Managing Facebook & Instagram Ads & Backlink Analysis: Webinomy Updates

For those who are managing Facebook and Instagram ads, it’s important to understand how backlinks can impact the success of your marketing. Webinomy updates its tools that make reporting on your progress easy with a few clicks.

The “how to manage a facebook page as an admin” is a post that discusses how to manage Facebook and Instagram ads, and backlink analysis. The article also discusses the updates that Webinomy has made over the past few months.

Last month, we made several essential tool upgrades to help you get the most out of your SEMrush membership. 

Updates to our Link Building tools have given individuals working with social media advertising a more simple and easy method to handle Facebook and Instagram ads, while those searching for more detail in their backlink research can now obtain it. 

Let’s have a look at the most recent changes:

Our Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Audience Network Advertisements tool is a simple way to manage all of your Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Audience Network ads in one location. You may design Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns and ad packs, as well as track their success across both platforms. 


What Do SEMrush Social Media Ads Include?

1. A simple and intuitive user interface 

Only the most critical areas that determine how consumers view your advertisements and how much you spend on advertising may be filled in using the Social Media Ads feature. You don’t need to be an expert to utilize Social Media Ads since you can easily establish and monitor advertising campaigns even if you’re a first-time user.

You also don’t have to manually specify the UTM tags when adding a URL to your ad (although you can). You may easily generate an automated UTM that is dependent on your campaign parameters.

2. Options for customization and export

Both ad campaigns and ad set tables may be customized to your liking. You may totally customize your view of all your ad campaigns by picking essential metrics from a large list, organizing them in the order you choose, and sorting by any parameter. Furthermore, everything you export will be in the same format as the table in the Social Media Ads tool.



3. Notifications that are convenient 

The most useful feature of Social Media Advertisements is that it highlights your underperforming and rejected ads in the UI, allowing you to quickly discover, alter, and improve them as needed. This automation frees you up to concentrate on other responsibilities by eliminating the need to manually verify each of your campaigns.



For example, the tool will alert you when:

  • For the previous three days, your ad has gotten no response;
  • The ad was seen by less than 1,000 people the day before;
  • Over the last seven days, the cost per result has risen. 
  • People are too exposed to the same advertisement. 

With our Social Media Ads tool, learn more about the 5 symptoms of Facebook ad difficulties and how to address them so you can optimize the effect of your campaigns.

The Backlink Gap tool is a useful tool for identifying backlink possibilities and determining where your rivals are outperforming you. We’ve improved the data we give so you may identify certain URLs and top-level domains as potential link building targets. 


What Does This Update on the Backlink Gap Mean for You?

This upgrade makes keeping track of rivals’ plans easier and more thorough than ever before.

You may now filter the results by domain to see which backlinks your competitors have but you don’t. You may also use the new New, Lost, and Follow criteria to narrow down your search to the most promising sites.

The Follow filter displays backlinks that provide value to the target URL and help it rank higher in search results. Apply the Lost and Follow criteria together to find sources that are more likely to employ a “follow” backlink to your site instead of the one that was deleted.

Backlink Analytics’ Indexed Pages Report displays the pages on your competitor’s website that have received the most backlinks, highlighting their most successful link-building material. 

But what if the competitor’s page isn’t working? Because it may create a backlink opportunity for you, we’ve included a new Target URL error filter to the report. 


How Can the Report on Improved Indexed Pages Help You? 

This new filter makes it simple to identify sites that aren’t delivering on what the backlink promises, allowing you to better offer your clients with relevant, readily accessible information.

You could discover, for example, that some URLs aren’t functioning or aren’t providing what a client would anticipate after clicking a link to go there. This may uncover opportunities for you to request new backlinks to content that already exists on your site or that you may produce and optimize from the ground up with a particular link in mind. To find your target domains or URLs, just click on the amount of backlinks in the report.

The Target URL Error filter may also be used to find faults on your own sites. You may restore broken links or redirect them to other sites after you’ve detected them to avoid losing clients who are actively seeking for your product, service, or information.

Let us know how these upgrades will affect your workflow in the comments section below, as well as any additional products or services you’d want to see in SEMrush. 

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The “facebook page manager app” is a tool that allows users to manage their Facebook and Instagram ads, as well as backlink analysis. The update includes new features, such as the ability to export data for CSV import.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to manage Facebook?

A: Generally, this is the best way to manage Facebook. There are many alternatives though and they all have pros and cons. You should try out a few of these options before deciding which one you like best.:

How do I manage content on Facebook?

A: To manage content on Facebook, please follow this link

What do Facebook managers do?

A: Facebook managers are people who run and manage the company. They decide what changes should be made to the website, as well as how it is managed for all users. Depending on their position within the management of Facebook, they have varying responsibilities.

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