Overrated and Underrated Elements of an Agency Pitch Deck

In business, the right pitch deck can make or break a company. It’s up to you to show your company in its best light by highlighting what makes it unique and most likely to succeed. But when is too much information? When should you start talking about the weaknesses of your product? What makes an effective presentation that people will want to read over again later? One way companies put together pitch decks with great success is through personalization: building individualized pitches for each target audience, presenting them on slides filled with personal details like hobbies, interests, age ranges and so forth.

The “creative agency pitch deck pdf” is a document that an agency writes to show their capabilities, and what they can do for the client. The document includes information about the company’s history, clients’ successes, and other relevant information.

You and your agency’s staff have the ability to get things done and handle any SEO or marketing challenge. Applying your SEO and marketing abilities to daily chores, on the other hand, is not the same as promoting them to others – and here is where many marketers get stuck.

So, in a sales proposal, what matters most to the prospective client?

To find out, we polled over 200 agency and in-house marketers and performed a comprehensive research that identified 10 key features of a successful agency pitch deck. We’ll go through the highlights of what we discovered here (you can explore the full study in more detail via the link).

Agency versus. Brand Vision: A Winning Pitch

We have a large number of agencies and freelancers among our users, therefore we understand their struggles. Almost half of them (47 percent) think the major barrier to their expansion is a lack of fresh sales. Differentiating oneself from other marketing businesses is the top difficulty for 29 percent of agencies.


We did a thorough research, reaching out to over 200 agencies, freelancers, and in-house marketers, in order to assist agencies sell quicker and more successfully. As a consequence, we discovered what factors are most important in a successful agency presentation — and we highlighted several key contrasts between agency and brand vision.



As you can see, a sales pitch’s five most contentious aspects are:

  • Transparent pricing model is undervalued.
  • Client-tailored strategy proposition is undervalued.
  • Clear descriptions of working practices are undervalued.
  • Overrated: There’s a clear value proposition here.
  • Case studies are overrated.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

1. The Transparent Pricing Model is Underappreciated.

Brands have a 51/100 importance rating, whereas agencies have a 34/100 rating.

Only 34% of agencies consider clear pricing to be a significant element. This is most likely due to the fact that asking money-related queries during a pitch meeting seems to be fairly dangerous for agencies. However, Hallam’s Managing Director, Jake Third, proposes taking a different approach:

“Don’t be concerned about offending your consumer since you’re in the black.” They want your company to flourish and have a long-term connection with you, so profit isn’t a nasty word.”

Hallam’s Managing Director, Jake Third

Here’s what you can do to take the sting out of this delicate but crucial issue.

Points to consider:

Indicate the price model that will be utilized.

The following are the most common price models:

  • Retainer
  • Project-based
  • The hourly rate is
  • Commission
  • Performance-based or value-based

Depending on the assignment, several organizations use a variety of models:


If you agree, describe why you use this methodology for this specific customer – and how it will benefit both parties.

What is handed up for free should be highlighted.

Agencies do several behind-the-scenes operations when working on a project. If the customer hired an outside agency, each of these tasks — such as putting up analytics, executing a technical audit, or generating a UX study — would be priced separately. Remember to highlight these services in your pitch’s “What you receive for free” section.

As a bonus, agencies may be able to give you with free access to premium products and platforms. When it comes to Webinomy, you may create a customized project and monitor hundreds of data that aren’t available in free tools, such as your daily rankings and search visibility in comparison to competitors:


Webinomy for Businesses

On one platform, you can advertise, manage customers, and measure progress.

ADS illustration

2. Client-tailored strategy proposition is undervalued.

Brands get a score of 74 out of 100, while agencies receive a score of 64 out of 100.

The client-tailored proposal was evaluated as a vital aspect of an agency slide presentation by 74% of brands (but just 64% of agencies). On the brand side, they want you to talk about their unique situation, give a solution to their specific issue, and offer a plan to assist them achieve their business objectives.

Points to consider:

Make use of a simple graphic notion. When you get down to business, spreadsheets are unavoidable, but during the pitch stage, converting a dull table into an engaging graphic will go a long way.

1636662828_350_Overrated-and-Underrated-Elements-of-an-Agency-Pitch-Decksinglegrain.com is the source for this information.

Combine strategy with specific ideas. “We’ll utilize Facebook Ads to raise awareness,” sounds nice, but if you additionally give some creatives geared to a certain audience (you can get some ideas from Larry Kim’s Inverted Unicorn Ad Targeting Strategy), the whole image will be much more colorful.


Concentrate on your company’s objectives. Determine what the primary aim is whether you’re working on a job like “build a new website design” or “grow Facebook followers by 300 percent.” Is it about enhancing the website’s conversion rate? Is it about gaining more orders organically from social media without having to spend more money on aggressive outbound tactics? When you know the answer, you’ll feel lot more at ease putting together a step-by-step plan to reach your objective.

3. Underappreciated: Detailed Workflow Descriptions

Brands get a score of 67 out of 100, while agencies receive a score of 58 out of 100.

This is likely the outcome of prior poor experiences the clients had with agencies, since it was rated the second-most significant factor by brands (even higher than price – see the whole breakdown in the full edition). It’s not enough to illustrate what a brand can do with the help of an agency; it’s also important to explain how it’ll be done.

Points to consider:

Consider the procedure as a timeline.

“Why haven’t we seen any traffic yet?” will be answered with this information. “When will you start uploading new content?” and “When will you start posting fresh content?” Don’t forget to add the following:

  • Timeframe – how long will each job take?
  • What each side needs to provide (you’ll need access to social accounts to post and run advertising, for example).
  • ‘Done’ is defined as

Here’s an example of a timeline (the timeframes are just samples!)


Hannah Thorpe, Found’s Business Director, also underlines the need of determining how much work is required from the client:

While it’s crucial for the client to understand how we do it, it’s equally critical that they realize how much time they’ll need to devote up front in order to get the most out of our partnership. We frequently want to speak to clients’ sales teams or customer service to identify the difficulties, and if we call this out at the onboarding stage, it allows clients to know which stakeholders to prepare for.

Hannah Thorpe, Found’s Business Director

4. Overrated: There’s a clear value proposition here.

Brands score 38 out of 100, while agencies score 66 out of 100.

Clear positioning and a “strong statement” are often overstated by agencies; just 38% of businesses consider this to be a crucial component of the pitch process. Clients want to know exactly what “value” the marketing firm delivers, thus this is most likely a problem of phrasing. However, it remains one of the most important aspects of a pitch, and here are some pointers on how to improve your abilities.

Points to consider:

As a starting point, use the UVP.

If you’re required to develop a pitch deck, it’s likely that you’re not the only agency interested in working with the client. This is why you must distinguish yourself from the competition, and the easiest way to do it is to begin with a succinct self-introduction that distinguishes your organization. This could be:


  • The service in which you are an expert. Gareth Hoyle, Managing Director of Marketing Signals, characterizes his firm’s USP as follows:

We have a lot of experience in link building. This is what sets us apart. This is what we make a big deal about. This action is at the heart of our narrative, and it’s ultimately what the leads we attract are seeking for. A successful distinction from the vast majority of other organizations. Our UVP is easy to describe than the larger, generic organizations providing “SEO services” since we have a very precise specialization.

Marketing Signals’ Managing Director, Gareth Hoyle

  • Or just something personal and casual (a Raincross example)


5. Case studies are overrated.

Brands score 16 out of 100, while agencies score 47 out of 100.

Another significant difference between the agency and brand visions of a strong pitch is that agencies rank case studies as one of the top five considerations (47%) whereas just 16% of brand representatives believe “previous merits” are relevant.

Previous project examples seem to be a useful addition to the overall picture, but not a critical determinant in decision-making. However, one out of every five brands will look at your previous performance, which means you have a good possibility of meeting one of these potential customers.

Points to consider:

Real-life instances are linked. Showing success stories, according to Aleksei Kudimov, CEO of Direct Line, helps him to convey the value of their services more clearly.

“Whenever possible, provide your work’s ‘hard evidence.’” Share links to genuine websites so the prospect may assess the site’s speed, mobile friendliness, SEO quality, and other factors.”

DirectLine’s CEO, Aleksei Kudimov

Consider including these slides at the conclusion of your pitch. This will naturally seem like a secondary reason to select you above the others, rather than the primary one, since you recognize that each client’s situation is unique.

Now it’s your turn.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all presentation template. With our research, we were able to determine what the most prevalent characteristics of a good deck are, as well as what customers look for when selecting an agency. However, something new might trigger the client’s ultimate “yes” in each situation. As a result, we’re hoping for additional information from you!

If you’re an in-house team representative, what factors influenced your decision?

If you’re an agency, what was your most effective pitch?

Leave a comment about your experience.

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ADS illustration

The “agency presentation examples” is a marketing tool that can be used to present an agency’s pitch. The deck includes the overrated and underrated elements of an agency’s pitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good agency pitch?

A: A good agency pitch is one that makes the client feel like their company will be a perfect match for your skills and talents.

How do you build a pitch deck for an agency?

A: A pitch deck is a presentation that has information about your company, including the problem it solves and how technical aspects of its solution function.
Its important to take into account variables like audience size, industry sector, and target location when creating one for an agency

How do agencies pitch?

A: Agencies pitch to potential clients.

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