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India is one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia, but until recently it has had low internet penetration. One reason is that people don’t have access to landlines and use mobile phones exclusively. The government plans to solve this issue by offering free Wi-Fi hotspots across India through its Digital India program on digital platforms such as RailTel, BSNL, Airtel 4G LTE services etc.

The “india internet shutdown” is a problem that has been present for a while. India has had an issue with the internet shutting down due to too much traffic.

Technology has gradually but surely taken over our life, to the point that almost half of all Indian homes now own a smartphone. India has a population of 1.267 billion people and 375 million monthly Internet users.

I was going through Kunal Shah’s (founder and CEO of FreeCharge) Facebook page the other day when I came across a few eye-opening facts. (It’s not uncommon for random Facebook surfing to lead to fantastic discoveries!)


These figures aren’t unexpected given the country’s population, but they did prompt me to explore how digital media is utilized in India and what the best practices are.

What have we learnt about these consumers so far and how might a digital marketing agency approach them?

The Bad- Either more than half of the world’s population lacks Internet connection, or they are unaware of the technology (or are blind to it!). In any case, they’re losing out on something that has the potential to improve their lives.

The Good- There is potential – the Internet could either be made available to these individuals or they could at least be informed about its potential applications, allowing them to make informed decisions. The Google Loon project is currently working on this.

[Tweet “Out of 7 billion individuals on the planet, around 3 billion are active #Internet users!”]

Two billion individuals have active social media accounts out of the three billion regular Internet users. Social media platforms are a fantastic method to connect people all over the globe through computers, tablets, and even smartphones. There has never been a time when the globe has been more linked!

An Overview of Internet Users in India

Every occurrence nowadays has three components: the truth, the deception (which is most likely promoted to hide the truth), and the social media tale. Almost all important occurrences (or accidents) have been extensively shared, discussed, and critiqued on different social networking sites in recent years. People increasingly depend on social media platforms to keep up with what’s going on in the globe and to express their thoughts.

As a developing nation, India isn’t far behind. In India, 317 million of the 375 million Internet users are active at least once a month. And that’s not all: by June 2016, the average number of monthly users is expected to reach 426 million.

This is a great potential from the standpoint of a digital marketer. India’s rising Internet population will provide a new audience for companies looking for organic leads.

What Percentage of Their Time Is Spent Online?

According to statistics, the number of Internet users in India has increased by 14% in the past year. However, this might also indicate that more individuals are spending time on the Internet.

Because marketing and advertising are no longer restricted to television, the statistics reflect this. According to We Are Social, the typical person spends just one hour and 58 minutes per day watching television, while spending five hours and four minutes per day using a computer or tablet to access the Internet.

Surprisingly, a growth in mobile Internet activity reveals that the typical person spends three hours and twenty-four minutes on their smartphone.

This allows digital marketers to reach their target audience where they are – on their phones!


It’s all about interacting and conversing over the Internet. The world is decreasing, and individuals from all around the world are simply exchanging knowledge. Indians are more empowered, aware, and ready to engage thanks to the Internet–and not only for fun!

With the rise in popularity of social networking sites, it is fair to conclude that they have played a significant part in bringing people from all over the globe closer together. Internet users in India utilize social media sites to communicate, play, share their opinions, and connect with their loved ones. One of the reasons major businesses use digital marketing organizations to maintain their social media presences is because of this.

According to the data, the following is an overview of how connected Indian internet users are:

  • WhatsApp is used by 11 percent of Internet users. Facebook just acquired this famous messaging app.
  • Facebook Messenger is used by 9% of Internet users to communicate online.
  • In India, 8% of Internet users use Facebook to interact and exchange information.
  • Skype is used by 8% of Indian Internet users to communicate with family, friends, and loved ones. Skype has grown in popularity to the point that it is now utilized for official talks.
  • Twitter, a microblogging service that has grown in popularity over the years and is now a vital element of the social media ecosystem, is used by 6% of Indian Internet users.

A Closer Look at Indian Internet Users

India’s economy is expanding. It is taking rapid strides toward progress – both technologically and in terms of modernity – with a heritage of rich and lively culture interwoven with as many traditions as possible.

Despite the fact that 375 million Indians use the Internet on a daily basis, more than two-thirds of the country’s population lives in rural areas. Given this, the rural sector accounts for just half of monthly internet users.

Rural mobile Internet users have increased by 99 percent in the past year!

In India, there are around 246 million urban Internet users, with 209 million of them surfing at least once every month!

Is there much of a difference between these two statistics?

So, what exactly does this imply?

In general, this might imply that once you’ve accessed the Internet, the odds of you becoming a regular user are high. This might also be advantageous to digital marketers. Rural India would be ecstatic to learn about the wonderful world of Internet technology.

Who is the most active Internet user?

In India, there are 375 Internet users, but who are they?

According to current data, college students account for about 120 million of all Indian Internet users. This is hardly surprising given that India is a “youthful country” with a median age of less than 28 years. By 2020, India’s median age will have risen to 27 years.

Returning to the demographics, young males account for around 26% of all internet users, compared to just 11% of older men.

What might be the cause of this disparity? Further market research may lead you to go into uncharted area in terms of branding!

It’s also worth mentioning that working women account for just 7% of Internet users in India, while non-working women account for 17%.

Statistics reveal that school-aged children use the Internet at the same rate as working women. And that accounts for 7% of India’s total internet users!

The surge in Internet use among school-aged children has been attributed to increased access to technology and the widespread availability of cellphones.

The Usage Gap Between Men and Women

When it comes to gender, statistics on Indian Internet users indicate a lopsided trend.

Males account for around 68 percent of all urban Internet users, whereas males account for 88 percent of all rural Internet users. The prevalence of male dominance in rural areas might reveal a lot about rural women’s access to the Internet and cellphones.

Rural women, on the other hand, may be less aware of this technology and its potential.

However, digital marketers may take advantage of this disparity to build an audience or at the very least reach out to the less fortunate.

User Intent and the Internet

The Internet is used for a variety of purposes. Some people may use it to educate themselves, while others may just use it for enjoyment.

What do you do with the Internet?

It might be used for social networking or entertainment, but the possibilities are endless. According to statistics, urban and rural Internet users have distinct goals while using the internet.


Seventy-one percent of Internet users in India’s cities use the technology to communicate online. These days, conversations are short, snappy, and usually on the move.

Internet users in India’s cities utilize the internet for a number of purposes. Technology saves people time in a variety of ways, from online shopping to money transfers. When we look at how urban Internet users spend their time online, we can see that they mostly utilize it for communication (texts and chats), social networking, entertainment, shopping, and buying tickets.

Rural Internet users, on the other hand, spend the majority of their time online for amusement. With the advent of the Internet to rural India, the people there have begun to trust technology and participate in online activities other than entertainment, such as attending courses or learning about topics they are interested in. Apart from viewing videos or playing online games, mobile Internet users spend the majority of their time on social media.

In India, however, mobile Internet use has increased dramatically in recent years. Mobile phones are mostly utilized for social networking and internet video viewing. Playing online games, using location-based search, and using mobile banking are the next most popular activities.

In terms of Internet users, India is ranked second in the world! India, being a young country, is a major market for digital marketers all over the world.

There is still a long way to go before Internet use in India reaches saturation. With a population of over 1.2 billion people, 1.2 million of whom are young and active Internet users, digital marketers have a lot of room to target and reach out to them.

Do you work as a digital marketer? What opportunities do you believe companies can take advantage of?

Please let me know in the comments area below if you have any questions.

Jaydip Parikh, the CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of Tej SolPro and a Digital Marketing Enthusiast, is a well-known figure in the IT and marketing industries. He is the driving force behind Tej SolPro’s unique ideas and deft techniques. You may follow him on Twitter at @JaydipParikh.

India is the second most populous country in the world. There are over 1.25 billion people living there. The “social media users in india” is expected to grow even more with time, which means that marketers need to take notice of this demographic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many internet users are there in India 2020?


How many people use internet in India?

A: 3.11 billion

How many internet users are there in India 2021?

A: The total estimated number of internet users in the country was 516.62 million by 2021, with Indias population at 1.324 billion people that year 。

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