to attempt to achieve what you want.

We’ll look at how to collaborate with professional content writers to develop outstanding content that gets results in this piece. 

1. Be certain about the terms of the work agreement.

Make sure everyone understands the scope of the assignment and what’s involved before you start working with a freelance writer.

Examine the contract. 

  1. It may include payment conditions, such as upfront payment or payment within 30 days after submittal. 

  2. You could also wish to include a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or a provision about ghostwriting. 

  3. Please keep in mind that most freelance writers will refuse to sign any kind of non-compete agreement. 

I usually want to explain a few items if they aren’t in the contract, such as the following:

  • The number of revisions included in the agreed-upon fee, as well as the scope of those modifications. Some authors restrict modifications to a certain proportion of the total number of words modified.

  • The draft and any amendments have deadlines. So that you can prepare ahead, find out how much time they’ll require between getting your criticism and making modifications. 

  • What are the freelancer’s unique content generating responsibilities? Do you want them to do keyword research and SEO optimization on your behalf, or will you handle it yourself? Is it necessary for them to provide images? They won’t be able to give the precise kind and quality of material you’re searching for if they don’t understand the words you anticipate. 

2. Make a plan for how you’ll communicate with your content creation team. 

It’s critical to figure out a communication approach that works for everyone whether you’re a content producer or a content development manager dealing with several freelancers.

All of the following are popular choices that I’ve personally tried:

Communication through text

Most freelance writers prefer to work through Communication through text like email or Slack. 

This helps to alleviate some of the issues that arise when dealing with freelance writers due to time differences. 

If time zones are an issue, make sure your freelancers are aware of when you’ll be accessible and how it may affect deadlines or your ability to assist them with assignments if required. 

These means of communication also enable writers to save all client communications in one place so they can go back to them, whether they’re looking for a style guide you provided a month ago or project data you sent five minutes ago. 

Platforms for Collaborative Writing

Aside from the actual communication, Platforms for Collaborative Writing like Google Docs or Etherpad are a great choice for working with freelancers. You can leave comments and make edits that they can see in real-time, and vice versa. 

Software for Project Management

PM software may also assist you and your freelancing workforce in keeping track of the progress of each job. It may assist you in identifying what needs to be edited, as well as when a project is ready to be turned over to another editor or published. On each project, you may provide checklists with tasks and tag the necessary internal and external team members. 


Here’s an overview of the best Software for Project Management in case you haven’t found your favorite one yet. 

3. Give the writer all of the pertinent project details. 

Before beginning any project, you should develop a thorough brief that includes all of the assignment’s important facts. This is a crucial aspect of achieving the desired outcome on a constant basis. 

Clients may sometimes submit a good synopsis of what they want a piece of content to be about, but they will leave out certain key details that might boost the article’s relevancy. 

The following are examples of this: 

  • The buyer personas of your unique target demographic. For whom are you composing the piece? It would be our fault if we engaged a freelance writer to produce an article on “PPC campaigns” and they employed solely B2C audiences while the post was intended for B2B readers. 

  • Any items, services, or information about your company that you want people to discuss. Freelancers must juggle a huge number of customer relationships. Unless you inform them, they are unlikely to be aware of a particular service you provide or a new product introduction.

  • Your brand’s tone of voice. Because your material should always coincide with your brand voice, be precise. Give samples of previously published content on your site.

  • Details such as the length of the text, the links you want to include, and the keywords you want to target. This means that almost anything you desire in the text (including links and keywords) will be included. 

Here’s where you can get our free content brief template:


5. Provide constructive criticism 

Don’t be hesitant to provide criticism if you believe your freelancer is falling short anywhere along the route. Many people would prefer accept constructive criticism in order to keep a customer than lose a client. 

  • When providing comments, be courteous; if the email comes off as demeaning or disrespectful to the freelancer, you may get resistance. To avoid coming out as personal in your critique, try to focus on the task that has been given to you. Short comments, such as a basic “wrong,” isn’t useful or courteous; more significantly, it won’t inform the writer what you’re looking for, making it impossible for them to change it. 
  • Specificity, on the other hand, is beneficial. You may provide specific instances of what you’d want altered and why inside the text. You may, for example, stress their propensity to repeat words in back-to-back phrases. 
  • With long-term authors, I prefer to exchange editorial reports and performance statistics. 1636641655_325_How-To-Work-With-Freelance-Writers-To-Produce-Quality-Content
  • Feedback may be made at any time throughout the editing process or after the post has been published. Try to condense your input: if you have 10 distinct emails with comments, it’s easy for freelancers to feel overwhelmed and lose sight of it. Giving them input in a single, easily accessible spot is beneficial for future efforts.


When it comes to outsourcing freelance article writing, everyone expects excellent material, and having a structure in place to work effectively with your freelance staff will be a key part of that. 

In the end, it all boils down to clear and purposeful communication. As long as your writer has great content writing abilities (which they should! ), you’ll be off to a good start once expectations are stated and everyone is on the same page. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do freelance content writers work?

A: Freelance content writers work by pitching ideas to companies and writing articles for them. They often get paid per article, but they also can be given an hourly wage or a flat monthly salary.

How much do freelance content writers charge?

A: Freelance content writers charge by the word. Content is usually rated on a five-star scale, with one star being average and five stars being perfect. Five hundred words would be considered three stars in this rating system.

How do I hire a freelance content writer?

A: The best way to find a freelance writer is through an online marketplace like Upwork,, or Guru. I am sure they will be able to fulfill your needs for content writing in no time!

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