Link Building with Webinomy: 9 Effective Strategies for Backlinks

Link building is a necessary practice for any website to succeed on the internet. Learn how you can use these 9 proven strategies to grow your blog and get more visitors from search engines like Google and Bing

The “link building strategies for new websites” is a blog post that talks about 9 effective strategies for backlinks.

Because backlinks are one of the most important criteria in Google’s organic ranking algorithm, creating and maintaining a good backlink profile is an important aspect of SEO.

According to our tests completed in 2021, the Webinomy team is delighted to have a backlink database with more links and a quicker updating cycle than any other known rival. 

We put prepared a list of the finest “moves” to maintain your backlink collection clean and expanding to help you make the most of our SEO link building tools.

This list includes tips about how to:

  • Gather link-building ideas and keep track of the outcomes of your efforts.
  • Remove any unwanted backlinks as soon as possible.
  • Learn how to create content that will bring you relevant visitors. 
  • Increase the speed with which new connections are obtained.

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First, take a look at what’s new in your backlink profile.

Depending on the size of your website, you should review your backlink profile at least every other week, if not more regularly.

Enter your domain into our Backlinks report to get started. To check the most valuable ones first, use the fast filter “New” backlinks and choose just the “Follow” type as an option. 


This manner, you can discover whether any of your earlier outreach, PR, or marketing collaborations resulted in new connections. 

Then, in a report to your customer or supervisor, you can show that you’re doing a good job by integrating this data with other relevant KPIs like: 

  • The amount of traffic referred by your Google Analytics account. 
  • Position Tracking boosts your ranking. 
  • An increase in the Score of Authority of your website 

Step 2: Recover any links you’ve lost.

Obtaining new high-quality backlinks is beneficial to SEO, but you must ensure that you do not lose any of your important pre-existing backlinks. Pages may fail, websites might rewrite their content, and connections can be lost. 

Choose the “Lost” filter in your Backlinks report, then add the “Follow” filter and sort by declining Page Score of Authority to locate lost links on Webinomy. This is how you’ll identify the largest losses – backlinks from reliable websites that have been lost.


Once you’ve identified the websites where the connection was lost, contact the proprietors and make a pitch or request that your backlink be restored. The site owner is likely to appreciate you informing them, especially if the link was lost owing to a page on their site failing. 

You can also observe when Webinomy first viewed the link and when it was last seen, which may help you contextualize your outreach email.

Move #3: Sift through the right rivals for new link-building ideas.

If you’re stuck for ideas, the greatest place to start is by visiting a site that’s comparable to yours. You can locate the ideal sites to contact in the hopes of earning new backlinks by looking at their backlink profile and using some smart criteria.

There are many methods for identifying your most effective rivals. The number of your frequent referring domains is associated with the size of the websites’ backlink profiles in our Backlinks Competitors report (to prevent finding Wikipedia-type giants, which you don’t want to investigate). 

These are websites that may get referral traffic from the sites where your target audience is most likely to be found.


You now have a starting point for determining which referring domains to investigate. For example, if you’re grubhub, ubereats, postmates, or toastab, you may look over their backlink profiles for fresh ideas.

You may produce a fresh Backlink Analytics report for your competitor’s site by clicking on their domain in this report.

To examine the sites that connect to your competition, go to the Referring Domains page, and then utilize this list to create your future “outreach” registration. Don’t forget to look at the Score of Authority column to make sure you’re just selecting reputable domains.



Find Content Ideas to Attract Links (Move #4).

Do you have trouble deciding what kind of content to make? 

You may rapidly acquire ideas from your rivals here, just like you did in the previous phase.

Your competitor’s material that gathered the highest quality links may be found in the Indexed Pages report. Simply enter in your competitor’s domain to observe which pages get the most referrals from various domains.


You’ll probably notice their homepage as the top page gaining links at the top of this report, but browse down to see the more engaging content ideas that are working and collecting connections in your field.

Implement Redirects for Previously Successful Pages (Move #5)

While it’s common to get new backlinks to a permanent page on your site, such as a product page, it’s also possible to receive new backlinks to a non-permanent page. 

For example, you may host a website for a link-building effort, and then have the page removed a year later since the campaign is done. Regrettably, your site would lose all of that link juice! 

Let’s look at Nike’s situation. We may find pages with 4xx error codes after entering into the Indexed Pages report and filtering for “broken pages.”


There were almost 190 websites that connected to this discussion, but it has since vanished. 


Redirecting people to a central category or product page relating to the discussion subject would be a nice idea here. 

It’s critical to pay attention to your top-performing sites from a backlink standpoint, not just to avoid losing business, but also to avoid severing ties with others that link to you for future collaboration.

Audit Your Anchor Texts (Move #6) 

Anchor text is one of the many little things in SEO that, if improved, may add up to a big difference.

The anchor text of a backlink is any word or phrase that is highlighted as a clickable hyperlink. “Buy now,” “click here,” or the name of a website or brand are some of the most popular anchors. Why should you care about these inconsequential anchors? 

Anchor text is vital for two reasons, according to Julia McCoy on our blog:

“1. [Anchor text] informs your readers about the link before they click it. Because anchor words represent THE promise of what’s on the other side of the link, they need to be very relevant. 

2. [Anchor text] informs Google algorithms about the topic of your article. Google’s algorithms look at your anchor selections to make sure you’re not spamming them and to figure out what you’re linking to in your material.”

Checking the percentage of “money anchors,” or anchors that perfectly match a term that a website is attempting to rank for, is one technique to ensure your anchors don’t indicate spamming activities. If an ecommerce website sells Macbook Pros, all (or a huge majority) of their backlinks have the same “macbook pro” anchor text, that would be suspicious.


Because Google compares it to your on-site keyword optimization, it’s a good idea to cut down on the quantity of “money anchors” and instead focus on boosting the number of branded or compound anchors (a combination of your brand name and other content).

Go to our Anchors report and key in the terms you want to examine to uncover all the websites that link to your site with a certain text. The recommendations in the drop-down menu are derived from all of the anchor texts that you currently have.


What can you do if you discover a situation of an overused anchor in your link profile?

The next step is to create a template that asks site owners to update the wording of your anchors in order to expedite the outreach process. This may assist you avoid a scenario in which Google views your tactic as spammy or manipulative, and penalizes your sites in the SERP.

Get Rid of Toxic Backlinks (Move #7) 

In order to avoid getting punished by Google, all of the SEO professionals I’ve spoken with claim that they set aside time each week to evaluate the “health” of their backlink profile as part of their plan for avoiding Google penalties.

That started us thinking about how we might improve this procedure. 

Our Backlink Audit tool is the answer. This application allows you to examine all of your backlinks at once for any potentially harmful signals. 

Backlinks from the Webinomy database, Google Search Console, and any other third-party data sources may all be found in one table after the Backlink Audit is set up.

All of the backlinks will be integrated and assessed for more than 45 harmful link indicators automatically.

You may either contact the website owner and ask them to delete the poisonous link, or you can add it to a Disavow list.

You can send emails right from the Webinomy interface if you need to contact someone. Add all suspect links or websites to your “Remove” list and begin contacting them. Backlink Audit will keep track of your progress for you.


This design is one of my favorites for politely contacting website owners, but you can always tweak it to your liking:)

Set Up An “Alarm” Security System (Move #8)

Even if you frequently examine your backlink profile for bad links and remove them, there’s always the possibility of an unexpected surge in the toxicity level. 

You may enable alerts in our Backlink Audit Tool, which will assist many users in rapidly putting a spammer’s assault out of commission. Make sure you don’t miss them in your email.


#9: Automate the search for link-building ideas.

The Link Building Tool is the last but not least. This tool was created to aid in the process of obtaining new connections via study and communication.

It covers the three primary elements of the link-building process: prospecting, outreach, and tracking progress.

This program will search a variety of sites for ideas to help you locate prospects, including:

  1. Backlinks obtained by your competitors.
  2. You’ve lost some backlinks.
  3. Mentions without a connection (which is a great way of earning branded-type anchors).
  4. Advanced search operators are used to conduct automated searches of reputable sources.
  5. Manually enter your own thoughts into the program.

Simply click the setup button in the Link Building widget and add up to 10 keywords and rivals to begin your campaign. The following outreach goals will be based on the backlinks that are assisting other websites in ranking for your target keywords.

As soon as you’ve collected all of your ideas, we’ll automatically rate the quality of your prospects on a scale of 1 to 5. This ranking is based on the following factors:

  • Score of Authority
  • The amount of monthly traffic that this domain receives (from our Traffic Analytics report) 
  • This website has a large amount of backlinks and referring sites. 
  • Whether or if your rivals have gained links there
  • Relevance of a common category
  • Any warning indicators from the target website that might be hazardous


You may move through your flow by sending some to the In Progress area and rejecting others after researching and filtering the possibilities (by URL type, TLD, or keyword).

But wait, there’s more! To restrict your targeting, choose a template from our list of the most typical link earning scenarios:


After you’ve completed your analysis, contact this website to inquire about adding your desired link. The automatic wizard in Webinomy allows you to accomplish this right from the UI. Simply modify one of the offered email templates or create your own to store for later use.

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Of course, there are more than 9 stages to creating a good backlink strategy, and much more for SEO success. However, following these guidelines is an excellent method to begin developing a powerful backlink portfolio for your website!

The “link building strategies 2022” is a blog post that discusses nine effective link building strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would you create awesome backlinks in 2021 9 proven strategies?

A: I would recommend you start with doing some research on topics related to your website and people that link out to it. This will give you an idea of what keywords are relevant so that when you do find a backlink opportunity, the links still have meaning. Once these keywords are determined, make sure theyre in your titles tags meta descriptions, etc as well as throughout the content of your site itself!

What are some examples of link building strategies?

A: Here are some examples of link building strategies.
1) Creating a blog with good quality writing and adding your website in the footer 2) Promoting yourself somewhere on social media 3) Using a backlink from an authority site 4) Being someone who is highly followed by their peers

What is the most effective link building strategy in 2021?

A: Some people may think that its best to focus on SEO, but I would recommend finding a strong social media following before you start investing in building links. It will be worth your while- just make sure not to spam!

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