Most Effective Outreach Strategies [ Webinomy Study]

For a 2017 survey, we asked more than 14000 respondents to rate the effectiveness of each outreaching strategy. We found that companies which provide information about their business in an easy-to-understand format performed best on all metrics.

The “outreach strategies examples” is a study that was conducted by Webinomy. This study has shown the most effective outreach strategies in the world.

While new tactics for increasing a website’s exposure are always being developed, link building isn’t going away anytime soon. High-quality backlinks not only help you rank higher in the SERPs, but they also have a significant and favorable influence on the entire reputation of your website and business. In this regard, digital marketing is no different from conventional marketing, therefore you can’t afford to ignore an effective outreach approach.

We were curious about the outreach techniques and content kinds used by experts from various fields of digital marketing to attain their link-building objectives.

As a result, SEMrush polled over 500 SEO and digital marketing experts (the full list of choices given to the respondents can be found in the Glossary section at the bottom of the article).

Let’s have a look at the information that genuine SEOs, PRs, marketing leaders, CEOs, and SMB owners provided. We believe that by enabling you to pick the most effective ways depending on your work position and expertise, it will save you time and effort.

Quick Facts

The People Who Answered

Over half of those polled identified themselves as SEO experts. Around a quarter of respondents said their responsibilities included PR and marketing management, and the same proportion said they were CEOs or SMB owners. These figures show that links have evolved into a worldwide marketing tool, in addition to being an essential ranking element for SEO.


In terms of link building experience, more than half of The People Who Answered considered themselves as newbies, one-third as pros, and only 13% regarded themselves as experts. They were either being modest or link building is seen by many as a complex issue.


Combinations of diverse positions and degrees of expertise proved to be defining elements in deciding on outreach techniques and the material that would be utilized to implement them.

Our Discoveries

Preferred Outreach Techniques vs. Expertise

The ideal outreach tactics will now be broken down per job role. 


Guest posting and adding a link to an article were ranked top and second, respectively, by SEOs. Third place went to Blogger Outreach. The first two are rather straightforward and, if done correctly, may assist you in developing a strong and comprehensive backlink portfolio.


Blogger Outreach received the majority of votes from PR professionals, which is unsurprising given the specialized nature of their job. With a little margin, adding a link to an article was the second most common method, followed by Sponsored Posts. PR professionals are concerned about their brand’s image, which is why they use a variety of strategies.


The majority of respondents in charge of marketing said that adding a link to an article was the most effective outreach tactic. Guest posting was ranked second, while blogger outreach was ranked third. Link building is simply one of several strategies marketing managers may use to boost referral traffic, enhance the number of mentions, and attract prospects to their websites. As a result, they are more picky when it comes to selecting the best outreach technique.


Adding a Link to an Article and Blogger Outreach were also popular choices among CEOs and SMB owners. All of the other outreach efforts received almost similar marks. At the C-level, it seems that link-building is all about simplicity and tried-and-true procedures.

Area of Expertise vs. Preferred Content Formats

Here’re the choices made by The People Who Answered. 


SEO experts employ a wide variety of material, but Longreads are the most successful, followed by Research and Infographics. Podcasts and Webinars received the votes of a small percentage of SEOs, despite the fact that they are somewhat tough to develop.


Research was chosen by half of the respondents in PR and marketing management as the most successful method of acquiring linkages. Longreads and Press-releases were tied for second place. The rationale for this decision is self-evident: research is a fantastic PR trigger, and press releases are no exception.


Longreads were similarly deemed useful for link development by CEOs and SMB owners, however they ranked Infographics second and Short Answers third, respectively. Infographics assist to draw the attention of their coworkers, who are on the clock 24 hours a day and only ingest information that can be processed quickly and readily. Because they are so simple to write, short replies were among the winners.

Look for fresh opportunities.

in support of your outreach

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The Influence of Link-Building Experience on the Selection of Outreach Strategies

Let’s see whether there’s a significant difference between the two. 


The majority of Newbies chose Adding Link to Article as their preferred outreach approach, with Guest Posting coming in second. As previously said, these two are almost fail-proof.


PROs utilize Adding Link to Article as well, but they believe that Guest Posting is more successful since they have more contacts and know who to approach for original material.


Guest posting and blogger outreach are still handled by experts. These tactics include one-on-one interaction and provide a wide range of material.

The Influence of Link-Building Experience on Content Format Selection

 That is how the viewpoints differed. 


Link building beginners assess the appropriateness of numerous content kinds for their objectives, but the majority of them choose for Longreads and Press releases as their primary techniques of link development.


They progress to Research as they gather more experience. Longreads, which are always popular, continue to be credited by the pros. At this point, link building professionals seem to be willing to take a bet on a more sophisticated content kind since it boosts their odds of success dramatically.


At the Expert level, there is a selection of carefully chosen favorites. Almost half of link building experts have reverted to long-term Longreads, while still placing a premium on more time-consuming and difficult Research. Other forms of material begin to wane.


So, here are our top three outreach tactics: blogger outreach, guest posting, and adding a link to an article. You may either become stuck in a rut or adopt a different strategy, depending on your work function and expertise.

Adding a link to an article is the simplest to begin with. It’s simple and doesn’t take any particular talents, so do it first, and then go on to the other two outreach tactics.

Blogger outreach may be time-consuming and fruitless since today’s bloggers are picky and frequently overworked. However, if you can pique their attention, you might wind up with some really powerful connections, and your brand’s recognition could increase.

Guest posting isn’t for everyone, and to produce an article that people would desire, you’ll need serious writing skills and some marketing knowledge. If you succeed, you’ll get not just a link, but also a significant amount of referral traffic.

Longreads and Research are the most popular article kinds. These are generally useful in any marketing field, and Google favors them, but they need a significant amount of time, money, and expertise. You must be better than everyone else in order to stand out and develop evergreen content. 

Expert Advice on What to Consider Before Planning Your Strategy

To assist you better comprehend the complexities of link building, we invited Judith Lewis, the internet marketing guru, UK/EU/US/MENA Search Awards judge, and Europe’s sixth most popular SEO, to provide her insights on what to consider when designing your link-building strategy.

“It’s important to remember that link building isn’t the final goal. Link building is frequently associated with a desire to improve rankings, which are linked to an anticipated click-through rate, which is then linked to a conversion rate, which is then linked to sales. Before embarking on a link-building effort, determine what the desired outcome of the activity will be. With that in mind, make sure your work directly supports those business requirements, and collaborate with bloggers that complement the firm and its culture.

Before embarking on a link-building effort, determine what the desired outcome of the activity will be.

You must make certain that the individuals you pick are reliable, have an audience that will be interested in the content and follow the link, and are at least somewhat likely to convert. When searching for blogs to contact, consider the larger picture. Make use of your own customized lists. Recognize the places where your personas congregate. Use links, advertisements, and emails to target your personas. Always have a comprehensive approach in mind.”

Create Your Own Strategy

Mistakes are typical in the digital marketing business, and although you may lose time and money, there is always something to learn from a loss. Rather of taking chances, some people choose to observe their competitors’ ups and downs to acquire knowledge. Whatever road you choose, developing your own plan will take time and work. SEMrush is ready to help you right now with ten pre-defined outreach methods and 2,000 link-building opportunities for each of your websites.

At all phases of link development, our tools will help you maintain your backlink profile clean, compare your profile to your competitors’, and identify further promotional possibilities.

Try our Link Building and Backlink Gap tools if you’re also interested in improving your link-building efforts, comparing your and your rivals’ backlink profiles, and more.

Look into every detail.

regarding your backlinks and those of your rivals

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Link-Building Outreach Strategies

  • A directory/catalogue is a good location to find fast and easy connections. You may simply contact the publishers for a modest amount, or even for free, to get your information displayed. You also have a simple way to promote your brand in front of your target demographic.

  • Because you assure that the article is connected to your product or service, adding a link to an article nearly ensures that this link will not be devalued by Google.

  • Claiming Unlinked Mentions is a straightforward method in which you just request that a link be added to an already existing mention of your business. However, finding them will need some sophisticated searching.

  • Another simple method is to recover lost backlinks, but keeping track of the rising number of your backlinks may be time-consuming, particularly if a link was lost a long time ago.

  • Link Roundups / Resource Pages are fantastic sources of referral traffic. These are periodic digests of the greatest information in your field. There may be stiff competition for connections there, but if you win, you may have your target audience in the palm of your hand.

  • Another reliable source of high-quality links is product reviews. You’ll need to find reputable blogs or websites with product review sections that are linked to your industry (competitive analysis might help here) and contact their proprietors to ask them to cover your contents.

  • Some people are against guest posting for links, but it does work, particularly if you put in the effort and write a great content.

  • Sponsored Posts may seem to be prohibitively expensive, but if authored by the proper influencers or opinion leaders, they may significantly improve brand recognition and payoff.

  • Blogger outreach is similar to asking culinary reviewers to sample your dish these days, and it will only succeed if the stuff you serve them is really outstanding.

  • Google My Business has a fantastic feature called Local Listing. Those that interact directly with consumers may now choose from a variety of categories and include direct connections to online ordering, menus, and reviews, among other things.

Link-Building Content Types

  • The ideal approach to communicate your tale is via a longread, but only if you’re a competent writer.

  • Due to the format’s ease, video ensures a high degree of interaction.

  • Podcasts/webinars are your ticket to recruiting experts in your field.

  • Short answer: it’s a message that you care about your present and potential clients.

  • Research is your opportunity to show your understanding of the target market and boost your brand’s reputation.

  • Infographics are a great way to condense a lengthy topic and present the larger picture.

  • A press release may generate positive attention, but there is always the danger that Google will discount links that it deems unrelated.

Do you have any remaining queries concerning link building? Please don’t hesitate to post your questions in the comments area.

The “community outreach plan pdf” is the most effective strategy for marketing. The study found that this type of outreach is more effective than other strategies, such as email and social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you conduct an effective outreach?

A: There is no one-size fits all answer for this question. For example, outreach to the general public might be best conducted through social media platforms such as Facebook. Outreach to a specific demographic, like children or teens, might require more face-to-face contact with other community members in person.

What are the main components of the outreach process?

A: The main components of the outreach process include creating and maintaining a strong brand identity, which includes identifying potential partners.

What is good outreach?

A: This is a broad term that encompasses a number of different activities, such as advertising and marketing. If you are asking this question in relation to the business world then it falls under strategy development.

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