New Google My Business Working Hours During COVID

Google My Business, the company’s popular solution for local businesses to manage their online presence, has updated its working hours. The change will start on September 21st and affect all Google users around the globe.

The “we are temporarily closed due to covid-19” is a message that Google My Business has been giving customers lately. The message is telling people that they will be closing early today and tomorrow.

Do you have everything you’ll need for COVID-19? While CoronaVirus has taken on a life of its own, you should always have a strategy in place in case of a calamity. 

You may alter your Google My Business (GMB) hours in three different ways. If your firm is or will be closed, you have a few alternatives and items to think about.


1. The Temporarily Closed Label was just introduced by Google.

You must contact GMB support and request that your listing be marked as temporarily closed. I don’t suggest this strategy, even if it is Google’s recommended way.

GMB support is currently understaffed, so anticipate a delay in receiving assistance. This is acceptable if you just have one location; but, if you have or manage more than ten sites, it is not optimal. Once your company reopens, you’ll need to contact support again.

It’s possible that getting in touch with assistance may take longer this time. You won’t be able to accept new reviews or appear in the local finder while the company is designated as closed. I’m not sure how this is beneficial to companies or users. 

Even if the Temporarily Closed function is added to the dashboard, I would still not suggest it. This week, Google seems to have made some modifications. Temporarily closed listings are no longer visible in the map pack, but they will appear in the local finder. Their rating seems to be lowered in comparison to establishments that are not tagged as temporarily closed or are missing hours.


2. Set your company’s status to “Permanently Closed.”

While your listing is shown as closed, you will still be able to maintain it. You will no longer be able to receive new reviews.


3. Holiday Working Hours

You may utilize holiday hours for special hours in GMB. To indicate a preschool as closed, I added two weeks’ worth of holiday hours. I also created an event Google post as a follow-up. 


Multiple locations, reviews, and restaurants to be aware of

If you manage a lot of locations, you may utilize the GMB API or the bulk upload to designate your hours as closed. You may also change your hours using a citation management tool if you use one.

If you forget to update your company hours and a consumer comes up, they may become irritated and write you a terrible review. That review will not be removed by Google. 

Additionally, Google now allows restaurants to add pick-up, dine-in, or carry-out to their company name.

Businesses Affected by COVID-19 Should Provide Customers With Up-to-Date Information

Quickly update listings

Do you have a hard time changing your working hours in every listing directory? You must go in to each website where you have your company information, manually change your NAP or opening hours, then double-check that this information is consistent across all of the websites you have it on, and then wait for Google to notice and crawl it. Ouch!

The Listing Management tool might be quite useful in avoiding this annoyance. You just enter it into the program’s interface and wait for the tool to update your listings automatically. 

It will appear in a report after it has been updated. 


Bring Attention to Your Company from Anywhere

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“Google My Business Working Hours During COVID” is a new feature that Google has released. The feature allows businesses to find out when their business hours are during the Co-Op. Reference: google business.

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