Introducing a Revamped Gmail, Google Tasks and New Video Ads Format: Google News Digest

Google is trying to reinvent email, tasks and ads for a new era with the introduction of three Gmail features: Google Tasks, Bundles and Highlights. This major update was announced at an event in San Francisco on Wednesday night which saw its founder Larry Page speak about his company’s future.

Google has released a slew of new services and applications in recent weeks to help us manage and simplify our hectic lives. From Google Tasks to Android Chats, it seems like Google is on the verge of covering everything.

But, on our Search Marketing Scoop podcast, hear what our experts, Arianne Donoghue, Strategy Director at Epiphany Search, and Aleyda Solis, Founder at Orainti, have to say about the major stories affecting our digital future. Listen in if you want to learn something new.



Also, keep reading to discover about a new video ad style that will help you reach a broader audience, how to use Google’s Talk to Books feature, and how to make sure you’re getting the most out of Gmail.


Google’s Core Search Algorithm Has Been Revised

Google has revealed that its basic search algorithm has been changed. The 16th of April saw the release of a normal, comprehensive update. These adjustments happen a few times a year, and they might affect a website’s rating by raising or reducing it. Websites cannot and should not do anything special in response to the changes they notice, as Google affirms.

We launched a large core algorithm update on Monday, as we do on a regular basis throughout the year. See our tweet from last month for further information and guidance on these:

April 20, 2018 — Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison)

Google Confirms Earlier This Week Rollout of a Broad Core Search Algorithm Update; Twitter

Google’s patent on PageRank has been renewed. The operational idea and value of PageRank are described in the patent paper. Although Google continues to use PageRank in its rankings, the toolbar PR was removed in 2016 in order for SEOs to cease depending on these metrics. Google’s spokespeople maintain that the patent renewal will have no effect on ranking algorithms, and that just renewing the patent does not imply that the business is employing PageRank in the manner indicated in the paper, or at all.

United States Patent; PageRank Updated; United States Patent; United States Patent; United States Patent; United States Patent; United States Patent; United States Should SEOs Be Concerned About Google’s New PageRank Patent?

A New Carousel in SERPs “Mentioned in Wikipedia”

In the search results, Google has incorporated a new carousel named «Mentioned in Wikipedia». The new search tool is available on both mobile and desktop. For example, if you search for [dog food brands], this carousel only displays brands that have a Wikipedia entry. The user is led to a specific page on the encyclopedia’s website when they click on the “referenced in Wikipedia” link. If you click on a brand inside the carousel, you’ll be sent to a new tab with search results for that specific firm. Which nations and searches are already seeing the redesigned carousel is yet unknown.


Google Search Results Now Include “Mentioned on Wikipedia” Carousels

Google has improved its autocomplete feature.

Google will begin deleting several sorts of autocomplete suggestions in the coming weeks. The autocomplete tool is based on a study of actual Google searches and provides the most popular and trending combinations related to the text you’ve input, as well as your geography and past search history. The search engine behemoth concedes that its autocomplete feature is far from ideal, and that it may even make predictions that contravene company standards. Based on user input, Google eliminates unsuitable recommendations.


Google Autocomplete in Search: What It Is and How It Works

Google’s Manual Actions for Expired Job Listings

The schema documentation for Job Postings has been updated by Google. Google may take direct action against website owners who fail to delete expired job advertisements under the new regulations. Google has a number of options for deleting your job posting:

  • The markup is removed from the site.

  • By deleting the whole page, you may save a lot of time (404 or 410 status code).

  • By tagging the page with a noindex meta tag.

  • By ensuring that the validThrough attribute is set to true and that it is in the past.

Only websites who post their job openings with the job schema documentation will be affected by the manual activities.

Twitter; Google May Take Manual Actions on Expired Job Listings Due to Job Schema


Google AdWords has a new video ad format.

OutStream is a new video ad type introduced by Google AdWords. OutStream advertising are solely meant for mobile devices and appear on Google video partners’ websites and apps in addition to YouTube. Because of the larger audience reach, this format has greater potential for increasing brand recognition.

When the outstream video ad appears on the mobile screen, it begins playing with the sound turned off (remember Facebook’s video ads?). If the ad caught the user’s attention, they may activate the sound; if not, they can simply scroll down to remove the ad. Outstream advertisements are paid on a vCPM (viewable cost per mille) basis. This implies that a view is only counted if at least half of the ad was visible for more than two seconds.



A New Video Format for Reaching People on the Mobile Web and Apps (source)

Google is experimenting with one-line ads.

For mobile search results, Google AdWords is experimenting with a new ad type. One-line advertising seem to be making an appearance. When you type “ecommerce” or “for sale” into the search box, you’ll get an ad block with a box labeled “ads: more for [your query]” that has a list of websites – URLs and an icon. These advertisements also lack standard features such as a title, description, and extensions. We still don’t know the breadth of the trial or which nations are engaged.

Rankings of desktop vs. mobile

Multi-targeting report from SEMrush

ADS illustration

Google is experimenting with one-line AdWords ads.

Google’s “Funding Options” platform grows.

As we all know, Google began banning obtrusive and harmful adverts in its Chrome browser in February 2017. Furthermore, most browsers include additional addons that assist users with ad blocking. As a result, advertisers can suffer considerable losses as a result of a decline in the number of times their advertisements appear on AdSense publisher sites. Google also launched the “Funding Choices” platform as part of its “Coalition for Better Ads” project, which is targeted at helping publishers recoup money lost due to ad blocks. The platform will be rolled out to 31 nations in the coming weeks by the search giant (the initial scope only included five countries).


Sources: Funding Options, Components, and Availability; Assisting Publishers in Recovering Ad Blocking Revenue; More people will be able to see Google’s “Funding Choices” ad messaging. Countries and Additions Offer for Subscription

Gmail has been redesigned and is now available on all desktops.

Remember how I showed you a picture of the new Gmail design in a notepad in one of the earlier digests? It’s now live and accessible to everyone who uses the desktop version of Gmail. Apart from a cosmetic makeover, Google expanded the service’s capabilities:

  1. Confidential Mode enables users to set an expiry date for their emails or cancel emails they’ve already sent. The receiver will not get the message immediately; instead, they will receive a link that will only be active for a limited time.

  2. The Information Rights Management (IRM) function allows users to decide which emails may be forwarded, copied, downloaded, or printed.

  3. When using two-factor authentication with communications, the sender might need the receiver to enter a code that will be delivered to their phone number by SMS in order to access the email.

  4. Gmail’s new capability now includes scheduling as well. As you may expect, consumers can now choose the day and time of their email distribution.

  5. Important emails are automatically moved to the top of your unread list when you enable High-Priority Notifications. Google recognizes which emails demand a prompt response or action.

Aside from the new features, the updated Gmail is now accessible offline and better integrated with Calendar, Notes, and Google Tasks, the company’s new service (to learn more about the newly introduced service, read below).



The New Gmail Means Business With New Security and Intelligent Features, according to sources; Keep Calm and Carry On: Here’s a Quick Rundown of the New Gmail

Google Tasks is a new service from Google.

Google has developed a new task management tool called “Google Tasks” for individuals who need a little more organization in their lives. Users should be able to better manage their tasks made in Gmail or Calendar with the aid of Google Chores, add comments, and amend them as soon as anything changes or some minor tasks are accomplished. You may add a task straight from your Gmail account, see all of your configured tasks on the Gmail side panel, and get reminders as a deadline approaches.

You may complete your duties on a PC or on a mobile device. The new service is part of G Suite and is available on Google Play and the App Store now.


Google Tasks, a stand-alone to-do app, is now available.

With Google, You Can Talk to Books

Talk to Books is a new tool from Google that aims to enable consumers find answers to their queries directly from books. When Talk to Books receives a query, it scans every line in the over 100,000 books posted to Google Books and returns samples from books with the inquiry bolded. Any inquiry may be asked, although the service is currently only accessible in English. Talk to Books’ utility is defined by Google as a service for discovering fascinating books, rapid quote research, study of diverse perspectives on your issue, and simply intellectual fun.


Talk to Books is a source.

Alphabet’s Financial Results for the First Quarter of 2018

Alphabet (Google’s parent company) has revealed its financial statistics for the first quarter of 2018. Just to let you know, Google has surpassed all of our expectations! Check out their report if you’re wondering about where Google obtains its money and how it spends it, or what brings in the most money and consumes the most resources.

Google Earns $31.1 Billion in Total Revenue, Exceeding Top- and Bottom-Line Expectations

Grasshopper is a JavaScript starter app.

Google Area 120, Google’s internal startup incubator, has launched an app for anybody interested in learning JavaScript. Grasshopper is a collection of mini-games that help you learn new coding abilities while having fun. All you have to do is set aside 5 minutes every day to solve puzzles and play games. The more you play, the higher the level, and the more difficult the assignments get. The app allows you to establish a personalized timetable and set up daily or weekly reminders to ensure that you don’t forget about your new abilities. The app is available on Google Play and the App Store.

Source: Grasshopper – Learn to Code for Free

Rich Communication Services are being developed by Google.

Google is presently developing on a new Rich Communication Service (RCS-service) that will compete with iMessage by replacing Android’s old SMS infrastructure. The Android Messages app will be integrated with the new service. Android users will be able to read receipts, see whether someone is typing, have group conversations, and see photographs and videos in full resolution after the introduction of Chat (working title). These are some fundamental messaging app features that are currently accessible on Apple’s iMessage, however Android messages will not be secured, unlike Apple’s.


Exclusive: Google’s Next Big Fix for Android’s Messaging Mess is Chat

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