How To Write a High Converting AdWords Ad

The average return on investment for a single click-through ad is just $0.20 and there are no guarantees that your conversion will be worth it, especially since many users have come up with their own strategies to avoid ads altogether. Here’s how you can write effective advertisements that still make money so they don’t end up being useless time sinks.

The “best google ads examples” are a few of the best ad campaigns that have been successful in the past. They show how to write high-converting ads for Google AdWords.

It’s hard to create a template for an ever-converting ad since each campaign and account is unique.

Although the ad itself does not convert (the landing page does), there are techniques to improve the conversion rate by writing ad copy. Here are eight pointers to help you develop Google AdWords ad creatives that convert well.

Callout Extensions Should Be Included

Callout extensions for Google AdWords are a great method to highlight key qualities of your product or service. They work for both “Search Network” and “Search Network with Display Select” campaigns and may be adjusted at the campaign or ad group level.

Choose your USPs

When it comes to crafting AdWords advertising, unique selling propositions (USPs) are a requirement. However, it is a typical mistake to add any selling feature, even if it isn’t distinctive. Furthermore, USPs should be split-tested, with only the highest performing ones being utilized.

Use Sitelink Extensions to include Calls To Action.

Sitelink extensions are an excellent way to put a call to action in your description lines without taking up too much space. Instead of using standard site links like Home, About, or Contact, make each one a call to action. “About” may, for example, become “Meet the Team.”

Fill in the Price

While it is normal to include goods prices, hourly rates and monthly subscriptions are sometimes overlooked. Even after the price has been entered, split-testing should be done to see whether decimal places translate better or worse. For example, $15.99 may translate better than $15 or less than $20.

Make use of call extensions.

Unless you have a compelling and uncommon reason not to, a call extension will almost certainly enhance your campaign. Ones with call extensions convert better than ads without them more often than not, even if no one calls. Adding a call extension to all campaigns, including PC, is worth a go.

Your rivals’ ad creatives might have a big impact on your CTR and conversion rate. Special deals and discounts, as well as well-chosen USPs, might detract from attention and conversions.

Use the AdWords preview tool to see what your rivals are doing in various geographic regions and to design your ad creatives intelligently.

Keywords, ads, landing pages, and social media should all be in sync.

As previously said, it is the landing page that converts, not the ad.

Having a consistent branding and advertising approach has become more important with the development of cross-channel remarketing. Potential clients visit your website an average of six to seven times after seeing and clicking your ad. They frequently do as much research on your competition as they do on you throughout the decision-making process.

Mention the terms “warranty” and “guarantee.”

Guarantees and warranties that are 100 percent money back are a great feature to highlight in your marketing. While all of your rivals may provide a 100% money-back guarantee, not all of them will advertise it since they believe it is unoriginal.

The AdWords Preview Tool comes in helpful here; you can quickly see which promises outperform those of your rivals. Consider employing callout extensions instead of warranties or guarantees, which would most certainly take up one of the description lines.

What additional advice do you have for producing AdWords advertisements that convert well?

The “how to write google ads description” is a guide on how to write high converting adwords ads. The article will give you tips and tricks on how to make your ads more appealing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an effective Google ad?

A: To create an effective Google ad, you must know what keywords are. This will guide your campaign so that its targeted to the right audience and is more likely to convert better.

What are the 5 keys to creating strong text ads?

A: A strong text ad is often a mix of 3 things. First, it must have an authoritative voice, as if you are speaking to the reader directly and holding them responsible for taking action right then and there. Second, it should take advantage of urgency in order to make people want to act now rather than later; they cannot wait any longer or else their time will be wasted. Finally, it needs clear messaging that will encourage conversions with clarity on what exactly is being encouraged conversion into (e.g., sign up for our newsletter).

What should I write in my Google Ad description?

A: A highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

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